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This is about politics, not farmer rights

Punjab’s farmers are the most pampered in India, yet their productivity is falling; in any case, MSPs not being phased out

Skills quotient: The key to accelerate skill development

Decentralisation has to be logically extended beyond designated district committees to gram panchayats

Supporting Education: Girls are more likely to bear the brunt of pandemic

New report shows girls are more likely to bear the brunt of the pandemic in terms of the hit to education

Production Linked Incentive Scheme: Unlocking untold possibilities

The PLI scheme is designed to be effective in implementation and predictable in results. It will help India create a significant chunk of the jobs it needs.

No time to tighten those purse strings

Large enough swathes of the economy remain in trouble, so increased government expenditure will remain critical


Fifth Column: We must never forget this grim anniversary

After 26/11 the lesson we have learned is that it is no longer about Kashmir. It is about harming India in every way possible.

Across The Aisle: Slow march backward

We live in a strange world where the President of communist China speaks eloquently on the virtues of free trade and globalisation and the President of capitalist United States speaks derisively of tr

Black And White: ‘America’s Son’ speaks candidly about racism

Maybe Tiger Woods will become the champion that America needs to face down its demons

Data drive: Slight respite in infection growth

Although daily infections have been falling and have stayed below 45,000 in the last week,the Centre has released stricter guidelines for the next reopening.

Covid-19: Will the promise of vaccines match the promos?

‘Science by press release’ may be good for value of developers’ stocks, but regulatory approvals & public-health use require rigorously gathered, honestly reported data

The different levels of protection observed in the two limbs of the trial involved an unplanned deviation from the original protocol and cannot be combined into a single point estimate of 70% efficacy.

McKinsey Report: Chilling news for India on global warming

McKinsey report paints a dire climate picture for India which it can’t escape without coordinated global action

India is doing admirably on climate action—a recent BofA report estimates the country to not just achieve its commitments under the Paris agreement but also to go past these, echoing the prime minister’s claim at the G-20 meeting.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Learn from AstraZeneca lapses

Tighten trial, manufacturing oversight and regulatory scrutiny

AstraZeneca has since disclosed that the separate regimens were a result of a manufacturing error—some vaccine vials used on subjects simply didn’t have the right concentration—which makes the manufacturing and trial administration oversight seem to be of questionable quality.

PCI’s directive on ‘foreign contents’ and its chilling effect on media freedom

The chilling effect this is likely to have on a free media doesn’t bode well for a healthy democracy.

The chilling effect this is likely to have on a free media doesn’t bode well for a healthy democracy.

Remembering Faqir Chand Kohli, father of Indian IT

Under FC Kohli, often described as the Henry Ford of IT services, TCS moved software development from an artisan-like activity to the industrial assembly line of a software factory

Kohli’s exposure to computing and commendable performance in Tata Electric (the fourth utility company in the world to use computing) was responsible for his almost forced deputation into TCS as GM by PM Agarwala, then director-in-charge of TCS.

Equal access to subsidies: Why not give LPG subsidies to a privately-owned BPCL?

What is not clear, either then or now, is why the government is uneasy about giving subsidies to customers of private entities.

After all, the amount of subsidy on petrol/diesel/LPG remains the same, whether it is sold through the oil PSUs or private firms.

Giving some teeth to independent directors

Having Independent directors on the board will remain mandatory. the way forward is to strengthen the system surrounding their appointment & functioning

This should be put on the websites of the stock exchanges for public comments for 21 days.

Online Dispute Resolution: Tech-ing justice delivery forward

Strengthen the existing legislative framework for alternative dispute resolution with amendments supporting online dispute resolution

With the burgeoning case-load in our courts, the time has now perhaps come to change this status quo.

Upholding Democracy: Europe’s Faustian bargain

Against a grim geopolitical backdrop, the EU recovery fund’s promise to reduce divisiveness in the governing council could not be more welcome.

Now more than ever, the EU’s commitment to the rule of law appears to be on the chopping block.

Business as usual? Adapting to the new normal

Business leaders are now prioritising management of supply chain risks, environment, social and corporate governance

Given the country’s position in the crusade against carbon emissions on the global turf, corporate India has always been a keen observer and even contributor to environmental reforms.

Rationalise GST rate structure to check GST fraud

... the GST rate structure must be rationalised and moved towards a two-rate structure, in addition to the tightening of the GST registration process

No wonder then that, in the meeting of the Law Committee of the GST Council held recently, a decision was taken to initiate systemic tightening of the GST registration process.

Strike Against New Labour Laws: Labour unions or labour aristocracy?

Trade unions can’t do much good if their membership is confined, as it is today, to a fraction of the working class

To that extent, the unions should have welcomed the changes in the labour laws since, if the state governments follow the Centre’s lead—less than a tenth of the country’s labour laws pertain to the central government—this can lead to a sharp increase in manufacturing once the current Covid-induced crash sorts itself out.

Aarogya Setu App: Releasing source code will build trust

India needs to follow the Singapore example for Aarogya Setu, release source code in its entirety

Now, a week after the government announced that it had released the source code of the app, some analysts have complained that the government has released only some non-operative parts of the code.

UP’s ordinance against so-called ‘love jihad’ is prone to misuse, can become a tool of harassment

Not only does this bring in arbitrariness—what will be acceptable as proof, what extent of ‘proof’ would be deemed enough?—it also vitiates against the principles of personal liberty.

Long-term impact of agricultural reforms: Rs 80,000-1,00,000 crore private investment, lakhs of jobs possible

The government’s agriculture reforms can potentially attract private investment of Rs 80,000-1,00,000 crore, and create employment for 15-20 lakh people. About Rs 93,000 crore is wasted every year d

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