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NPA crisis: RBI does well not to water down resolution norms

While the new guidelines on stressed assets put out by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) do alter the timelines for a clutch of projects where resolution is under way, lenders now have more flexibility

RBI has also warned banks against ever-greening accounts News

Why govt’s GM policy defers logic, hurts farmers

When several NGOs and others protested against the GEAC report, the UPA's environment minister, Jairam Ramesh decided not to give the final go-ahead.

In the case of Bt brinjal, similarly, it remains true that all tests were conducted in the country over seven years, after which the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) approved it as fit for human use. (Express Photo: Javed Raja/ File) News

UPpressive: Arrest of scribe by Yogi smacks of authoritarianism

However, while Section 66 requires that certain conditions be fulfilled for making an arrest without a warrant, the charge doesn't even seem relevant in Kanojia's case.

Prashant Kanojia (Source: Facebook/Prashant Kanojia) News

OPEC, the future is probably worse

Russian oil minister Alexander Novak suggested that the trade wars could help push global demand growth this year below 1 million barrels a day.

Monthly data for the first quarter and initial weekly assessments for April and May show U.S. oil demand falling year on year in three out of five months so far in 2019. News

Agenda for Modi2.0: Open up key sectors for FDI to boost GDP growth

If we produce even half the oil and gold we import, we would be a country with a current account surplus

The National Mineral Policy 2019, approved by the Cabinet in March this year, aims to increase the production of major minerals by 200% in seven years. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

How Apple’s commitment to accessibility is triggering innovation

Apple is trying to de-hyphenate its products from each other. The Apple Watch, for instance, will now be able to run apps independently, and will not require the iPhone.

Apple’s focus on accessibility seems to have inspired its community of developers, too, especially the younger ones. News

Girish Karnad: The man who packed stories of many lives into one

Karnad's art drew energy from our syncretic cultural and historical resources

Girish Karnad News

Budget 2019: Hiking food subsidy may be combative step to fight hunger, but food security issues will be unaddressed

Budget 2019 India: At $15 billion, India accounts for over 16% of the economic burden from FBD in LMICs.

Budget 2019-20, food security, July Budget, budget 2019, foodborne diseases, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India News

Budget 2019: Slashing tax rates is a good way to boost collections; here’s why

Union budget 2019 India: Hiking surcharges on higher income brackets tempting, but won’t help as much as cutting rates to get more into tax net

Budget 2019 India, Nirmala Sitharaman, interim budget,  income taxes, tax rates, Direct Taxes Code, GST, demonetisation, income-tax returns , income tax collections News

Why India’s price support programme has become irrelevant

Amalgamate farm support policy with institutional partnerships to reach out to all farmers

price support programme, agricultural price support programme, GDP, Green Revolution technology, India price support policy, MSP, e-NWR, NABARD News

China-US trade war: Use WIOD to measure the impact

A broader perspective using value addition in trade

China US trade war, WIOD, Donald Trump administration, Chinese goods, US tariffs, global value chains, world GDP, WTO, world bank, international trade News

Economy or employment: Why numbers don’t tell the whole story

India used to enjoy a good reputation with regard to the quality of its statistical services

indian economy, GDP, BJP, growth rate of GDP, narendra modi, data quality, demonetisation, jobs famine, farmers distress, economic policy, RBI News

What Modi needs to do to spur agri-trade

Today, India spends roughly 0.7% of agri-GDP on agri-R&D and extension together. This needs to double in the next 5 years. The returns are enormous

National Statistical Office, Gross Value Added, basic prices, Modi government, agri GDP, Chinese government, agri-GDP growth, agri exports News

New Education Policy: Ushering in a golden era in education

Unless there is a vibrant movement to support the NEP, it will remain a pipe dream, and India would have a lost another golden opportunity to usher in a million mutinies in the education sector, as re

New Education Policy, K Kasturirangan, school education, education sector, higher education, professional education, gross enrolment ratio, Rashtriya Shiksha Aayog News

Modi’s Sabka Vishwas a smart move but fraught with difficulties: P Chidambaram

Not only the number of seats won (303), but the sweep and scale of the BJP’s victory are astounding.

