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Illiberal Left: Kerala govt booked 119 since 2015 for objectionable posts against CM

While some of the posts included death threats and casteist slurs—where it can be argued that there was legitimate cause for action—there are a good many instances where the state government has acted against individuals for just critical or unflatter
Kerala govt booked 119 since 2015 for objectionable posts against CM News

Evaluating Mintzberg’s 10 schools of thoughts for strategy formulation

Mintzberg is a globally-acclaimed academician and author on business and management. The model describes each school in strategic perspective and provides a critical viewpoint; it acts as a good overv

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Why India should prefer the preferential trade agreement with Iran

As per ITC Trade Map UN Comtrade, crude oil import increased from 148 million tonnes in 2009 to 225.5 million tonnes in 2018, rising at 4.8% per annum.

Opinion News

Dispelling falsehoods about GM crops

What India can learn from the Philippines, which set up a Biotech Program Office in 2000 to promote the responsible use of agri-biotechnology to sustain food security

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Life’s a beach: America’s prettiest golf course puts its game face on for US Open

For the game’s aficionados, Pebble Beach’s history is inextricably interwined with the US Open—a tournament it’s hosting for the sixth time.

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Rahul Gandhi disappears again leaving Congress shell-shocked

Rahul Gandhi has reportedly gone abroad and is not planning to return till June 19 when the swearing in of the new MPs is complete.

rahul gandhi resignation News

Nirmala Sitharaman has inherited economy with slow growth and worrying fiscal situation: P Chidambaram

The former chief economic adviser, Dr Arvind Subramanian, has cast a shadow on the growth numbers and has, in a way, concurred with the long-time critics of the methodology employed to calculate the G

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Why India must respect international arbitration

India’s 3-crore-plus pending cases in various courts, and the decades it takes to get justice, is both a source of immense hardship for those unlucky enough to have legal trouble as well as one of t

While the government-Supreme Court standoff is seen as one of the reasons for this, it is just a small part of the picture. News

National Medical Commission Bill: Time is right to end reliance on stop-gap medical watchdogs

The NMC Bill, as was presented in Parliament, was not without points of concern, but it still was a radical change from the past—it was designed to bring in experts from non-medical domains that hav

The MCI was reconstituted in 2013 after the BoG's term ended (Representational image) News

Energising Employment: Renewable energy sector created 11 million jobs in 2018

Asia accounts for 60% of the total global employment generated, with China generating the highest—around 39% of the total global employment.

The report says that 32% of the new jobs because of renewables growth went to women. News

Reinterpreting GDP growth: Is it possible that no one knew about over-estimation?

GDP revisions undergo revisions, around the world, of 10-50 basis points, but a revision of 250 bp, annually, is unheard of

The second point relates to GDP revisions involved with the base-year change from 2004-5 to 2011-12. News

India and WTO: Immediate removal of export subsidies would hurt country

Immediate removal of export subsidies would hurt India, eight-year phase out period under special and differential flexibilities must stay

India’s textile exports crossed the 3.25% mark in 2010 News

Where are the jobs? Explained through graphs

The Periodic Labour Force Survey conducted by the NSSO shows that, of India’s labour force of 487 million, about 458 million are gainfully employed—i.e. 29 million of the labour force is unemploye

A host of factors are likely responsible, from improved rural infrastructure to availability of credit. News

US-China relations: After tariffs and Huawei, will Hong Kong be the next flashpoint?

Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong say that the US Congress should reconsider the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. They also hope that the US-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992 is re-evaluated, w

Hong Kong’s critics fear this will erode Hong Kong’s judicial independence, and fear China’s opaque legal system and capital punishment. (Illustration: Rohnit phore) News

Derivatives no different from an axe or matchstick – depends on how we use it

Having a big domestic market for derivatives furthers the goal of an international financial hub. Liquidity brings more liquidity.

No single derivative type might suit every business and every requirement, just as a single pre-determined strategy would not serve every military situation (Illustration: rohnit phore) News

How resource overuse has now put us on the brink of collapse in many sectors

The policy requires full assessment of all measures proposed to improve efficiency, to ensure that their social and environmental impacts are also net positive.

Inputs to it, through the forthcoming phase of public consultation, must lead to it formalising systemic approaches such as adoption of circular economy practices News

Elections 2019: Drifting of Jatav SC shows Mayawati’s BSP losing its core votebank

Its failure to win in Jatav SC-dominated constituencies proves that BSP no longer holds SC votes.

This was an inflection point, after which non-Jatav SCs gradually drifted away from voting only for BSP to also choosing national parties. News

NEET 2019 shows after a certain level quota is becoming irrelevant

Some have argued that the such a large chunk of reserved category candidates clearing the general category cut-off gives lie to the merit argument used to criticise the reservation policy.

Amongst the successful reserved category candidates, 80% cleared the general category cut-off (Representational image) News

Aadhaar Act: eKYC for banks, mobiles good, now fintechs must also comply

In the event, Aadhaar authentication was to be used only for availing government subsidies, but it couldn’t be used for compulsorily linking with bank accounts or as a KYC for getting a mobile phone

The government has now approved an amendment to the Aadhaar Bill that allows voluntary use of Aadhaar for banks and mobile phones News

Why Bihar’s new law to punish children for abandoning elderly parent won’t work

The Bihar government will do well to understand that punitive action for abandonment is not going to solve the problem

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar News

GDP estimation: System not perfect, but it’s better than one based on annual surveys

The working paper mentions the National Statistical Commission (NSC). The seeds of NSC were sown by the C. Rangarajan Commission in September 2001. Many people may have forgotten what this report said

What happened in January 2015 was more than a base year change from 2004-05 to 2011-12. There was a switch from GDP at factor cost to GVA News

How this model can significantly reduce risk of companies by identifying rupee’s behaviour in advance

On balance, the model produces significant savings in cost with contained risk; importantly, it can also enable companies to increase their tenor of risk identification

Digging deeper into the averages, we found that on a 6-month basis, the ` fell less than the premium (including appreciating significantly many times) as often as 58% of the time News

IL&FS case: Govt gets tough with auditors, at last

It is not just auditors & raters that got it wrong in IL&FS, so did RBI and other regulators. Govt needs to fix its rules and there has been little or no action on reports of siphoning funds by using

PWC is the latest to resign, as an auditor of Reliance Capital and Reliance Home Finance. News

Effective grievance redressal body in healthcare system need of the hour

Although the proposed National Medical Commission Bill, which creates a body to replace the MCI, has several progressive clauses on regulation of malpractice and misconduct by hospitals, it is still h

A 2016 Parliamentary Committee report notes that just 109 doctors had been indicted by the MCI’s Ethics Committee between 1963-2009 News
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