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Column: From Ananda, with love

RBI will find it difficult to manage inflation while ensuring the rupee doesn’t become too strong

Letters to the editor: Cabinet expansion

Apropos of your edit "Ministerial M&As", why is it that there is no unequivocal opinion on the size...

Editorial: Compulsory Voting

No govt should yield the threat of legal repercussions to get its citizens to vote

Editorial: No more laboured reform

President’s assent to Rajasthan law a game-changer

Editorial: Mid-course corrections

Good additions to talent pool, ministers less stretched

Column: An ideal hunting ground

Global defence majors can rake in a lot of moolah without really investing in India

Editorial: E-Com Rise

India must have clear policies on e-commerce, given the likely increase in penetration

Editorial: Keep up the pressure

Banks have done well to sound the alarm in UP

Editorial: The evidence is piling up

Inflation’s back is broken, what is RBI waiting for?

A think tank for Saarc

An OECD-like platform will aid member nations with research inputs for growth and development

Dispelling the clouds over data security

Indian laws handling data security need to be strengthened to provide effective remedies to the victims of data theft

‘The RSS will not influence my government’

New Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis talks of improving the state’s economy, giving power to minority commission and being independent of the RSS. This Idea Exchange was moderated by Shaji Vikraman

Mind your language!

Fluency in English isn’t essential for top pros, but it’s an edge in the sponsor stakes

Digital fossil

Thriving on customer dissatisfaction seems to be the hallmark of ‘digi-tech’ service.

The power trip

It’s an annual exercise on those who exercise power.

Editorial: Let 10,000 start-ups bloom

New phase with mature IT firms benefitting as well

Column: Who does inflation-targeting target?

Little evidence that inflation-targeting helps reduce inflation. But targeting helps checkmate irresponsible leaders

Editorial: Twitter Lessons

The microblogging service needs a solid business model to keep investors inspired

Editorial: Making mandates

Chandrababu gets it totally wrong on dole vs jobs

Editorial: Welcome new PSU plan

Finance minister announces important new caveats

Editorial: Ministerial M&As

Good time to expand the Cabinet, get more talent

Defending Privacy

Facebook is caught between increasing pressure from govts to share data and vocal proponents of privacy.

RBI: A cut in time saves nine

Delay in cutting interest rates would imply that the RBI is looking to bet on a horse after it has won the race.

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Editorial: Good calls, bad calls

Two decades of private telecom holds many lessons

Editorial: Towards a new farm deal

Collapsing global prices have changed the equation

Employee Satisfaction

How technology companies manage to keep employees happy and productive

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