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Bringing India and Latin America closer in terms of trade and investment

Over the last decade, India’s trade with LAC has grown three-fold—to reach $39 billion in 2018, with India’s exports to LAC amounting to $13 billion and imports reaching $26 billion.

Transportation cost remains a major constraint for trade between the two. (Representational image) News

Explained: How Vikatan became a contextual content company driven by technology

Vikatan has been ranked number one Tamil weekly by the Indian Readership Survey (IRS). Its TV shows reach 12 million homes.

Vikatan went online in 1997 because its readers outside the state were getting the magazine late due to postal delays. News

Flood fury: Climate change denial won’t help

As per a 2017 study, India had the second-largest number of deaths linked to extreme weather events—floods, heatwaves, etc.

But, saying that the floods have nothing to do with climate change, as environment minister Prakash Javadekar has done, is nothing short of climate denialism. (File photo) News

Use trusts/pools for agriculture, insurance for health

Indeed, the model needs to be flipped; farm insurance should be based on a trust model or risk-pools, while Ayushman Bharat should be based on pure insurance instead of the trust model that several st

In the case of farm insurance, no single farmer can claim crop failure (Representational image) News

BCCI finally submits to NADA dope-testing for cricketers

As per the World Anti Doping Agency’s (WADA) norms, all athletes competing in a country are to be tested by that country’s anti-doping agency.

BCCI has, however, requested for some ‘premium services’ citing concerns over the quality and efficiency of NADA’s testing. News

Giving legal rights to water bodies a great leap forward

Without contesting pollution in Ganga and Yamuna, one should be sceptical of lists and rankings, both because of data problems (there are good data only for OECD) and because of the way numbers are us

Ill-being of rivers is primarily due to raw sewage and industrial waste. (Representational image) News

US, China trade war intensifies as Donald Trump announces new tariffs

The Chinese authorities then allowed their currency, the renminbi, to fall below the symbolic threshold of CN¥7 per US dollar.

The real significance of the US decision to label China a currency manipulator, therefore, is that it represents a further escalation of the two countries’ avoidable trade war. (Representational image) News

Growth prescriptions: RBI initiatives can reverse slowdown in growth

The central bank's current monetary policy, having evolved from focusing solely on controlling inflation and emphasising independence, is aimed at supporting economic growth

The objective of the Bank of England’s monetary policy is to deliver price stability and, subject to that, to support the government’s economic objectives, including those for growth and employment. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

Product advisory Committee will deepen benefits of derivative markets

At the micro-level, PAC can observe heterogeneity in participation between physical and derivative market actors, helping exchanges and regulators take measures to bring parity in trade and maintain a

Sebi has directed each recognised exchange, including stock and commodity, to “constitute a PAC for each group News

Financing budget expenditure through RBI surplus is novel financial engineering

The currency revaluation reserve has been more volatile—Rs 5.3-6.9 lakh crore in the last five years, with the lower end being reached in 2017 and a low of Rs 1.2 lakh crore in 2010.

RBI has a balance sheet size of Rs 36.3 lakh crore. News

ISRO’s success is Vikram Sarabhai’s lasting legacy

Isro keeps pushing the envelope on many fronts, and the list of feats that force the world to take note is growing longer.

The establishment of Isro, however, was his crowning achievement. News

In its current form, Congress has little chance of revival

To compel the party to change fundamentally, he insisted that the party look for its chief from outside the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Sonia Gandhi, as the party’s interim president News

India must recycle or reuse water and adopt conservation methods now

WRI notes that, from 1990 to 2014, groundwater tables in some north Indian aquifers have been declining at a rate of 8 cm per year.

The key intervention has to be on reusing and recycling wastewater. (Representational image) News

Solar pump scheme needs serious relook

Renewable energy is clean energy, but it doesn’t always lead to green solutions. For clean energy to become green, solutions must be comprehensively designed

With solar power predicted to be at least 30% cheaper, the subsidy burden is likely to reduce significantly (Representational Image) News

National Education Policy needs more extensive reforms to succeed

Holding the 10+2 structure and board exams responsible for the stress on students and the coaching culture, the dNEP proposes a minimum of 24 board exams over four years from grade 9 to 12.

