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Explained: Here’s how connectivity is holding back innovation

The technology that’s allowed so much connection has of course also been positive, but, like many technological changes, it has come with unintended consequences

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Centre’s focus on bigger picture does not assuage slowdown concerns

The retail-wholesale inflation gap, which touched 10 percentage points (ppt) in September 2015, has sharply reduced to below 2 ppt since November 2016 as the two inflation rates converged.

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Instead of going after organised industry, Punjab blaming artists

Now, the state’s tourism minister, Charanjit Singh Channi, has said that the state is mulling a law to take action against artistes who “glorify the use of drugs” through songs or films.

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Sebi does well to turn down a consent-plea by an agency

The fact is, ratings agencies have been way too casual in their approach, failing investors and lenders. Much like the stable door being bolted after the horse has bolted, the downgrades came in in to

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Can boost exports even as global economy slows

Not surprisingly, gold is up to a six-year high; and with the trade war between the US and China showing no signs of abating, indeed it has spread into more dangerous areas like theft of intellectual

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Artificial intelligence and the world of tax litigation

Combined together, the claims for indirect and direct tax stuck in litigation (appellate tribunal and upwards) by the quarter ending March 2017 amounted to over 4.7% of GDP.

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Industry must leverage right technology to reduce its own water consumption

Domestic consumers can recycle wastewater within communities and use water-efficient fixtures. Industries can adopt technologies to reduce, reuse and recycle water.

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Focus on quality of jobs being created – here’s how

Apart from the large quantum of jobs that need to be created (8 million per year, according to the World Bank), another important aspect is the quality of jobs. A large proportion of India’s workfor

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How Lancet is correcting gender imbalance in STEM research

Cultural stereotypes pose severe barriers for women's entry into the sciences—for instance, only 29% of female students in India are enrolled in a BTech course, as per the All India Higher Education

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Can India learn from Vietnam how to manage export-led growth?

As a result of this sustained growth, Vietnam’s exports, which were a mere 6% of India’s in 1960 and 13% in 1990, managed to reach 34% in 2000 and a whopping 75% in 2018; at this rate, within a fe

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Economic slowdown: Back to Hindu rate of growth?

The ideological core of the BJP cares nothing about economics. It wants to build a Hindu Rashtra and along that path, they have marked goals such as Ram Mandir, Gau Raksha, Hinduisation of the educati

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Agrarian crisis: Free up land-lease markets

The Committee is supposed to submit its report within two months. The Committee’s terms of reference (ToR) largely focus on agri-market reforms ranging from agricultural produce and livestock contra

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The eight stages of human development

Erik Homburger Erikson (1902-94) was a German-American developmental psychologist known for his theory on psychological development of human beings.

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Rooftop solar hardly going through the roof

RTS has the potential to contribute significantly to mitigation and has strong linkages to the local economy, but state governments and distribution utilities are not supportive of RTS.

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Regulating intermediaries: From ‘safe harbour’ to ‘rocky shores’?

These guidelines open a Pandora’s box of potential issues, including infringement upon basic fundamental rights such as the right to privacy and the freedom of speech, and have the potential to stif

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Govt has forgotten the flagging economy: P Chidambaram

Unfortunately, the economy seems to be the last of the concerns of the government which is barely able to conceal the triumphalism after Operation J&K.

An elderly Kashmiri man crosses a road as Indian paramilitary soldiers stand guard in Srinagar (AP photo) News

Article 370: What PMO advised and how Amit Shah moved

Abolition of Article 370 was on the government’s agenda, but it was at Amit Shah’s insistence that it was pushed through in the Budget Session itself.

Shah was confident of securing a majority in the Rajya Sabha for the Bill (PTI Photo) News

Ravi Shastri has the job to take Indian cricket to the next level

After taking over from Anil Kumble in 2017, Shastri as the head coach helped the Indian team consolidate their No. 1 position in the ICC Test rankings.

India had lost to West Indies in the 2016 World T20 semifinal, when Shastri was the team director. News

NBFC face liquidity squeeze – here’s how

The central bank has allowed banks’ lending to NBFCs for agriculture, micro and small enterprises, and housing classified as priority sector lending, up to specified limits.

These changes will help some reduce some of the challenges faced by retail NBFCs as the risk factors of retail-lending NBFCs are different from infrastructure or consumer-lending NBFCs. News

Sovereign bonds: How to meet the budgetary ends with limited means

The cacophony takes the debate back to the East Asian Crisis and reminds one of the implications of foreign inflows in the form of debt.

The sovereign bond issue might be an outcome of such deep thinking. News

Explained: How yoga can boost exports

Linking to the wellness carnival of the International Yoga Day (IDY) on June 21, many yoga studios are opening up both in India and globally.

As estimated by the ‘2016 Yoga in America Study’, the US continues to lead with the rise in number of yoga practitioners from 20.4 million in 2012 to 36.7 million in 2016. (Illustration: Rohnit phore) News

Amazon should clear Future Retail deal with government first

Amazon may or may not finally buy 10% of Indian retailer Future Retail—media reports suggest the deal is close to being finalised—but what is odd is that the discussions are taking place despite t

Amazon may not require explicit permission from the government to buy into Future Retail using some investment arm News

Population explosion is a bogey the government should ignore

The country's annual population growth rate fell from 2.5% in 1971-81—a time when ‘population explosion’ was bandied around commonly, and when India infamously experimented with forced sterilisa

With such trends likely to continue, as demographers predict, the population burden on India's resources will only ease in the coming decades. (Representational image) News

Facebook transcribing audio chats over Messenger hurts its own interests

The company explained that those using Messenger had chosen the option to have their voice-chats transcribed.

Facebook had hired hundreds of private contractors to transcribe the content of call made over its Messenger app. (File photo) News

Explained: The challenges for one nation, one ration card

For rolling out the one nation, one ration card move pan-India, all PDS shops should install ePoS machines and all ration cards have to be seeded with Aadhaar numbers.

Often, few members of a family migrate to other states, thus depriving them of subsidised foodgrain entitlements under NFSA. (File photo) News

Technology that drives Uber, Lyft may reduce traffic, not just in the way these companies thought

Some dream that self-driving cars may solve the problem by smoothing out people’s natural and often disruptive driving habits, yet self-driving cars are arriving much more slowly than enthusiasts ex

But new research based on statistical patterns in traffic demand and the availability of public transportation flies in the face of this theory. (Representative image) News

Pehlu Khan case: Shoddy probes will fail victims and even the best of laws

The court said that those named by Khan in his dying declaration, a separate set of six, were not named in the complainants’ (Khan’s sons) statement to the police, as required under the Section 16

The court order, in fact, is an indictment of shoddy investigation in the case. (Representational image) News
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