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Insurance Amendment Bill: The need of the hour

Given India’s low insurance penetration & densitty, crucial to foster the sector’s growth. Raising FDI cap helps this, while the Bill’s provisions protect India’s interests

Insurance companies are plagued by high risk due to the business’s capital-intensive nature and an unusually long break-even period that can vary anywhere between 7 years and 10 years.

Gloomy Forecast: These warnings shouldn’t be ignored

The US’s Global Trends report paints a dire scenario over the next two decades, with erosion of democracy a prime threat

The latest report flags usual suspects like climate change, changing demographics, etc, as also emerging threats such as technologies that divide and erosion of trust in institutions and in democracy, with the gap between challenges and the will to deal with these growing and fuelling deeply polarising politics. (Representative image)

The Competition Commission of India needs to tech up

Keeping up with the developed jurisdictions, the CCI is looking at blockchain markets in a serious manner

The CCI recently released a discussion paper on blockchain and the use thereof while complying with the rules of free and fair competition.

Managing suppressed G-Sec yields

RBI must juggle its multiple hats well to manage positive and negative pay-offs dexterously

This is a good time for RBI to relook at banks’ internal mechanisms to avoid the temptation of mispricing risk in easy liquidity scenario.

G20, net zero emissions and India’s role

It would be irrational to expect all the countries to reach net zero by 2050/2060 given the fact that they are at different points of economic development, with large chunks of their populations not h

We have to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and need to concentrate on our renewable capacity addition targets and ensure these targets are actually met

Elections are less free and fair

The Election Commission (EC) was fiercely independent: for instance, it acknowledged the logic of allotting a common symbol to all the candidates of the AIADMK (though it was not a recognised party an

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an election campaign rally in support of BJP party candidates for West Bengal Assembly Polls at Gangarampur in South Dinajpur district (PTI Image)

Coronavirus Pandemic: Is there a vaccination strategy?

If the men who make up the Government of India’s vaccination task force have the smallest sense of honour, they should accept blame and resign.

Had he not been prime minister, they said, we would not have been able to stop Covid-19 from killing millions of Indians.

Sensei Matsuyama: Zen Master

Hideki Matsuyama gave a masterclass at the Masters Tournament to become the first Japanese Major winner in history

If this week was any indication, we’re going to see a lot more of the American in the time to come.

Data drive: The FY21 tax suprise

The Centre’s indirect tax collection grew 12%, to Rs 10.71 lakh crore, in FY21 on the back of higher collection from central excise (led by taxes and cesses on petroleum products as well as the reco


America Inc’s opposition to “discriminatory legislation” has sparked a debate on whether MNCs should remain bipartisan

So, expecting corporations that have to look at consumer opinion to stay neutral is perhaps expecting too much.


AI for judiciary will help reduce pendency of cases

With quick access to case law as set by SC judgments, in a comprehensible-for-all format, it is likely that court processes in the high courts and lower courts could get accelerated. SUPACE, a composi

AI judgement

Immunise school education against Covid disruption

Another year of shut schools spells disaster for EWS students; need to push digital inclusion, jabs for children & SAT-like test

school education

What’s ailing PSUs’ sale?

The PM will do well to ‘debureaucratise’ the process of running CPSUs. This should be done even before privatisation is taken up


Rattling sabres at Saudi Arabia was unwise

Instead of publicly talking about reducing imports from Arabia, the oil minister could have quietly instructed oil PSUs to increase spot purchases from others

oil export import

Lockdowns Again: Back to the start?

The economic impact of the current lockdowns will be significant, though not as sharp as that of last year

For a country that is still struggling to deliver vaccines to the public, distributing this amount will be a big challenge as beneficiaries have to be identified.

Tracking the economic impact of the second wave

Lockdowns have become more stringent, reducing mobility, but signals on non-mobility indicators are more mixed

This suggests that the economy is currently tracking about 9.6 percentage points below its pre-pandemic normal.

Why charities need an overhaul

Making non-profits a vibrant partner in India’s development

On the other hand, charities find extant compliances onerous. This conundrum cannot be solved without an overhaul.

It is time for SMEs to tech up

How technology will help revive small businesses impacted by the pandemic

Let’s look at access to lending capital.

The growth cost of intensifying lockdowns

The reported year-on-year GDP growth in the March quarter, and the quarter-on-quarter GDP growth in the June quarter, could dip into negative

For now, we are sticking to our FY22 GDP forecast of 11.2% year-on-year.

Private credit is ‘solution capital’

The main attractiveness of private credit, or direct lending to middle-market asset class, lies in its ability to be customised according to a company’s risk-return portfolio

Since India’s private-credit-to-GDP ratio is among the lowest in the world, the space has immense growth potential making it an attractive destination for private players and their capital.

US researchers create the first human-monkey chimaera, in the midst of a raging debate on such experimentation

US researchers create the first human-monkey chimaera, in the midst of a raging debate on such experimentation

Even as the debate rages on, the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) is expected to come up with revised guidelines for stem-cell research involving chimaeras. It will be a tough regulatory call. (Representative image)

Covid-19: And the bad news keeps rolling in

The second wave, not yet over, will crush MSMEs further and, with it, the hopes of FY22 being the big-recovery year

Corporate profits are also getting a boost from the huge cost-cuts, but that is hurting the larger economy.

As the antitrust movement against Big Tech gathers steam, it’s time to find solid solutions

In India, as the government seeks to promote the use and adoption of technology across sectors, it must first adopt a whole-of-government approach.

In recent years, the CCI has actively pursued alleged antitrust activities in the technology sector.

The silver lining on the Covid cloud

Uttar Pradesh topped all states in fund utilisation under the MGNREGS

During this period, the MGNREGS made a big impact in two new areas that will prove to be of great significance in developing the villages of UP in the coming years. (Representative image)

Beating Covid-19: Scaling up India’s vaccination drive

Vaccination must be universal, equitable and steady. At the same time, as the second wave of the pandemic unfolds, the only way to cut off the chain of transmission is to focus on relentless adherence

Each citizen’s behaviour in managing their own health risk and exposure will be critical for communities and the country to overcome this devastating pandemic

Manas app launch: Govt must increase its mental health spending for meaningful impact

Govt launches app for promoting mental health; it must increase its mental health spending for meaningful impact

While such initiatives are laudable, the government must look at the larger picture on mental health—more needs to be done to remove stigma and government spending on mental health needs to increase.

Academic freedom critical: IIM-C’s Board has done a disservice to the institution

It is unfortunate that even as the government has come out with a law – the IIM Act of 2017 – to assure independence of the Indian Institutes of Management, IIM-Calcutta should go the other extrem

Ironically, while the IIM-C code probably stems from the belief that the rules have to mirror the ones that apply to bureaucrats since both get paid by the government, the courts have made a very clear distinction.
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