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Reviving growth: What could spur income tax rate cuts

Income Tax rate cuts should come only if Diwali demand is weak, there is weak rate-cut transmission by banks and govt finds ways to fund the corp tax rate cut.

There is no doubt that a demand-side measure, like the income tax cut, has a more immediate growth impact than a supply-side measure like the corporate tax rate cut News

Instead of engineering a growth acceleration to go with a demographic dividend, policymakers have allowed growth to slow

The government has a perennial problem of failure to raise adequate tax revenues. Periodically, it resorts to “tax terrorism,” which only creates more uncertainty and damages growth.

The biggest priority is a clean up of the financial sector. An overhang of bad debt can kill growth for many years. News

RCEP churn: Protecting Indian dairy from itself

India has problems that go beyond RCEP, it needs to explore why the private sector is mute in FTA discussions and why cooperatives inevitably become political.

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How bank denationalisation can be a solution to tackle slowdown woes

Banks despite having deposits, have limited capital. Given the Basel capital adequacy norms, they are constrained. That indicates to a problem of supply of credit. But, do we have enough demand for cr

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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat should have been unambiguous on lynching

Bhagwat should have condemned lynching in a more forthright manner; did well to support privatisation/FDI.

Like prime minister Modi did earlier, Bhagwat talks of how “so-called leaders” create clashes between Hindus and Muslims, and “have made an industry out of their pursuits for self-aggrandisement”. News

Why India needs a forest wall against the march of desertification

With a plan to create a 1,400-km-long and 5-km-wide green belt, from Gujarat to the Delhi-Haryana border, India is committing to concrete steps to combat desertification and land degradation.

It is not hard to imagine the scale of gain from the Green Wall of India. News

Explained: How Delhi shows the way on celebrating festivals

Delhi shows the way on celebrating festivals, idol immersion and all, and fighting pollution at the same time.

The city made sure that the Durga Puja celebrations—idol immersions are a key ritual—would not contribute to the pollution of the Yamuna. News

Junk Boilers Act and relook Seventh Schedule

With perceptions about inspections by private companies having changed, the Indian Boilers Act, 1923, and the entire Seventh Schedule, needs a relook.

Irrespective of whether boilers needed oil and grease or not, inspectors did. Since 2014, there have been more relaxations, with self-certification pushed (Representational Image) News

How safe is your bank deposit?

With an upper limit of Rs 1 lakh for a deposit, intuitively the bank need not take cover for the bulk of the deposits.

The smaller deposits would tend to be repaid without a loss, while the deposit holders with higher savings would be impacted the most News

Corporate tax cuts: Time for reform now

Time is opportune for India to encash upon the dynamics of global supply chain. With its labour costs increasing and debt of SMEs rising, China is losing its competitive edge.

Reduction in corporate tax coupled with administrative and labor reforms can boost the economy News

Well-serviced: Explaining Modi government’s popularity

The impact of higher wage growth in the services sector coupled with the increasing share of services in employment partly explains government’ popularity.

The combined impact of higher wage growth in the services sector coupled with the increasing share of services in total employment partly explains why the government enjoys popular support. News

WhatsApp regulation not easy, but govt concerns real

If WhatsApp is used to spread rumours that fan communal passions, or by terrorists to communicate, surely the government needs access to this?

IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad’s stance vindicated by US officials writing to Facebook on lawful access to it. News

Criticism isn’t sedition, govt should have come out against court-ordered FIR

Charging 49 eminent citizens, who voiced concern over incidents of lynching and mob violence in an open letter to prime minister Narendra Modi, with offences that include sedition is fundamentally out

Filmmaker Aparna Sen, historian Ramchandra Guha and director Shyam Benegal are among the signatories on the letter. News

Tamil Nadu: NEET fraud exposes shortcomings, Aadhar-linking can be a solution

Madras HC’s observation that Aadhaar verification could help avoid such impersonation is interesting.

A preliminary investigation revealed that students were using impostors to appear for the test. News

Single-use plastics: A roadmap to eliminate this menace

Even after enacting four major legislations in the last 20 years, we have not been able to eliminate even one single-use plastic product.

Regulations, and penalties are not sufficient to eliminate the use of single-use plastics. We need a transformation in the market and the municipal services News

How Brexit can change trade negotiations between India and UK

For India, and several other countries, negotiating trade deals with UK—distinct from EU—might imply greater negotiating flexibility and better prospects of meaningful outcomes.

It would be good if India seizes the opportunity to get going on a deal with UK that corresponds to its interests News

Firms need to evaluate feasibility of opting lower corporate tax rates

Companies exercising the LCTR option will have to decide whether to allow remeasurement in the September quarter financial statement or spread the effect.

Companies need to evaluate the feasibility of opting LCTR from taxation and accounting perspective as well News

Laissez-faire cities: Houston can be a good example for India

What are the similarities and differences of Indian cities with Houston? What do these indicate for India’s urban development policy?

Until today, the city of Houston does not have a city-wide comprehensive zoning ordinance, it only has selective land use regulations. News

With GST compensation cess falling short, states may agree to raise rates at the lower end

With the compensation cess falling short, states may now have no option but to agree to raise GST rates at the lower end.

In which case, while the states can blame the central government for not implementing a perfect GST—since GST is a joint responsibility of the GST Council in which all states are members, of course, a blame game may not even fly—this won’t really help. News

A sports university seems like good idea, but Delhi Govt must mull over if its degree will really help

The Delhi government has cleared the setting up of a sports university, to encourage people to choose sports as a career . The university will offer undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate degrees

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Corporate tax cut may not mean much to workers

Given how, in India, there seems to be little impact of the corporation tax on wages, the cut may not mean much for labour.

This tax cut is a bold step, given that India has one of the highest “statutory” corporation tax rates in the world, which, in turn, adversely affected its competitiveness. News

Pak strategy cutrailed by Saudi economic interests in India

The drone attacks compelled India to ask questions related to Middle East geopolitics. Was the regional status quo now sustainable? How might the US react?

Pakistan is heavily in debt to Saudi Arabia and it depends hugely on the Kingdom’s largess to avoid economic collapse. News

How distributed ledger technology can revolutionise record keeping

In India, about 50% of the states are currently involved in DLT-related initiatives. Andhra Pradesh, Telangana lead the pack.

Underlying DLT is blockchain—the technology that underlies bitcoin as well. News

India must invest in developing vaccines for diseases before crisis strikes

By investing in vaccine development, India can create lasting health and economic benefits for its citizens. In fact, vaccines are one of the most cost-effective public health interventions.

Luckily, healthcare responders today have a tool that may help prevent outbreaks of such magnitude in the future: an investigational Ebola vaccine. News

Govt needs to focus on lowering Cost Of Doing Business

The CostOfDoingBusiness includes the cost of capital, the risk of policy changes, the government not honouring contracts, etc

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Vision cash-lite: A billion UPI transactions is not enough

Despite being a large country with nearly 400 smartphone users, India’s active user base for UPI is hardly a 100 million

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Hefty fines for idol immersion in Ganga good, but more meaningful action needed

CPCB data from 2018 shows that 211 of 961 industrial units along the river were violating effluent disposal norms.

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