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UP’s ordinance against so-called ‘love jihad’ is prone to misuse, can become a tool of harassment

Not only does this bring in arbitrariness—what will be acceptable as proof, what extent of ‘proof’ would be deemed enough?—it also vitiates against the principles of personal liberty.

Long-term impact of agricultural reforms: Rs 80,000-1,00,000 crore private investment, lakhs of jobs possible

The government’s agriculture reforms can potentially attract private investment of Rs 80,000-1,00,000 crore, and create employment for 15-20 lakh people. About Rs 93,000 crore is wasted every year d

Need new laws for real-time tax dispute resolution

If relief given via mediation is to be questioned later, as is likely, no taxman is going to embrace the FM’s new plan

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Get cybersecurity right: Mumbai power failure shows firefighting can’t be a response

The National Cybersecurity Policy is yet to be updated, seven years after the last one was released; bear in mind, threats and vulnerabilities are evolving almost literally by the minute.

About two-thirds (65%) of companies adopted cybersecurity measures during Covid-19 to support remote working.

A dwindling recovery: Real test may come over the next few months when pent-up and festival-led demand abate

We expect Q2 GDP contracted 7.9% y-o-y versus the large 23.9% fall in Q1; the real test will likely come over the next few months when pent-up and festival-led demand abate

As per DST, gross domestic expenditure on R&D (GERD) as a percentage of GDP was 0.7% in FY19—low even if one accounts for India's income levels.

Independent directors: A new paradigm in corporate governance

Heavier fraud penalties on company elite, Making CFO the most Critical KMP, etc, serve corporate governance better than having independent directors

The survey titled "Hindsight 2020: COVID-19 Concerns into 2021" was conducted by the The Workforce Institute at UKG.

Industrial growth: The right policy mix for success

India’s industrial policies have tended to be doctrinaire. We need a heavy dose of pragmatism to achieve our full potential

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Rational Expectations: Budgeting right, to regain investor trust

Privatisation central to raising inadequate govt-spend, make PLI work, drop retro-tax cases, focus on exports

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How much more FX will RBI buy?

This is the first time that RBI is entering a possible Democratic administration with adequate FX reserves. We now expect RBI to buy $77billion ($66.3 billion FYTD) in FY21 at an expected current acco

China might get ahead of even the US in Science and technology; what India must do?

What must India do? It needs to learn from the American model of the networked science state. That would entail a reformed bureaucracy with a developmental and pro-technology mindset. It must also rep

Per hectare farm income: Does Bihar really outshine Punjab?

Arbitrary use of data from multiple sources can lead to poor analysis

Their success depends on getting farmers to produce these to their specifications!

Allowing business houses to own banks is fraught with risk

Allowing business houses to own banks is fraught with risk; India’s supervisory system is too lax to deal with it

India’s new economic reforms and challenges ahead

New economic reforms barely scratch the surface of what needs to be done to sustain growth that can lift millions out of poverty

In any case, there is not much that Indian policymakers can do or need to do on this front.

Do we need new banks in the country?

New entrants should consider buying an existing private bank that needs Assistance; This will mean ready infrastructure for the entrant and easy exit for a weak player

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New agri-reforms: Dairy is the farm sector’s growth engine

Central schemes have contributed in improving the productivity of milch animals. However, the sustainability of our dairy sector largely depends on bringing about efficiencies across the dairy value c

Chilling EFFECT of amended Kerala Police Act

The Kerala govt should have never proposed to police cyber content in a manner that muzzles free speech

India was one of the first countries to have a national cybersecurity policy, but the policy focussed on the private sector’s cybersecurity readiness while there was little oversight on the government’s readiness.

India must realise its export potential

The country must work on meeting global standards for exports, policy stability and matching global tastes.

By September 2018, the IT zones had generated more than 14.6 lakh jobs, significantly more than what they had proposed, and contributed 54% of the total SEZ exports.

National Sports Education Board should help India realise its sporting potential

The National Sports Education Board should help India realise its sporting potential.

Medical devices: Regulate, don’t strangulate

Rethinking India’s regulatory framework to foster new investments in medical devices

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Has customer analytics come of age with Indian brands?

Brands recognise that in the long run, customer analytics help develop winning strategies

Customer analytics framework is drawn up by mapping customer journeys, identifying different touchpoints.

Relook agri-subsidies to curb agri-pollution

Taxpayers are paying for agri-pollution via subsidies that prop the cropping culture Driving agri-emissions. A `10,000-cr diversification package, over five years, is needed

An important element to correct in the policy matrix is the policy of subsidies on power, fertilisers and procurement.

Turning left is starting point of reducing inequality

The new voices that are demanding a stronger focus on—again—employment, education and health will perforce drive politics meaningfully to the Left

And, just as the discovery of a “successful” vaccine is turning the cycle of the pandemic, the longer cycle of increasing inequality—which has been running for over 40 years now—also appears to be coming to an end.

Full-fledged economic recovery depends on MSME space

If listed firms’ profits are up & GDP is set to fall by 8-9%, it suggests the larger segment of smaller/unlisted firms is badly hit

Carefully designed regulation for online gaming is need of the hour

Pushing online gambling/gaming-with-wagers underground via bans, like Tamil Nadu’s, doesn’t really tackle the harm they can do

DSM-5 of the American Psychiatric Association, the go-to catalogue of mental health disorders, recognises Internet Gaming Disorder.

Separate carrier & content: A roadmap for power sector reforms

Separate distribution and supply licences can be provided by the state electricity regulatory commissions (SERCs) after effective date of notification of new amendments and existing licences of the in

Only normative technical losses for distribution should be allowed for the distribution network.

Changing trends: Why ‘buy now, pay later’ is selling hot

How Covid-19 has changed the festive season shopping trends.

In the past, offline retail businesses had no problem luring customers with attractive schemes and discounts during the festive season.

The Rashomon effect: How criminals get away with crime

Eyewitness testimony can be one of the most unreliable forms of evidence

The Rashomon effect is a term related to the dishonourable unreliability of eyewitnesses.
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