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India risks deflation; RBI may have to signal several rounds of rate cuts

The critics point out though that India was no exception—it benefited hugely from the collapse in international oil, food and commodity prices in a persisting global deflationary ecosystem.

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Why public funding of elections not a good idea

The state funding each candidate from Panchayat to Parliament would mean considerable costs and a mind-boggling number of variables that can’t be squared off.

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New clinical trials rules will help patients — Here’s how

Data generated in these countries will be deemed acceptable. Firms introducing a drug in India that is approved in any of the six jurisdictions will only need to carry out the Phase IV clinical trial,

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RBI lost a golden opportunity by keeping rates too high

At this point, when the economy is struggling to grow at beyond 7%, and India’s high real rates of interest are a factor in keeping investment low, a 50 bps cut would have given corporate borrowers

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Brand and values: Why it is important for firms to engage their employees

The result of the study was that the world watches organisations closely on their CSR theme. People are concerned whether organizations think of CSR as just a giveaway, or are they really concerned.

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Why artificial intelligence adoption across the industry is imminent

The success of companies will be dependent on the scale at which they adopt AI, and how successfully they are able to transform the business to leverage its benefits.

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Why voters may elect Modi, though with less majority — Explained

Despite these obvious drawbacks, it is a miracle that the largest democracy in the world has managed to elect some good candidates from a set of mostly undeserving, corrupt and incompetent politicians

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Braveheart! Stephen Gallacher’s incredible resurrection is the stuff of lore

The 44-year-old, known for his ball striking with the long irons hit one of the shots of the week on that stretch: a 4-iron from 240 yards out for his second on the par-5 18th that flew over the water

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Who is Amit Shah’s biggest asset in Uttar Pradesh? an unofficial ally

The bouncers and hunks, who earn a reported Rs 5,000 daily, do not just add to the candidates’ status, they are also known to intimidate and even threaten voters. After the Election Commission of In

Amit Shah’s assets grow three times in seven years to Rs 38.81 cr, poll affidavit shows News

BJP riled by Congress manifesto, may be revising its own: P Chidambaram

What is different about CEM 2019 that has made it the talk of the town (and the village) within a few hours? The answer is that the CEM is the voice of the people.

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Donald Trump spinning yarns about wind turbine and its effect

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement has been widely criticised by world leaders for its likely impact on international climate policy and efforts to meet targets for emis

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Why Supreme Court ruling on higher pensions will bankrupt EPFO

The ruling has the potential of bankrupting the EPFO that has crores of subscribers unless the government steps in to fund the largesse; it also opens the EPFO to the possibility of huge fraud.

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Pay-as-you-earn the future of education?

If a company owns a share in your future income, it has an incentive to train and place you well and to connect you with the proper social and business networks

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Expansionary policies will make India more growth-oriented in FY20

Economic expansion: Key reforms like IBC, GST, etc, are now past the initial stage where a lot of stakeholders struggle adjusting to the changes and resources are wasted in transitioning

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Digital economy could create up to 65 million jobs by 2025

By 2025, core digital sectors such as IT and business process management, digital communication services, and electronics manufacturing could double their GDP level to $355 billion to $435 billion.

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Taming the Dragon: What works for India when it comes to dealing with China

Be it Europe or Asia, there is one commonality that underpins relations with China—ambivalence and pragmatism.

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NaMo TV is not the issue; why should govt permission be required for setting up any channel?

Issues such as clearances for setting up TV channels are representative of yesterday’s thinking. For one, with today’s technology, news websites can also have significant ‘television’ content

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Dirty money: What about accountability in political funding

Electoral bonds, however flawed, bring some accountability to political funding. What about accountability on political spending?

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Disruptive innovation: How profit pools will shift between now and 2035

In automobiles, profits will shift dramatically and come from electrification & software, from mobility services and value propositions built around data & connectivity.

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How India can address national leadership deficit

Perhaps it is fair to say that competition for political leadership is more robust at the regional level. Therefore, one systemic way to deal with India’s national leadership deficit is to give subn

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Digital India: March of digitisation will create 65 million jobs by 2025

By 2025, digitisation will mean core digital businesses could double their contribution to the GDP.

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Here’s what will drive future capital raises

Effectively interpreting data from operating projects and communicating it to investors is what will drive future capital raises.

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How govt can address delay in sanctioning of tax refunds

While the journey has been bumpy for both the taxpayers and the tax collectors, the generations of business ahead will certainly gain from the gutsy approach of the government and the GST Council.

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FPI inflows outlook positive for H2FY20

This will depend on India-specific fundamental issues, and it is here that the govt and India Inc play a significant role.

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Flawed Nyay programme is political hara-kiri by Congress

The Congress will succeed in political hara kiri—it would upset, and alienate, almost half the population, from the 21st to 65th percentile.

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Donald trump’s ‘free speech at universities’ isn’t all that it seems

Donald Trump’s “free speech at universities” push isn’t all that it seems.

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Bridging the gap: Study suggests huge gains from tech-aided learning

New study shows mammoth gains from tech-aided learning.

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