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IBC is good, tweaks can make it better

The conflict between the sanctity of the insolvency resolution process and maximising value must be sorted out
The Mumbai NCLT bench, for instance, recently alerted the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal that the price that Vedanta paid for Twin Star was uncannily close to the liquidation value. Some checks and balances are clearly needed.

Fighting human trafficking meaningfully

This will need accounting for the ‘economics’ of the crime. The proposed law does this with penalties and asset-seizure clauses

human trafficking

To make India a start-up nation, open doors for Indian capital

Domestic capital looking to invest in the start-up sector still faces many hurdles, including from tax policy

By the year 2025, India will host 100,000 start-ups and 150 unicorns, cumulatively supporting 35 lakh jobs, and creating $1 trillion of value and possibly seeing another $150-200 billion being invested cumulatively.

Voda-Idea collapse a warning to investors

India’s investment-lucrativeness is greatly dulled by it, telecom market and infrastructure will suffer if the firm exits

As for the country’s reputation as an investment destination, it is in shreds.

Grit and glory, but gold?

India needs far larger investment in sports than it sees currently

However, despite the grit and gumption, gold (and more silver and more bronze) still eludes, Olympics after Olympics, championship after championship.

Revenue picture robust, govt must trim fuel levies

Given there’s been no direct stimulus—and likely none coming—high fuel taxes and their impact on inflation are unconscionable

Going by the current trend, most economists expect the collections to be at least 12-13% higher.

Food-inflation a result of short-sighted policies?

The intermittent invocation of the Essential Commodities Act, especially for pulses in recent months, illustrates this

As per government estimates of production, availability does not appear to be an issue as production of major agricultural commodities has increased since last year.

Kerala’s Covid concern: State’s test positivity rate is now inching upwards

The state can’t afford to let its guard down, like it did during Eid

It will have to keep up the momentum on this. Meanwhile, the testing and tracing excellence it has become synonymous with needs to be maintained.

No ‘normalisation’ just yet

While monetary policy normalisation is inevitable, it is unlikely to begin before the December policy meeting.

Even after the normalisation process, the policy rate will likely remain below pre-pandemic levels, while the liquidity surplus would be higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Getting real about REER and exports

While a depreciating rupee helps boost India’s export competitiveness, rising inflation threatens to undermine it

During the same period, the rupee has fallen by more than 350 bps. Higher REER meant exports were more expensive in FY20, and imports were cheaper—as compared to FY21.

A tryst with destiny? Fulfilling pledges made to the nation in 1947 will need reform of food subsidy policy

India’s public grain management system of procurement, stocking and distributing, is perhaps the largest food programme in the world. It is also the most expensive, inefficient, and corrupt, system,

But many Leftists disputed the poverty line, and then the C Rangarajan committee estimated HCR poverty at 29.5% in 2011.

Beyond Periodic Labour Force Survey numbers, labour outlook is bleak

PLFS findings notwithstanding, the number of Indians earning a decent wage in the years to come may be smaller than before


Medicine that doesn’t work: Higher quotas mean lower chances of India being a medical power

The actual numbers may seem small, but given there are just 85,000 UG and 55,000 PG medical seats in the entire country, the pool for merit shrinks significantly.

However, the timing is also extremely important, given the assembly elections in six states, including Uttar Pradesh, next year. Bear in mind, OBCs constitute a significant proportion of UP’s population.

Navjot Singh Sidhu vs Amarinder Singh: The new steel in the Congress spine is reportedly courtesy Prashant Kishor

Though Kishor was originally Amarinder's appointee, he nevertheless warned the Gandhis that despite the CM's stature, Sidhu was gaining traction with the public by raising popular issues.

Though Kishor was originally Amarinder's appointee, he nevertheless warned the Gandhis that despite the CM's stature, Sidhu was gaining traction with the public by raising popular issues.

Across the Aisle: Business only with governments, writes P Chidambaram

The four words are in a written communication of the NSO Group, the creator and owner of the malevolent spyware named Pegasus.

A man holds Hungary's PM Viktor Orban’s poster during a protest against the Hungarian government for using Pegasus spyware to monitor journalists, opposition leaders and activists in Budapest, Hungary (Reuters photo)

The weight of expectations: The backlash Simona Biles faced from certain quarters in her own country was sort of expected

Five years ago at Rio de Janeiro, Biles was the star of the Olympics, spearheading the USA women gymnastic team to their third successive gold medal. She went on to annex three more individual gold me

“We’re human beings, nobody is perfect. It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to go through ups and downs and emotional roller coasters. I felt like I was carrying, as Simone said, the weight of the world on my shoulders. It’s a tough situation.”

Growth Factor: A question of credit delivery

Boosting credit flows, especially from banks, is needed If India is to see sustained growth; The need is to address the root causes constricting pvt sector capex

Fourth, a facet of credit offtake is the link with bank deposits, which is reflective of financial savings (household, corporate and central and state governments).

The world should be India’s playground: In global race for emerging tech, Corporate India can’t afford to be left behind

Perhaps there’s a sense that the domestic tech scene represents the ‘low-hanging fruit’, but Indian corporates can and should broaden their horizons internationally.

But despite the common growth story, there is a significant difference in the focus between Israeli and Indian tech companies. (Representative image)

More evidence that markets don’t work

If it did, frontline workers—healthcare professionals, gig-workers, logistics workers, etc— would have been paid better, not merely applauded during the pandemic. Thankfully, in the West, the tren

The truth is the only thing it reduces is corporate profits; the flip-side is that it increases growth significantly in the largely consumer-spending driven economies we have today.

Caring for the elderly: More facilities needed, rope in institutions like places of worship

Abandonment, as defined by the new Bill, will invite a longer jail term than provided for by the 2007 Act.

The Bill also proposes to do away with the Rs 10,000-ceiling for maintenance amount payable to parents, keeping view the fact that the amount needs to reflect the needs of the parents and the capabilities of the children. (Representative image)

SEBI must correct stand on superior voting rights

The intent may be to make it easier for new-age tech firms to list in India, but the bearing on corporate governance outweighs this


Renegotiating FTAs: India and the European Union

There is a significant untapped potential to expand India-EU bilateral trade relation through an FTA

For this to happen, regulatory barriers in cross-border supply as well as provision of services through temporary movement of professionals will need to be addressed.

Listen to Tesla, Hyundai on duties: Some duty relief for a temporary period would be a nice gesture & benefit India in long run

Investors like Tesla can make a big difference to the ecosystem, and if the government is serious about the environment and promoting clean energy, it should be willing to give up some revenue.

Kim’s case is that companies need time to localise production of components and, until then, imports could help generate some demand for EVs.

Greening coal-based power: Govt must seriously mull over shutting old, polluting plants

The government (both states and the Centre) must summon the political will to act against inefficient coal-based plants.

So, in a perverse way, the worse polluters will be allowed to pollute for longer.
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