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Some sense on vaccines, need more for it to work

Clearing global vaccines is a good idea, but unlikely to work unless free-market pricing, and exports, are allowed

Also, it must offer financial support to millions in the informal sector who will not be able to earn until the pandemic is under control and may be forced to go back to their native places

Indian Railways building modern engineering marvels! New bridges to be India’s heritage of the future

The bridges the Railways is building are modern engineering marvels. Decades from now, they will serve as the Railways’ heritage

Since the arch closure happened in early April, Chenab bridge has also recently been in the news. Construction wasn’t easy, given the terrain.

India must step up genome sequencing efforts

If highy infective variants are behind the second wave, reporting on this can help push people to adopt Covid-safe behaviour


Reforming India’s deposit insurance scheme

Risk-sensitive pricing can go hand-in-hand with the increase in the insured deposit coverage limits bringing India in line with its emerging market peers

insurance plans,

Study shows tweaking gut bacteria through food supplements could help fight child malnutrition

Science reports that “in a head-to-head comparison against a leading treatment for malnutrition, a new supplement designed to promote helpful gut bacteria led to signs of improved growth and more we

Indian economy: Firing on all cylinders

Can India take its economic growth to double digits in 2021-22?

Bracing for impact: Strategically battling the second wave of infections

Our immunisation drive aims to achieve herd immunity, and until we reach that stage, we cannot afford to let our guard down in this fight. The next 4-6 weeks will be pivotal in India’s battle agains

Why G-SAP 1.0 is a bold move by RBI

The government, with its massive borrowing programme, can breathe a sigh of relief as long-term borrowing costs come down


Embittered by graft, Kenyans are appealing to the IMF to take back its decision to lend to their government

This is perhaps ‘direct democracy’ that governments would dread. Kenyans don’t want the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to lend to their government.


The curious case of VIPIT: Studies needed to identify susceptibility markers, diagnostic tests, treatments

Further studies will be needed to identify susceptibility markers, early diagnostic tests and effective treatments

astrazeneca vaccine

Test-track-treat is good, vaccination is even better

PM Modi asking CMs to focus on conventional means to control Covid vital, but vaccine supply needs to be hiked

The announcement suggests vaccine producers would be allowed to charge the price they want, as long as they declare the price beforehand and, hopefully, the rollout hereon will be a smooth one.

Understanding the four Vs of operations management – volume, variety, variation and visibility

Organisations that deliver the highest quality of service or products are the ones that attract the most customers. Prominence is, therefore, important. But ability is also important.

High variety gives more flexibility to produce goods and services to match a customer’s requirements. Variety and volume correlate—the higher the variety, the lower the volume of products or services.

Dealing with giant vessels: Fees on extremely large vessels can be exponentially hiked

The trend towards huge container vessels actually started about 15 years ago when the Emma Maersk, the first of these vessels, was pulled from the Danish shipyard, in which it was built, by five tugs

Given their humungous size, there are only a limited number of ports where such vessels can call. When they do, the strain placed on the port is enormous

Towards better urban growth: 15th Finance Commission has duly recognised role of urbanisation in development

"This quantum jump in allocation will go a long way in minimising gaps (needing eight time increase in per capita municipal expenditure by 2030"

Other towns with under 1 lakh population will get untied funds (40%) for 18 subjects as provided in Schedule XII except for salaries and tied funds (60%) for sanitation and solid waste management (30%) and drinking water, rainwater harvesting and water recycling (30%).

Weak Shot: With protection against Covid-19 from Chinese vaccines being poor, will China pivot towards foreign vaccines?

The bigger problem for China is perhaps the fact that it has not yet approved any foreign vaccine, which means many in its population who have been vaccinated could still be at risk.

A third dose of a Chinese vaccine has been offered to many in UAE, but against Fu’s statement, this may not be seen as much.

Immunise against doubt: Messaging on AstraZeneca safety needs to be much clearer

The messaging on the safety of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine needs to get a lot more clear if nations that have approved it for use—India is using it, licensed to SII as Covishield—are to effec

One of its top officials had even said that the incidents reported till then were not in a greater number or frequency than that reported for the general population.

Lockdown, migrants and misery: Learn from the first wave

The second wave brings with it the threat of lockdowns; the govt must ensure portability of welfare schemes to avoid the misery of last year’s lockdown

Modi’s vaccine plans may unravel if he doesn’t make up with manufacturers

If the vaccination effort was a one-time deal, perhaps it wouldn’t matter, even though it speaks poorly of the business environment in the country.

While Poonawalla spoke of finding alternative funding sources if need be, he seemed to indicate his preference for the government giving this amount as a grant.

Inside Track: Amit Shah and his ‘wry sense of humour’

And when Shah finally got the ticket in 2019, he conclusively demonstrated that he was certainly not politically irrelevant.

Shah was clearly referring to the fact that six times he ignored his own political aspirations so that L K Advani could stand from Gandhinagar.

The ghost of Rafale appears

They trust the institutions that they have installed to tackle these challenges including Parliament/Legislature, the judiciary, the free media, the CAG and the Opposition political parties.

When these institutions fail — separately or collectively, because of incapacity or collusion or fear — the people just give up and move on.

IPL in times of coronavirus: New season, tougher challenges

The IPL is necessary for the nourishment of India's cricket economy. It must go along trouble-free

Two Mumbai Indians batsmen graduated to international cricket by dint of their performance in the last year’s IPL.

Data drive: Fighting the second wave

As the current vaccination rate is 3.4 million a day, the existing 43 million stocks of doses will last around 12 days.

Coronavirus in India Live Updates, Covid-19 Lockdown India Live``

Centre, states must tap into green bonds

It would be prudent to start with expenditure items that have a clear and strong link to central and state climate-action plans

However, there has been no green bond issuance yet by either the Central or state governments.

China’s doublespeak on vaccine nationalism

Xi Jinping talks about opposing vaccine nationalism while China uses its vaccines to arm-twist nations

The notices made it clear that obtaining the Chinese visa would be easier for those vaccinated with Chinese vaccines; to be sure, those who have been vaccinated with other vaccines can still apply, but they would need to cite much stronger reasons for wishing to enter the country and submit many more documents.

Good start to fixing PSUs

Supplement private sector PESB head with other measures

Mallika Srinivasan

Two steps back on cleaner power

Extending emission-compliance deadline for thermal power plants & low default-fines go against India’s green action vision

While Category A TPPs, both retiring and non-retiring, have a end-2022 deadline, non-retiring Category B TPPs have been allowed time till end-2023 and non-retiring Category C ones, till 2024; retiring B&C TPPs must comply by end-2025—if a TPP gives an undertaking to retire before the applicable deadline is up, then it is exempted from compliance.
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