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Over the top: On trip to Scotland, Super Golfer finds himself inebriated with spirit of Golf

The Superb Golfer is well acquainted with imperfection; given its rampant pervasiveness in the world he inhabits, and has learnt to accept it as a cross he must bear for his unfailing excellence.

Helping MSMEs is not just about credit availability; And it mustn’t deteriorate into a loan mela, resulting in high NPAs

PM’s MSME plan welcome, but boosting credit mustn’t deteriorate into a loan mela, with high NPAs resulting

This is the best and an old-fashioned way for the Reserve Bank to earn genuine independence for itself

The real question, which I will address in this and a subsequent article, is whether RBI’s policy on very high real interest rates has been necessary to achieve the objective of either containment o

Why farmers’ demands to the mills will add to a never-ending cycle of sugarcane arrears and problems

The demand by farmers to the mills will only add to the never-ending cycle of sugarcane arrears and problems

Trade Wars: Developing countries must put pressure on the US not to abandon the multilateral trading system

The developing world will need to put consistent pressure on the US not to abandon the multilateral trading system, which is the only fair forum for settling disputes among nations

Insight: How India jumped 23 ranks in Ease of Doing Business, the story in numbers

India has climbed 23 spots to be ranked 77th in the World Bank’s Doing Business report 2019 because of the many reforms undertaken by the government. Since 2016, India has moved up 65 places, and re

Govt and regulators must plug loopholes to stop more IL&FS-type frauds

Limit number of layers of step-down subsidiaries, insist on group-level financials for all firms, disclose defaults immediately

Unease of doing business? Unclear why India’s tax and insolvency scores didn’t rise

Unclear why India’s tax and insolvency scores didn’t rise

Breathing poison: Not enough is being done to combat the disastrous consequences of air pollution

Not enough is being done to combat the disastrous consequences of continued worsening of the air we breathe

Years of insufficiently inclusive growth has given appeal to unorthodox policy approaches

The appeal of unorthodox policy approaches is the result of years of insufficiently inclusive growth, coupled with mounting concerns about income, wealth and opportunity

The Section-7 question: Can the Centre issue orders to the Reserve Bank by law?

The High Court went forward and noted that, prima facie, there exists material which deserves to be taken into consideration.

Go green, eat green: Meat production creates over two-thirds of food-related GHG emissions

Hence, their critical recommendation: Consumers, especially those living in certain high-income countries where meat is a significant part of the daily diet, are going to have cut back and adopt a mor

How to turn useless waste into useful waste and why it is important to segregate wastes at the source

Instead of trying to segregate mixed wastes, we should prevent it from getting mixed in the first place by appropriate incentives or punishments for compliant or errant behaviour, respectively, at the

Reservation in promotion: In equality versus social justice debate, the principle of ‘constitutional reasonableness’ is being ignored

In arguing for untrammelled right to reservation in promotion, the principle of ‘constitutional reasonableness’ ingrained in equality is being ignored

Tyranny of the elected in RBI vs Govt? The Reserve Bank has got it wrong many times, so have lawmakers!

Of course, regulators like RBI get it wrong many times, but this doesn’t automatically mean elected representatives get it right each time, or that only they are punished for getting it wrong

Can Govt’s small pull back, after driving RBI to breaking point, prevent Urjit Patel from resigning?

This may prevent Urjit Patel from stepping down, but it is not clear if govt appreciates RBI’s point of view even now

Rising pollution levels: Why we must prioritise long-term solutions

Short-term solutions will provide interim relief from pollution; and it is long-term solutions that should be prioritised.

Trade Wars: America’s new narrative on trade, security and connectivity resonates China’s ‘geopolitical’ BRI

The US security perspective on trade is not limited to blocking imports for reducing dependence on foreign products. It extends to securing greater global access for key US industries in major markets

How to save Kisan Credit Cards from becoming an easy tool for money laundering

Recently, former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan cautioned the government that Kisan Credit Cards (KCC) can be a potential credit risk for the economy.

Why RBI must not lose its focus from inflation, and pursue an independent monetary policy with flexible exchange rate

A few months ago, many on the street were in favour of a weak rupee. Even former Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian had said that the rupee should be allowed to depreciate as a part of the adju

PM Narendra Modi on Sardar Patel: A man of action who created united India

Patel worked with astonishing speed to dismantle the history of imperialism and create a geography of unity with the spirit of nationalism

Don’t write Merkel off just yet, she could surprise Germany and the world

Merkel unbound could surprise Germany and the world. After all, no one else can take credit for her riskier decisions, such as letting in 1.2 million asylum seekers in 2016

SC decision on Gujarat power plants gave hope for Tata, Adani, but why did it take so long?

Despite a faulty policy causing the problem, it has taken more than five years to get relief even though it was a win-win for all

Danger of dull Diwali looms: Disappointing Navratri sales may be followed by a weak performance next week

It is not just cars or bikes, spending in general is somewhat subdued as reflected in corporate results and the slower increase in prices of homes which, at an all-India level, moderated to 5.3% in th

Feminising politics: Why women should be aided in their election quest more than their male counterparts

Women are more accountable and less corrupt than their male counterparts and should be aided in their election quest

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