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Voting rights ushering in a new era of capital raising

Differential voting rights allow for more Silicon Valley inspired investment structuring and negotiations, and could have avoided the debacle of a public Indigo fallout or Mindtree’s hostile takeover.
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Linking social media to Aadhar is serious overkill

Linking social media to Aadhaar is serious overkill.

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The economic slowdown is structural

Monetary and fiscal policy measures alone cannot do the trick. Sustained growth requires a reforms policy.

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Arun Jaitley: The politician who won hearts across all divides

From abiding friendships with many fierce rivals in politics to pals and protégés in court and Cabinet, Jaitley won hearts across all divides.

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Why can’t the season-ending playoffs on the PGA Tour get it right?

Who can forget Tiger and playing partner Rory McIlroy walking down the fairway on the 72nd hole, trailed by a sea of fans held back by a tenuous rope. And, when he dropped the bogey putt to win, in Ti

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Chidambaram’s arrest: History has shown vendetta politics seldom works

Chidambaram refused to indulge in theatrics or even mention Home Minister Amit Shah’s name. Many see parallels with both Emergency and post-Emergency arrests.

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Mohan Bhagwat’s reservation poser needs a debate

Bhagwat wishes all reservations would wither away and Hindus could be a single people.

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Data drive: Auto slowdown trips loan growth

Loan growth moderated for non-banking financial companies across the board with slowdown in auto and retail housing loans.

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New Education Policy: Criticism of draft wide off the mark

The dnep has received a lot of flak, but, proposals like replacing grade 10th & 12th exams with a four-year high school and choice-based-credits are revolutionary.

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Proliferation of technologies will address many agriculture-related issues

The proliferation of technologies and digital applications will address many of the agriculture-related issues and give a multi-dimensional push to agriculture.

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Increasing age-threshold for marriage for women would be freater step forward

Increasing the age-threshold for marriage for women would be a great step forward.

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Nirmala Sitharaman’s mini-budget fixes most problematic issues

FM does well to fix FPI- and angel-tax, very good steps to boost banking; other ministries now need to pitch in to boost investment.

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Amazon rainforests burning for more than two weeks now

The rainforest that experiences torrential rain throughout the year has witnessed the highest number of wildfires this year—of the 72,843 that have been reported so far this year in Brazil, more tha

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Arresting slowdown: Export focus fine, but there’s more to growth

From purely a financial perspective of current account deficit, the distinction between goods and services does not matter

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The red herring in Jammu and Kashmir

The claim that the government’s recent political actions have anything positive to do with economic development lacks any basis in experience or theory

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What will help India emerge as price setter in global energy markets

On supply side, the Indian market has been receiving gas from varied sources. The total natural gas supply in 2017-18 was 52.26 BCM, of which only 25.93 BCM was domestically produced. The rest 26.33 B

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Promotional discounts: To offer or not to offer

The June GST Circular has unsettled what was more or less settled. It has failed to understand the business realities of how marketing schemes operate

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How flexi staffing can bring a larger workforce into formal jobs

A recent study has revealed that 60% of the companies engaging temp staff accelerate faster out of a downturn. And flexi employees have the opportunity to constantly upskill.

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Chidambaram Case: Can’t crack corruption if govt controls everything

If FDI was allowed freely, there would be no need for an FIPB approval or a bribe for it ... If Modi really wants to rid India of corruption, he has to eliminate govt permissions, free up the economy

The larger issue, and this is not specific to the Chidambaram case (which still needs to be proved), is that it is government restrictions that are at the root of most corruption. (AP Photo) News

Disproportionate penal provisions will hurt Indian corporates

The penal provisions, especially those involving imprisonment, in the Companies Act, 2013 are disproportionate retributive measures compared to the acts of omission by companies or their officers

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Taxing times: Compliance complexity a big challenge for businesses

Indian businesses struggle with more than 9,000 compliances and 600+ filings, and there have been more than 600 updates over the past year

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Restaurants wanting to renegotiate term with Zomato surely knew what they were signing on to?

According to Zomato, in damage-control mode after 1,200 of its partner restaurants quit, the problem was caused by ‘bargain hunters’; Goyal has assured action and has asked restaurants to stop the

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Government medical education hugely subsidised – here’s how

The SC pointed out that the government spends a large amount in training each medical graduate and post-graduate in government medical colleges—AIIMS calculates the cost of producing one MBBS at Rs

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Linking loan-rates to repo-like rate simply won’t work

Surely RBI Governor knows banks can’t re-price loans at will; and banks will just raise spreads if RBI forces them

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