Evidence shows that the Indian state has failed to provide quality schooling. (Representational Image) News

Monetary policy: More questions than answers

The Reserve Bank of India remains unduly optimistic in its growth outlook, despite the glacial pace of inadequate revisions to its growth forecast in recent meetings

Last week, India’s MPC cut the repo rate for the fourth consecutive time since the seasoned and effective bureaucrat Shaktikanta Das took over as Governor in December 2018. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

Article 370 repeal doesn’t enjoy protections accorded to constitutional amendments

A 1970 Presidential Proclamation sought to annul Privy Purses—a grant to the princes guaranteed under the Constitution, by de-recognising the rulers.

Reducing J&K to a UT is violative of a healthy federal structure since a UT is subordinate to the Centre and doesn’t enjoy freedoms enjoyed by States in the Union. (PTI Photo) News

India’s milk output more than doubled from 79.66 mt in 2000 to 176.27 mt

We have similar “experts” who tell us how India’s milk production isn’t growing enough to keep pace with its rising demand.

Milk is a source of liquidity, predictability and stability in rural incomes. News

A final solution to arbitration in India

The 2019 amendment Act is intended to fix the loopholes created by the Arbitration and Conciliation Amendment Act, 2015, and is a step towards the government’s objective of making India an arbitrati

arbitration in India, Arbitration and Conciliation Amendment Bill, Lok Sabha, Section 29A, 2019 amendment Act News

Explained: How geographical indication can boost agriculture exports

An increased thrust on agricultural exports is well documented in the Agriculture Export Policy 2018, and is also visible through alterations in the tariffs and non-tariffs measures.

geographical indication, agriculture, agriculture exports, economy, agri-imports News

Telecom networks: The changing face of conflict

China established the Strategic Support Force to operationalise this evolving doctrine and is thus honing a futuristic, deadly war machine with information warfare at its core, making even the mighty

Telecom networks, 5G, 5G roll-out, India, Chinese equipment, telecom manufacturers, People’s Liberation Army News

Angel Tax: Its time this colonial hangover gets removed

The “Angel Tax”, or Section 56(2)(vii b), is a 2012 insertion by the then UPA government which taxes domestic capital invested into private Indian entities as income, if the investment was made ab

Angel Tax, colonial hangover, Achilles heel, Section 56(2)(vii b), Fair Market Value, Indian entities News

Reduce cost, risk of doing business to achieve $5 trillion GDP target

ASEAN countries have been the biggest beneficiary of this structural shift in global supply chains—between 2017 and 2018, the total FDI into ASEAN has more than doubled to $180 billion, and so did t

EoDB, CoDB, RoDB, ease of doing business, GDP target, Amitabh Kant, ASEAN countries, opinion news

Indian Air Force’s new game is an innovative way to attract new talent

Now, IAF has come out with an innovative approach for attracting talent, with its newly launched flight simulator mobile game “IAF- A cut above the rest.”

Indian Air Force, new talent, armed forces, armed forces recruitment, flight training, Top Gun News

Delhi does well to move on digital training of teachers

The new digital training universe will include mathematics training for teachers teaching grades IV & V, and curriculum-specific modules across subjects at the senior secondary level.

digital training, digital training of teachers, Delhi State Council, Education Research and Training, child sexual abuse News

Don’t look for silver bullets, all-round reform is needed

While repo rates may be the same now as they were in 2010, he argued, given consumer inflation is dramatically lower today—3-3.5% this year versus over 13% then—the real repo was minus 8.1% in 201

Nirmala Sitharaman, interest rates, repo rates, RBI, reserve bank of india, consumer inflation News

Make-in-India: Need a brand-new policy to curb imports

IAMAI reports that India exported just 18mn handsets in FY19 for $1.4bn or around a seventh of the target; for some reason, India’s export data shows a number of $2.7bn but that could include some c

Made-for-India, make in india, Narendra Modi, phased-manufacturing-program, electronics—mobile phones, domestic manufacturing News
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