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Brexit challenge facing the UK – No deal meant no movement of goods across the EU

No deal meant no movement of goods across the EU. Delays would be endemic. Fruits, vegetables, vital medicines and fuel deliveries would all be delayed as checks would be required.

Capex depends on more than Ease of Doing Business – That’s why India’s highest capital formation was in the 2000s

That is why India’s highest capital formation was in the 2000s when India was ranked very low in the Index.

Privacy policy: Draft data protection law has many gaps

It has to be fine-tuned to clarify ambiguous provisions and address concerns related to localisation of personal data.

Is purchasing a mortgaged property directly from bank or financial institution a practical move?

Is purchasing a mortgaged property directly from a bank or a financial institution is a practical move?

Conundrum! India Inc’s RCEP fear is not unwarranted

With Make-in-India on a slippery slope, policymakers need to be mindful of domestic industry’s concerns and not get into a raw deal with respect to the RCEP.

Here’s why relaxing PCA or capital norms is a bad idea

While a committee will examine issue of ‘excess’ reserves, govt would do well to not push on relaxing prudential norms.

Buying time at Essar Steel

Hopefully NCLT and other courts will quickly decide the case

Current clean energy efforts seem incomplete as carbon emissions are only going to increase till 2040

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Outlook not only envisages a future where coal, oil and gas continue to play leading roles in all of its scenarios, it also, at the same time, fi

RBI vs Government: Central bank’s reserves are excessive, let a panel examine this

RBI board empowered to opine on policy matters under section 7(2) of RBI Act although it seldom does so.

Tata won’t secure Jet Airways

There is such a strong downward pressure on ticket prices that even a rate of passenger growth that is outstripping the capacity of India’s domestic aircraft hasn’t been enough to drive up average

Food Cafe: ‘Batteries are the new oil’, IIT Madras Director Bhaskar Ramamurthy explains how India needs to catch missed buses in technology

The director of IIT Madras—which is entering the diamond jubilee year—shares with Sushila Ravindranath that, in this era of GST, it is easy to figure out where the value-added lies, and anything t

Why rare diseases shouldn’t be ignored

Patients lose lives as the policy on rare diseases awaits actionable steps

How social media has become indispensable part of election campaigns

Media, politics and elections are knotted together and social media platforms have become the essential ground for discussion on political narratives.

Across the aisle: The day of reckoning

The government seems to think that the accumulated reserves are too high.

Inside track: From Congress’ CM face in Madhya Pradesh to likely appointments by Modi government

As chairperson of the campaign committee for Madhya Pradesh and as someone who is young and friendly with Rahul Gandhi, it was assumed that Jyotiraditya Scindia would be the party’s chief ministeria

Want to master the game called Golf? here are a few tips

At 40, I’m no better a golfer than I was at 20. That’s a lie, I was better then.

RBI vs Govt: Is centre’s ‘nudge’ a precursor to legislative action or the exercise of its legitimate power?

Can a ‘nudge’ be treated as a precursor to legislative action or the exercise of legitimate power that one entity has over the other?

WhatsApp causing fall in telcos’ revenues? But calls/SMSes are anyways free!

Trai wants to regulate WhatsApp when telco problems are far greater, and when calls free, can’t blame WhatsApp for fall in industry revenues.

Press freedom: The banding together of media houses against Trump demonstrates much needed resolve

The banding together of media houses against Trump demonstrates much needed resolve against a non-cooperative administration

Karnataka’s ore problem: Distortions in price and quantities injecting inefficiency into important sectors of the economy

These distortions in price and quantities are a recipe for injecting chronic inefficiency into important sectors of the economy, like iron ore and steel.

BJP’s penchant for renaming things is un-Indian and it is undermining the country’s founding principles

Narendra Modi, the current prime minister, inclines instead to vigorous patterns or solid, bright pastels.

Panagariya’s protectionism warning may not be correct

Panagariya’s caution may not be correct.

Data drive: Energy demand growing the fastest in India

Outside Asia, the Middle East and North Africa see the most rapid growth, with demand more than 60% higher in 2040 than today.

RBI vs GoI dispute: Historically, autonomy is not a privilege but a matter of right

The whole relationship between the government and RBI needs to evolve out of its historical settings where its autonomy is not seen as a privilege but a matter of right

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