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India needs to focus on TB cases going unreported

Globally, there were 484,000 incident cases of MDR/RR-TB, India accounted for ~50%. However, India has enhanced its registration, and saw notifications double to two million in 2018.
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Explained: India’s economic slowdown and growth projections

Various indicators show that the economic slowdown is deeper than expected, and a sustained recovery may take several more quarters unless demand revives.

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Through the looking glass: Housing needs a stronger mortgage market

A house is not merely a place to live and build a life, it is also one of the most significant assets of the family. An investment in a house roots a family to a location, giving them a significant st

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The upside to Facebook’s Libra disaster

To avoid this kind of outcome, Facebook—whose stated goal with Libra is to offer affordable payment services and loans to people currently priced out of the financial services market—could have tr

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Good move to grant leading private engineering/ management schools greater autonomy

Private engineering/business schools belonging to category-1, apart from being eligible for grants without the requirement of inspections, will now be free to offer new courses, open research parks, i

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Skills university is great, but meaningful skilling effort needs much more

The stagnation of the ITIs didn’t occur only because services rapidly became the dominant sector of the Indian economy while the ITIs remained skilling factories for the manufacturing sector.

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Insure all bank deposits to retain depositor faith

According to SBI data, while 61% of bank accounts have deposits of under Rs 1 lakh—this is why the government doesn’t think the deposit insurance level has to be raised—these comprise just 7.8%

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Relevance of RCT can be explored in agricultural marketing policy research

Randomised control trials can be instrumental in assessing pre- and post-intervention of resource agencies towards capacity building of farmer organisations

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Rise of the Indian woman: Historical shift in higher education

PLFS must consider that the 15-29 years’ workforce could have seemingly shrunk because more are in school and college. In the 18-23 bracket alone, AISHE data demonstrates increased enrollment year-o

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Fielding experiments: Randomised control trials are no panacea

Nowadays, there have been many variations and extensions in the RCT methodologies. RCTs are conducted to measure comparative effects of a cause, i.e., a policy intervention randomly administered to a

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Fighting hunger: GHI, Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey findings point at a serious problem

The fact that India lags neighbours Pakistan and Bangladesh, despite a significantly higher per capita income, suggests the data on India’s hunger prevalence misses something.

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Delhi shutting down unrecognised schools is a bad move

Data from the Delhi Economic Survey 2018-19 shows that despite the Delhi government allocating a quarter of its budget to education, government schools lag the national average in terms of learning ou

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Can’t go the distance on education if online choked

Foolishly, we banned online education in 2015; the ban has now been lifted, but getting clearances is the problem

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Mine the gap: Policy paralysis eroding India’s mining potential

Delay in amending Section 8A (4) of the MMDR Act that allows auctioning of mines only on expiry of the lease period will disrupt mineral supply from captive mines

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Waiting for return: Structural changes are not optional anymore

Most industries suffer from unduly high logistics cost as a big handicap on their return on equity since it dampens their net profit margins. Understandably this makes industries like textiles, leathe

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India needs to leverage technology to make roads safer

Several modern-day equipments are getting institutionalised between the central and state administrations, many emerging mechanisms will soon see the light of the day.

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Economic growth in a critical phase, time to worry if contagion from financial sector to the real sector is spreading

With credit multiplier staying weak, it is time to worry if contagion from the financial sector to the real sector is spreading

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Giving away FCI grains as aid a temporary solution; price support and PDS reforms key in long-term

Unless the Centre considers reforming its MPS and PDS policies, replacing them with, say, DBT for food and cost-support to farmers, respectively, India will keep facing this problem.

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To understand how badly govt policies are damaging the environment, we need a new development index

If we want leaders to consider how badly their policies are damaging the environment, we need a new development index

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Idea is to sift efficiency-enhancing pricing strategies from predatory pricing strategies

Allegations of new entrants or non-dominant firms indulging in predatory pricing may alternatively be evaluated in a manner similar to merger control.

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The right experiments: India should take pride in the evidence-based policy approach

Poverty is a major issue for a large part of the human geography with over 700 mn people being afflicted in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Fibre to the home: Shared fibre infrastructure is key

The govt should ease the creation of independent, fibre infrastructure company (-ies) to be used by service providers. This will make the business a low-cost proposition and encourage telecom players

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State of Indian economy: Q2 GDP could be worse

In which case, even a 6% FY20 growth could be at risk

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Education 2.0: Over-regulation is choking online learning potential

De-regulating online education will enable employers, universities, and students to combine apprenticeships, degrees, and learning in ways that are currently banned

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