Narendra Modi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, BJP, P Chidambaram, modi 2.0, narendra modi, lok sabha elections results 2019, amit shah News

Game of number two in Modi 2.0: Rajnath or Amit Shah, Doval or Jaishankar

Pecking order Rajnath Singh was belatedly included in additional Cabinet committees after the normally pliable minister made known his unhappiness. Though Singh may be officially No. 2 in Cabinet hier

Modi 2.0, Rajnath singh, Amit Shah, Narendra Modi, ajit Doval, S Jaishankar, narendra modi government, narenrdra modi cabinet News

World Cup 2019: South Africa in crisis after three successive defeats

South Africa looks to be in crisis after three successive defeats at the ongoing World Cup

World Cup 2019, South Africa, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Steve Smith, Mitchell Starc, IPL, Australia, AB de Villiers, South African World Cup squad News

I have never met an athlete without insecurity, doubt: Paddy Upton

Rajasthan Royals head coach Paddy Upton talks about his stint as mental conditioning coach with the 2011 World Cup-winning Indian team and about getting players to open up, says Dhoni’s ‘strategic

Paddy Upton, Indian Premier League, world cup 2019, Rajasthan Royals, Indian cricket team, conditioning coach, Indian dressing room News

Indo-Pacific is ‘priority theatre’ for the US

The new American vision, marked by clarity and simplicity, reiterates that the US is a Pacific power, a resident Asian power, and that the US ‘pivot’ is here in Asia to stay—with the Indo-Pacifi

Indo-Pacific, Patrick Shanahan, Sino-US trade war, Shangri-La Dialogue, National Defense Strategy, global GDP,  US foreign direct investment News

India’s tax collections in a slowing economy

The new American vision, marked by clarity and simplicity, reiterates that the US is a Pacific power, a resident Asian power, and that the US ‘pivot’ is here in Asia to stay—with the Indo-Pacifi

India's tax collections, india economy, GDP growth, gross tax revenue, GST collections, GDP growth level, personal income tax News

What is common in China and Japan? Both are victims of US trade war

Japan and China both became victims of America’s unfortunate habit of making others the scapegoat for its own economic problems

China, Japan, US trade war, Ronald Reagan, US trade deficits, GDP,  World Trade Organization, global supply chains, US economy, donald trump News

Why regional election results are good for RCEP

Many quarters are heaving sighs of relief as leaders familiar with each other have retained power; a great impetus for RCEP prospects

regional election results, RCEP, narendra modi, thailand, US China trade war, Indonesian Presidential election, Parliamentary elections in India, bjp, NDA, General Election Commission News

Why Great Indian Bustard is on the verge of extinction

The lack of action by states has now brought the Great Indian Bustard to the verge of extinction

Great Indian Bustard, IUCN, bustard diet, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Thar Desert, endangered species, mass extinctions, Ex situ conservation News

Azim Premji’s lasting legacy is of munificent money

Wipro’s outgoing chairman defines for India Inc what giving and compassionate capitalism means

Azim Premji, Wipro, IT industry, Azim Premji retirement, Azim Premji Foundation, latest news on Azim Premji Foundation, Azim Premji University, IBM, HCL News

Curbing GST evasion a must, but need to check tex terror

Curbing evasion a must, but need to check tax terror

GST, GST collections, GST arrests, tax department, Supreme Court, Telangana High Court , GDP, latest news on gst News

Food processing: The untapped growth opportunity

The food processing industry is of enormous significance as it provides vital linkages and synergies that it promotes between the two pillars of the economy, i.e. agriculture and industry

Food processing, food supply chain, global economy, india, organised sector, unorganised sector, global food processing, NITI Aayog News

US-India trade ties: Important for India to raise challenge against US’s GSP termination before WTO

It’s the second time the US has hit India with its unilateral measures

US-India trade ties, US, Generalized System of Preferences, WTO, US tariffs, GSP benefits to India, WTO disputes, europe, china News
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