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Onus of fixing GST not just the central government’s

So, when a special GST meeting is called, the states would do well to focus on the real issues instead of trying to exert pressure on the Centre to dip into its own kitty to pay them compensation.
The GST Act did provide for compensation—paying this if state revenues failed to grow at 14% was more than a bit generous—but, this was to be paid out of the compensation cess News

Time for a big bang: Rupee needs to be made convertible on capital account

RBI, of course, has been steadily buying dollars—its reserves have risen by over $1 billion for seven straight weeks—no doubt aware that a stronger rupee would be disastrous for both the export se

Dr Rajan, who had just come in as RBI Governor, launched his rescue effort, which helped the rupee recover to 58 in about a year. News

Constitutional issues arising from telecom, Essar rulings

Unless every organ of our democracy focuses on its own sphere only and outcomes, a constitutional crisis is not too far away

The payment of such large sums, within three months, has increased the gloom in the telecom and banking sectors, both of which are under severe stress. (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

Rural demand stimulus could be the key driver to overcome economic slowdown

Agricultural activity needs a priority. Rural connectivity in terms of physical infrastructure has to be developed

Surveys and ratings by the IMF, World Bank, WTO and Moody’s scare us to the extent that the growth rate could be falling dramatically from above 7% to around 5% in 2020. (Representational image) News

We must rethink our climate plan

When every breath we take is toxic, we know we have a crisis that needs to be fixed. We also know climate change is not an empty threat any more. It is real. It is happening

Today, we all understand the imperative and the sheer desperation of the crisis. News

Demonising data results in, PM Modi being even more cut-off

A very large number of reputed economists/statisticians have said, after the GDP series was re-based some years ago, that they found the sudden jump in GDP growth quite unbelievable—the 7% growth, t

Demonising data, data result, Modi, narendra modi, Manmohan Singh,NSSO, NSSO report, gdp News

Climate change in a financial crisis, too

Financial institutions, from banks to insurers to asset managers, face climate-related risks that go far beyond the issue of social responsibility. One way or another—be it through natural disasters

Climate change, financial crisis, America, financial system, production gap, financial gap,  coal, oil, gas, investment News

Delhi govt needs to check its performance before deciding to take over schools over fee hike

An analysis of Delhi budget 2018-19 numbers by Praja Foundation shows that the average annual per student spending at Delhi government schools was Rs 75,056.

Delhi govt, performance, fee hike, Delhi High Court, fee hike protest, delhi News

Fixing deposit insurance: Charge different premium depending on bank quality

Since not all commercial banks are as sound as HDFC Bank, say, and they too will have to pay higher deposit insurance, this will also give them an incentive to improve their functioning.

fix deposit, insurance, different premium, bank quality, RBI , DICGC, SBI News

The real mainstream: Hydrogen or electric vehicles?

Currently, both electricity and hydrogen are produced from fossil fuels. Most hydrogen is produced by natural gas, while power is produced by burning coal and natural gas. Studies done in India indica

Hydrogen vehicle, electric vehicle, Delhi NCR, Niti Aayog, infrastructure  News

How long will Delhi gasp for breath?

The Kharif paddy crop sowing cannot be advanced—the existing Preservation of Subsoil Water Act in Punjab and Haryana can’t be relaxed because of a fast depleting water table (studies say it is red

Delhi, Delhi pollution, Delhi pollution news,  Delhi pollution news, Diwali, stubble burning News

Gold standard for gold in India

With more accredited refiners and an increase in the scale of operations, there will be stronger reasons for opening the Indian gold mining sector. Domestic bullion banks get to structure a financing

Gold, gold in India, Gold price,Gold rate, Gold price today,Gold rate today, GDP, Turkey  News

Time for India to move away from larger sob-stories of falling employment

It’s time India moves away from the larger sob-stories of falling/stagnating employment, towards where the light and dark spots are, and what they reveal about a rapidly-changing economic structure

India economy, economy news, employment, falling employment rate, NSS, PLFS, employment news, employment news 2019 News

MPs missing the meeting on Delhi pollution violated trust of citizens

Crucially, three of the five commissioners of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, and even the Union environment, forests and climate change joint secretary were absent—the ministry had sent a deput

MP, Delhi pollution, trust of citizens, Gautam Gambhir, Delhi pollution news, Delhi pollution today News

India needs a central coordinator for its cybersecurity ops

While the Stuxnet attack by the US, affecting nuclear reactors in Iran, spelled out the necessity of cyber defence systems, most countries have since followed a need-based approach to cybersecurity.

India, cybersecurity ops, cybersecurity, cybersecurity news, Kundankulam, Kundankulam attack News

Demonetisation bump over, taxman needs a new plan, quickly

The number of individuals declaring an annual income of over one crore rupees in FY18 was 97,689 according to the latest data; while this is a 20% increase over the number in the previous year, the nu

Demonetisation, tax, tax filing, GDP, GDP growth, tax buoyancy News

Dialling revival: Telecom needs another great migration

Easy payment terms at NPV will keep the full liability on the books, and is just a postponement of the evil. Moreover, a multi-sided remedy is required since any one-sided relief package would inevita

Telecom sector, Telecom industry, Telecom news, Telecom companies, Telecom india, Telecom policy,  News

The PC sweet spot: Friction-free computing could become the standard

Asus, showcased a bunch of new laptops and gaming computers powered by AMD’s Ryzen processors. What caught my attention was the fact that even the entry-level devices from the company were thin and

laptop, desktop, pc, processor, ASUS India, IDC, ASUS  News

Govt’s online single window system is geared towards Ease of Doing Business

‘Nivesh Mitra’, the online single window system has been designed after performing a thorough stakeholder feedback to create a complete packaged solution for the industries and more importantly, t

Ease of Doing Business, uttar pradesh, Ease of Doing Business index, Ease of Doing Business india, Ease of Doing Business india rank,  News

RCEP: Redefining India’s trade in services agenda

There were several reasons why India has been disillusioned with the terms of the RCEP agreement, one of which is that the RCEP participating countries (RPCs) are not committing adequately to trade in

RCEP, RCEP india, RCEP news, RCEP 2019, India, trade deficit, RCEP agreement News

BBC Studios elevates Ryan Shiotani and Fiona Lang to general managers for APAC operations

Ryan Shiotani is currently working as acting SVP, branded services, Asia, while Fiona Lang is the COO for ANZ

Jon Penn appoints Ryan Shiotani and Fiona Lang as general managers News

Good judgement: CJI Bobde is right, National Judicial Service cadre is in national interest

Even the Constitution (Forty-second Amendment) Act 1976 inserted an “all-India judicial services” provision into Article 312. Besides, local judicial services have not delivered in the desired man

CJI, SA Bobde, National Judicial Service cadre, national interest, new cji, new chief justice, supreme court News

Govt is big telecom loser, over 1.7 lakh crore of payments at risk if Vodafone Idea folds

Another Rs 28,303 crore is at risk if Vodafone Idea folds up, and the balance Rs 32,655 crore is from companies like RCom and Aircel that are already in the insolvency courts.

Govt, telecom loser, payment, Vodafone Idea, Nick Read, AGR due, telecom sector, telecom news, telecom companies, telecom industry, telecom india News

Pushing exports: India must rethink trade policy

While the trade policy mandarins of the GoI will look for solutions, the message is clear—time is up for dole-outs for promoting exports, and competitiveness of exports must be driven by quality.

export, import, India, trade policy, Foreign Trade Policy, FTP, EPCG, export promotion capital goods, WTO, GST, india trade policy News
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