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How should India track its time; Office hours in Northeast need to be changed

The existing IST is said to be negatively impacting the lives of the northeastern people as the sun rises and sets much earlier than the official working hours.

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Why Economics must get broader before it gets better

The discipline must focus more on inter-disciplinary approaches and distributional effects, and less on the purity of mathematical models, average conditions, and just the belly of distributions.

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Water management key to sustainable agriculture growth in India

About 78% of the fresh water is consumed by agriculture.

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Who will rule India? Real difference in 2019 polls will be outside pure economics, in human rights

In 2014, the BJP showed it could conduct a campaign that was more sophisticated than anything India had seen before. Now, incumbency, money, friendly media, lessons from previous success, and boots on

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Complying with the Large Exposures Framework: Banks disbursing loans at reckless speed may face teething problem

The Large Exposures Framework revolves around a limit of 25% of Tier 1 capital, identifying a group of connected counterparties and specific treatments to credit risk, trading book position, and quali

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How Sergei Korolev took the Soviet space programme to greater heights

After Yuri Gagarin’s landmark achievement of becoming the first man to travel to space, the USSR had nothing more to prove that it was the most potent space power in the world.

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Farmers want Monsanto, govt continues attack on US firm

Govt orders further cut in royalties at a time when its focus should be on getting in newer generations of seed-tech.

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Forest Rights Act clearance: Gram Sabha nod for projects a two-edged sword

Under the Forest (Conservation) Amendment Rules 2016, a project had to first receive clearance from affected gram sabhas before the forest department examined it for approval.

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Ganga clean-up progess unimpressive, monitoring body has failed to meet in 3 years

The Union ministry of water resources, river development and Ganga rejuvenation (Ganga ministry) had notified the Council on October 7, 2016, even as it dissolved National Ganga River Basin Authority

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Swachh Survekshan disappoints again, sweeping waste under the carpet a myopic approach

Sweeping waste under the carpet is a myopic waste management approach—sustained efforts are required, and it is this that the survekshan should rank in the future.

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E-commerce FDI flows likely to be interrupted even though restructuring kicks off in top gear

Does the new FDI e-comm policy answer all the questions and provide the clarity needed for companies to comply with both the letter and spirit of law? Perhaps not

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In control of her life

In order to move towards a more equitable society, the newer gig economy ecosystem must be made less gender-biased. The numbers appear encouraging. Statistics reveal that 82% of female gig workers see

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How financial literacy can truly empower women

Financial inclusion can only be achieved through targeted literacy programmes.

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Improving credit rating framework a must for strong bond market

Credit rating agencies must adopt an additional five-point evaluation, among other measures, when it comes to assigning AAA ratings.

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Rights of forest dwellers: Recent SC verdict exacerbates injustice done

The apex court had delivered a judgment to evict, by July 2019, the encroachments whose rights had been rejected.

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Lok Sabha 2019 elections: EC’s new norms laudable, now to implement them well

The ECI needs to understand that norms are only half the battle won.

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Green cover: Entire Aravalli range should be classified as ‘deemed forests’

The National Green Tribunal (NGT), by terming parts of the Aravallis in Haryana as forests, has given the range a breather.

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Banking sector to become less labour-intensive, automation the way forward

Automation in banking has done away with the need to have more people at the service level, and even the skilled manpower requirement will decline over time

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Courting economic failure

Improving contract enforcement in India will have large benefits for economic performance and cause India to rise further in the EoDB rankings

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Alcohol prohibition a significant loss to industries like tourism, is the ban worth it?

State governments need to reflect on their perspective about prohibition of alcohol, especially because it is a significant loss to the interlinked industries, such as tourism, and is a complete waste

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India needs to invest in its teachers by overhauling on-the-job training

When ASER first started publishing learning outcome surveys, their data was met with outrage.

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Making the ‘Kisan’ more capable: Impart education and training, provide good sanitary conditions

Impart them education and training, and provide good health and sanitary conditions

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Why Reserve Bank of India should cut CRR levels

Real rates are unlikely to fall sharply in the near term because inflation is expected to remain benign with just a small rise being pencilled in.

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Motherhood Penalty: Maternity means drastic wage erosion for women

Maternity means drastic wage erosion for women in developed countries while fathers face no such costs.

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Learning from the past: History key to planning Afghanistan’s next chapter

Given its location at the crossroads of Asia, And as long as terrorist groups can operate from within and Pakistan, there will be a continued interest in Afghanistan.

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Why opposition feels it has lost the best chance of defeating Modi

Opposition feels it has lost its best chance of defeating Modi. BJP, on the other hand, is secretly happy that all ‘real’ issues can be forgotten.

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Why questioning CSO on revised GDP estimates is to question too much of everything

To question the CSO on GDP revised estimates is to question too much of everything. Indian statistics have been a matter of national pride for decades, and remain one of India’s hallmarks. Let us qu

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