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Climate Change: The world depends on a low-carbon India

As the world confronts a changing climate, India is a crucial unknown, and its decisions could either doom global efforts to curb climate emissions or jumpstart them
They developed several policies and laws related to DRE since it prioritised renewable energy at the national level in 2008.

NASA is right, space-faring nations will have to assume greater responsibility over the re-entry of their space objects

China’s Long March fiasco—the Chinese space agency “lost control” of its largest rocket, the Long March 5B, and upon re-entry, the rocket burned up and fell as debris—has invited censure fro

Chinese Rocket debris, NASA, Long March 5B, rocket debris landing at Maldives, fragment in the low-Earth orbit, Salyut 7, space junk, uncontrolled reentry

Second Wave of Covid-19: What we must do now?

National leadership has to have a war-room, comprising top medical experts, corporate leaders, logistics players, etc, to deliver at the last mile

Covid-19 Second Wave: Be proactive, not reactive

The Lancet is right, fire-fighting isn’t sound pandemic response

This needs to be then followed with bolstering healthcare infrastructure and other capacity.

Free Covid-19 vaccine from the patent trap

The US does well to lend its weight to temporarily waiving off vaccine IPR, EU and other rich countries must join it

The industry body said it is cognizant that with the rising COVID-19 cases in India and other developing nations, there is an urgency to rapidly-produce greater quantities of COVID-19 vaccine.

Across the Aisle: Modi versus Didi and other battles, writes P Chidambaram

The comforting truth is that there are stable governments in the four states with the winning side having got an absolute majority and the losing side a respectable number to sit in the State Assembly

Relatives of a Covid-19 patient carry oxygen cylinder outside a government-run hospital in Jammu AP

As the curtain falls on the IPL 2021, there’s a lesson for BCCI to learn

The Emirates Cricket Board is always willing to host the IPL in the UAE. In fact, it feels like that their readiness is just a phone call away.

Once the bio-bubble arrangements were made in India, it was well-nigh impossible to shift the IPL out to the UAE.

Trauma and heartbreak: Delhi’s darkest days, writes Coomi Kapoor

The continuous wail of ambulance sirens throughout the night, WhatsApp groups and social media flooded with desperate pleas for help in getting a hospital bed, oxygen cylinders, remdesivir, plasma et

A regular flow of obituaries in the newspapers reminding us that many of yesteryear’s newsmakers were also victims.

Government must get it right on oxygen supply

SC foregrounds the Centre’s poor planning; need to emulate best practices gleaned from states

oxygen, covid

Relieving Labour’s Pain: Larger MGNREGA allocation, social security scheme needed

he Union government will need to make larger allocations to MGNREGA while PDS and Jan-Dhan can be used to mitigate immediate pain.

During the lockdown, 61% of working men remain employed and 7% lost employment while only 19% of women workers remained employed while a whopping 47% suffered a permanent job-loss at the end of 2020.

In Ceres: There’s a lot of buzz around space tourism market

The buzz on space tourism is getting louder, this time with lot of traction on the investment and technology fronts

While sceptics believe true space tourism is not just decades, but may be a century or two away, given the need to perfect every link of the chain, and not just lodging.

Fight Covid with compulsory licensing

If patents continue to determine global access to vaccines and drugs, then fighting Covid-19 will remain a distant dream for most countries

For India, there is little option other than authorising compulsory licences.

Managing FX risks on imports

While the premiums are, in general, higher than the average depreciation, they are substantially lower than the worst depreciation (to tenor) that we have seen over the past 10 years

Sinking Feeling: Loss of land-ice will have devastating consequences

The warming trajectory under the current climate pledges will cause ice-melt to raise ocean levels by 25 cms by 2100

The impact of the rise in sea levels should be obvious.

Don’t force fee-cuts: SC order to Rajasthan pvt schools will foster more such demands

The SC did well to protect the autonomy of the private schools. But, by asking them to cut fees for services not utilised, it has thrown private schools into uncharted waters.

While the apex court noted that, with schools closed for over a year now, running and overhead costs of maintenance would have come down, schools have had to train teachers for online teaching, generate online teaching material, buy software subscriptions to prop the IT infrastructure needed for conducting classes online.

Supreme Court right in finding no merit in Maratha quota

SC does well to rule dominant castes can’t lay claim to special benefits, stress 50% cap on quotas is constitutionally recognised

Over the past three decades, post the landmark Indra Sawhney judgement of 1992, some community or other has managed to win itself a quota—with government support—making mockery of merit.

Power Vision: What is missing in the draft national electricity policy

The draft NEP has ambitious goals for renewable power, but getting there rests on the shoulders of private sector; states have repeatedly tripped the latter

The government has constituted a committee that would finalise the draft NEP which has been circulated after seeking views of stakeholders.

Own Goal: Though Madras HC should have avoided its caustic remarks on ECI, the latter did itself no credit by seeking a media-gag

ccording to Care Ratings chief economist Madan Sabnavis, West Bengal’s increase in cases over April put its share in the overall cases of country 2.4 ppts higher than it was in March—and Uttar Pra

In fact, the context in which the Madras HC made the observations show the ECI quite poorly.

Atmanirbhar Bharat & the informal sector

Reconciling the hand-to-mouth existence of units in the informal sector with their stipulated globally competitive role in the Atmanirbhar Bharat is a Herculean task

It requires infusion of capital to ensure enhanced labour productivity and higher wages.

RBI’s latest moves should help buffer small businesses against impact of second Covid wave, but much rests on banks

Bankers must be relieved the Governor hasn’t asked them to offer borrowers a moratorium on the repayment of interest and principal.

To try and facilitate credit flows in staying strong, Das, on Wednesday, announced measures that will help keep the liquidity in the system more abundant than it already is.

Sebi’s formula to monitor fund-houses needs a tweak

Linking fund-managers’ pay to schemes’ performance is good, but the current formula may be too complicated to implement

Ajay Tyagi has been an excellent SEBI chairman; he has been strict with fund-houses and brought them to book when needed. His latest rule linking compensation to performance is a good one, he just needs to tweak it a little.

Forget herd immunity targets for Covid-19 vaccines: Variants have queered the pitch, target universal vaccination

To vaccinate large numbers—indeed, for universal vaccination cover—the Centre and the states must make the vaccine accessible, even free, for the economically weaker sections.

This has meant India is meeting only a small fraction of its target on sample-processing for genomic analysis.

Early numbers for India Inc’s March earnings season indicate fairly good performance, but second surge casts a pall

Revenues have grown smartly on the back of better volumes and strong realisations—two-wheeler makers, for instance, have raised prices and also sold a better mix of products.

To be sure, the sample is heavily stacked in favour of well-performing IT companies, but others haven’t done too badly either.

For solar atmanirbharta, rethink duties

A CEEW-CEF analysis shows India can achieve greater self-reliance in solar manufacturing through time-bound application of BCD at much lower rates—around half of the ones announced

If we assume identical capacity utilisation, this gap narrows to 22%.
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