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What India needs to do amid oil uncertainty in the Covid world

What if prices fall so low that it makes no commercial sense for ONGC/OIL to expend public resources on high-risk, high-cost exploration? What if relations between India, Pakistan and China take an ugly turn? What if domestic problems at supplier countrie
The oil market is in no man’s land. Few speak with conviction about its future trajectory. News

Social security: Digital platform on which govt on-boards all existing PDS outlets is needed

A digital platform on which government on-boards all existing PDS outlets is needed.

JAM trinity notwithstanding, the country doesn’t have a quick-fix solution to expand the coverage of food, health cover or emergency financial assistance to the vulnerable and in need. News

New working world: How a virus killed job descriptions

The virus has been our cue to shed norms of the past and old versions of job descriptions may well be one of them.

Crisis transformation has exposed the unnecessary in so many ways, and among the many HR-related outcomes of the coronavirus, one casualty is this. News

China-India conflict this time will be part of global Cold War

This time the China-India confrontation will not be an isolated affair with India friendless as in 1962. It will be part of a global (hopefully) Cold War.

He has effectively abrogated the treaty with the United Kingdom wherein China had promised to maintain a special status for Hong Kong under the 'one country, two systems' principle. News

Supreme Court must not flinch from its duty, not ever: P Chidambaram

The point of this column is that the Supreme Court's resolve to be the sentinel on the qui vive will be tested again and again. The Court must not flinch from its duty, not ever.

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Carry that weight! Ditch the tour bag, get a push cart for golf riding

Was it Jack Nicklaus who said that golf punishes those who don’t practice? This lockdown has taken the wheels off my game, and from the comical array of shots I’ve been seeing on the golf course,

Golf courses around the world have opened or are in the process of reopening. News

Covid-19 lessons for school education

Countries should empower schools to proactively develop an Education Continuity Plan (ECP) and the Proactive Risk Mitigation Model (PRMM).

Globally, 1.5 bn students are impacted, of which 830 mn do not have requisites for online schooling. News

Coronavirus crisis and Central Asia’s diverse responses

Real economic challenges are yet to come, and Central Asian govts must be prepared beforehand.

Having recognised the Covid-19 threat early on, some of Central Asia’s governments were slow to prepare for the coronavirus’s eventual arrival. News

Twitter comes up trumps, or does it?

Rubbishing Trump’s anti-Twitter stance is easy, but social media is inherently biased, and fixing that is going to be tough.

Fact-checking is important, but the moment a platform becomes the arbiter of the truth—to use Mark Zuckerberg’s term—it becomes problematic. News

Covid-19 crisis for startups: Innovating to survive, and then thrive

The Covid-19 crisis has severely affected the indian start-up ecosystem; but many start-ups are using it as an opportunity to grow their businesses.

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Funny business: World bitten by the ‘make corona a money-spinner’ bug

The Covid pandemic is forcing companies and economies to woo demand far harder than usual to make money.

Japan has now clarified that it won’t pay half, but was considering subsidising only a “portion” of the costs incurred by a tourist within its territory. News

Globalisation at crossroads! What India needs to do to become globally competitive

Isolation under no circumstance is the prescription to economic resilience. Instead, countries, including India, need to make concerted efforts to improve efficiencies at all levels, be it sourcing, l

IMF estimates the world economy to fall by 3% in 2020, the Euro area (-7.5%) and the US (-5.9%) are likely to be the worst-hit whereas it has estimated growth of 1.2% and 0.5% for China and India, respectively. News

Covid-19 cases in India and fallacy of the floating numerator

When several countries are being compared during a pandemic, merely citing absolute numbers without any reference to the differences in their population sizes is erroneous and misleading.

Should case numbers be reported only as absolute numbers in international comparisons, without adjusting for differences in the population size of the countries? News

Covid-19 in India: SC wrong on migrants, and also on private hospitals

The first is the domain of Centre & states; if private hospitals make losses, the second will badly hit Covid treatment.

While it is nice to see a high authority coming down on governments for their lapses, it sets a dangerous precedent as this is clearly executive domain. News

Govt should provide relief to healthcare: Dr PC Reddy, founder chairman, Apollo Hospitals

Dr Reddy believes the country must be mindful of the galloping growth of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) crisis which is going to be another huge health burden.

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Relief for migrant labourers: Too late, too little

The govt’s measures for migrant workers won’t be of much effect. We must consider basic income transfers, otherwise we risk starvation due to indifferent public policy responses

The extension of the “great lockdown” as a response to the Covid crisis has entailed economic disruption, thereby intensifying the humanitarian crisis of inter-state migrant workers. News

Covid-19 crisis: UP sees sense on migrant workers, Maharashtra should too

A shortage of workers in one state or another could result in a spike in wage costs, throwing the economics of manufacturing or construction out of gear.

At a time when the economy is in dire straits, all CMs need to make sure companies are able to source affordable labour. News

Covid-19 crisis and India’s next government

The Covid crisis has politicised a new crop of leaders who are young, smart, and committed to the country

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Tracking Covid-19: Govt must add more features to drive Aarogya Setu adoption

Making Aarogya Setu open-source great for building trust, but the govt must add more features to drive adoption

On Tuesday, NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant tweeted that the Aarogya Setu library will be put on GitHub, and the app will be made open source. News

Battling Coronavirus outbreak: Covid-19 testing that is aligned with the times

In the current phase, testing should focus on community containment and reducing mortality. Increasing visibility on testing data is more important now than ever

As India moves into the top ten in the world in terms of number of cases, an inevitability given its large population, the question is where we go next. News

Coronavirus in India: Are big cities up to the Covid-19 challenge?

Even Mumbai is facing an uphill task & it is not clear others have created even a fraction of the new treatment capacity

And, this assumes that all non-Covid patients are kicked out of hospitals, which is quite unrealistic. News

Coronavirus vaccine: Real test would lie in the length of immunity

Falling infection rates in the UK could scuttle Oxford University’s SARS-CoV-2 vaccine trial

For this purpose, at least a critical number of trial subjects need to contract SARS-CoV-2 infection. News

‘Aatmanirbhar’ package for agriculture: Sowing half-reforms

While the government deserves credit for announcing agri-reforms that have long been in the making, these may remain halfway measures as it has refrained from biting the bullet on truly freeing up th

No stock limit shall apply to processors or value chain participants, subject to their installed capacity, or to any exporter, subject to export demand. News

Rs 20 lakh crore Covid-19 relief package: Missing demand

The package has a large role for RBI, with 40% of the amount mentioned being provided as liquidity by the central bank.

The advantage this time is the government’s assertion that Rs 3 lakh crore of SME loans will be guaranteed by the sovereign—this should enable banks to lend, though the fine print on this is yet to be revealed. News
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