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Falling rural demand: The rural-urban inflation divide to the fore

Improvement in rural wages is not good enough. It is just a return to trend growth after lying below it for a while, and more importantly, trend growth is falling.

Facts & law against Trump’s climate inaction

The freedom that the Trump administration favours is for advantaged industries to impose numerous premature deaths, hospitalisations and other major harms on the public in pursuit of profit, even when

Phone-based monitoring of the Rythu Bandhu scheme in Telangana helped better implementation of scheme

Empowering beneficiaries in the monitoring regime for welfare schemes seems to be a good way of ensuring that these schemes are implemented in the spirit that they had been intended.

Cairn ruling means any export can be banned

On the face of things, the government not allowing Cairn to export its share of the crude oil produced from its Barmer field in Rajasthan, and the Delhi High Court judgment upholding this, are in the

GST revenues: Need to start fixing policing

With monthly collections a seventh lower than target, need to deploy strong analytics and self-policing measures.

High interest rates: Investments constrained by high real rates

With such high real rates, investments will be constrained.

Govt can’t be seen as serious against curbing tobacco use if it keeps acting against anti-tobacco campaigners

Govt can’t be seen as serious against curbing tobacco use if it keeps acting against anti-tobacco campaigners.

Explained: Why Paris Agreement can’t secure the world from climate change

These words were spoken nearly 100 years ago by the then US president Woodrow Wilson to describe his vision of a new world order after the first World War.

Tracking change: Non-oil, non-gold imports show resurgent demand

There is a positive correlation between non-oil, non-gold (NONG) imports and consumption and, in fact, growth in NONG has remained significantly high as compared to the rise in consumption.

A tale of two schemes – Ayushman Bharat and Smart Cities: Delhi’s disconnect with ground realities

Both the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY)—as a part of Ayushman Bharat—and the Smart Cities Mission were big announcements. However, while the PMJAY has been progressing remarkably, the Sm

Negative interest rates: A new, unnerving normal?

Negative rates will either mark the dawn of a new era for central banks, or finally unmask the limts of their power.

Richer harvest: Ensuring better prices for farmers

Digital communication tools and CBOs will help boost farmers’ bargaining power.

Explained: Why RBI needs to fix food inflation model to get policy right

Historical oversupplies and huge stocks have meant food CPI has collapsed, so RBI’s model needs to factor this in.

Indian Railways as trailblazer: Train 18 can be a game-changer for intercity commuters

Its latest is Train 18, which can be a game-changer for intercity commuters.

Unsafe harbour: Can someone yet again use the very sea lanes – used in 1993 and 2008 – to violate India’s territory and sovereignty?

Can someone yet again use the very sea lanes—used in 1993 and 2008—to violate India’s territory and sovereignty?

Making oil prices less taxing: Under the prevailing policy, it is the oil price that fluctuates

Under the prevailing policy, it is the oil price that fluctuates; the tax revenues from oil are stable for the government. Under the proposed policy, it is the tax revenues on oil that can fluctuate;

Union Budget: Overestimation of tax revenues results in unrealistic deficit targets

When the estimate itself is questionable, should we be unduly concerned about slippages of one or two decimal points?

Explained: Why monetary policy cannot curb trade ones

Skillful monetary policy can help offset a negative demand shock, but can do little or nothing to offset a supply shock caused by adverse trade developments.

Rural wages key to private spending, demand revival, liquidity

For demand revival, also fix pvt capex, liquidity.

Aadhaar Advantage: QR codes, virtual IDs are the future of effectively using the Aadhaar database for authentication

QR codes, virtual IDs are the future of effectively using the Aadhaar database for authentication.

Big plans! How Indian Railways aims to generate Rs 350 crore profit from the Kalka-Shimla route

Indian Railways is in the process for boosting revenue and cash in on the heritage of the Kalka-Shimla route. Being Indian Railways' first ever hop-on-hop-off service, the line is also likely to begin

New Hindu growth rate of 7%: Serious policy reforms needed to break away

There is no quick fix, to grow at more than this serious policy reforms are required in most sectors of the economy.

Farmers protest: Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis backs off on APMC

Farmer protests in Delhi related to inability to reform markets.

RelativeDystopia: China’s latest move to plant spies in Uighur households is out and out repression

China's latest move to plant spies in Uighur households is out and out repression

Why states must get primary healthcare right

It will help poor and low-performing states improve health outcomes. PHC/CHC reform is as crucial as having health & wellness centres.

Monetary Policy: Reserve Bank may hold rates in December review

Q3FY19 CPI inflation May lag MPC’s estimate, but a rate cut is ruled out given the change in stance to calibrated tightening & the high Oct ‘18 core-CPI print.

Over the barrel: How to save the world from ‘perfect storm’

Global warming is just one example of a problem that does not recognise national boundaries. Pandemics, migration, extremism, nuclear proliferation are some of the other problems that would be unrespo

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