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Tracking DNA: China’s DNA database could have chilling future consequences

Y-STRs, which are used in forensics and genealogical testing, are extremely similar among males of common paternal lineage.

While most countries do use DNA profiling for forensics, the scale at which China’s ministry of public security is doing this—expanded from its earlier DNA profiling for forensics—is unprecedented.

AGR crisis: Supreme Court will have to solve the telco mess

A cue is available from the stance taken by SC itself in case of unpaid dues from public sector undertakings (PSUs) such as Gas Authority of India (GAIL), etc.

The licence fee and SUC is charged as a percentage of service provider’s adjusted gross revenue (AGR)—8% and 3-5% respectively.

All that glitters is indeed gold! Relevance of yellow metal to Indian economy is more than apparent

To remind one of the numbers, if 1,000 tonnes of gold got mobilised, i.e. `4,50,000 crore, it is equal to 20% of revenue receipts

The mobilised gold that is unhedged held by RBI can be used for borrowing or doing a swap transaction for dollar or any other reserve currency at a rate lower than in the market.

Can the clause for a ‘compassionate use’ be invoked to fast track Indian corona vaccine trials?

India is in an unprecedented health emergency, can the clause for a ‘compassionate use’ be invoked to fast track Indian corona vaccine trials?

Recession’s here, downside risks abound – FY21 may see a de-growth of 5%

FY21 may see a de-growth of 5%. The downtrend in growth between FY17 and FY20 suggests that India’s potential growth itself has likely whittled down to 5.0-5.5%.

App-ward Mobility: Govt must commit to long-term support for Indian appmakers

Indian appmakers will find it hard to fill the app vacuum if the govt doesn’t commit to long-term support.

To beat China, focus on real issues, not faux rankings

Laws are so regressive, even labour-intensive exports are falling; can’t hope to beat China with so much red tape.

Agri revolution 2.0: New ordinance set to revolutionise agriculture, but Centre needs state co-operation

The new Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Ordinance 2020 is set to revolutionise agriculture, but Centre needs state co-operation.

Why there’s a need to stabilise the GST tech platform

Apart from the rate-structure maze, another reason why GST revenues are missing the mark is poor compliance, which the GST tech was supposed to address.

Getting the firewall ready: Cyber-audits critical for government to begin with

Given the use of legacy systems and software in government organisations is a big problem, the government would do well to run security audits of its organisations first,then mandate each body to run

If Modi govt wants Aatmanirbharta in agriculture, oil palm is a crop to work on

At $10 bn, edible oil Import account for the largest portion of India’s Agri-Import bill. If the Modi govt wants Aatmanirbharta in agriculture, oil palm is a crop to work on.

The economics of Covid-19

An unanticipated shock compelling physical distancing is a rare phenomenon, especially at a global scale. When it all ends, the global economy would have recovered to get back to its status quo ante.

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Equalisation levy: ESS EQL may require financial services players to relook at their commercial arrangements

EQL is not administered under ITL but is governed by a separate legislation; accordingly, the availability of treaty protection and foreign tax credit in the home jurisdiction for NR is also likely to

Leading through the Covid-19 crisis: How a dairy producer company responded to the pandemic

Transparent operations, concern for members, locally-relevant innovation and committed employees continue to attract dairy farmers to apply for membership of the company even in these times of crisis.

Over the barrel: China, through the eyes of a diplomat

My father, Jagat Singh Mehta, was a diplomat and, to the extent our foreign service acknowledges specialisation, he was considered a Sinologist.

Isolation Error: Govt should have considered a few hard realities before tweaking Covid isolation rules

Not enough is known about viral persistence in the case of Covid-19 to justify shortening home isolation period.

India Inc must reform, raise capital

Without stronger balance sheets, firms will perish in this harsh environment; board, group structure reforms will attract investors.

Custodial death: Jeyaraj and Bennix shouldn’t have been remanded to any custody, writes P Chidambaram

It is our callousness towards that inviolable right called 'liberty' and our ignorance about how liberty is eroded that lead to a George Floyd moment in Minnesota, US, or a Jeyaraj and Bennix moment i

Villagers in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin stage protest against the death of Jayaraj and his son J Bennicks (PTI Image)

Inside Track | Is Cabinet reshuffle on the cards by August?

Some believe that only middle-rank portfolios will be switched since the PM wants certain politicians replaced by domain experts and those with technical know-how.

Salve has impressed Prime Minister Modi after his legal victory on Kulbhushan Jadhav at the International Court of Justice.

Are Liverpool the greatest team in the English Premier League history?

Liverpool have won the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup, the Premier League. Are they the greatest team in the League's history?

Liverpool lifts the trophy after winning the Club World Cup in 2019 (Reuters image)

Delhi and Mumbai reporting fewer corona cases might be a reprieve, but new Covid-cities are emerging – Analysis

Deaths have moved faster than cases in the last one month. As India enters Unlock 2, infections are only going to rise.

As testing capacity increases, India is recording more infections.

India has ability to spend more money to revive the plummeting economy, but it lacks intent

Govt has no shortage of money, but its ability to execute is poor; till that is fixed, India can’t grow at a steady pace

But take the higher figure and apply that to FCI’s June 1 stock of 100 million tonnes and that’s an additional cost of Rs 80,000 crore incurred for no reason.

Looming crisis: Why pre-Covid consumption slide quite worrying

Household deleveraging is the new hotspot for policy attention, RBI may have to consider a deeper interest rate cut in order to restore confidence

Financial liabilities of households reduced Rs 1.5 trillion in FY20 over the previous year, a 1 percentage point decline relative to aggregate output.

India connected: Nandan Nilekani is right; the next phase of digital India needs to be AI-powered

Nandan Nilekani is right; the next phase of digital India needs to be AI-powered

While Nilekani is right, only new city administrations have been able to do this successfully, and the pandemic has exposed frailties in the system.

Covaxin safety has already been well-established from animal tests: Bharat Biotech MD

We are looking at 10-12 different hospitals in the country, from Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, to AIIMS, Delhi.

To work with this sort of virus, you need a Bio-Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) containment production facility.

Private railways take off! Now to fix twist in tracks

Without an independent regulator, the Railways has too much discretion and that will frighten away investors.

Getting money to the SMEs: Banks have replaced the development finance institutions, but without the necessary skill sets

The banking sector urgently needs to build and train a separate cadre which specialises in manufacturing-sector loan appraisals. Banks have replaced the development finance institutions, but without

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