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The policymaking dilemma: Even govt clarifications making some issues worse

After the huge furore following every third start-up in the country getting a tax notice over their angel-funding, the finance ministry issued a statement saying it would set up a panel with experts from the IITs and IIMs to sort out the issue.
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Taxation troubles faced by India: From digital taxation to experience with tax treaties

A collection of essays edited by Parthasarathi Shome is an illuminating read on some of the tax challenges we face today—from digital taxation to India’s experience with tax treaties and multilate

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24×7 power for all Indians: India catching with the concept of ‘one nation, one grid’

The issue of 34,000MW of financially-stressed assets continued to concern conventional generation sector in 2018.

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Data Drive: Decline in learning levels reveal shocking state of India’s school education system

The learning outcome of students at the elementary education level in rural India is showing gradual improvement.

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What’s in name? Earth Science Ministry may be renamed as Bharat Mata Mantralaya

Prithvi vigyan mantralaya simply won’t do when Bharat Mata means the world to minister Vardhan.

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Fiscal trouble: Fallout of lower tax revenues could hurt private investment and growth

Weighed down by lower tax revenues, empty non-tax revenue coffers and expenditure compression, the fiscal fallout could hurt private investment and growth.

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Not an ‘angel tax’, it’s a tax on investment from Indians!

The tax actively taxes investment purely on the basis of this being from Indian sources

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Broadband for all: Why we aren’t talking about the quality of digital infra?

If India invests in high-quality new optical fibre network, upgrade or replace existing defective cables, and lay bend- and pressure-resistant fibre cables to increase FTTH (fibre to the home) capabil

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Rythu Bandhu scheme: Is RBS a panacea to loan waivers?

With the 2019 Lok Sabha elections approaching, the government plans to offer a stimulus package in the form of agricultural investment support scheme and group insurance to farmers, which could otherw

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Financial education needs a paradigm shift, complex market needs better awareness

An RBS-like scheme at the national level, if planned, can be effective if FPCs are targeted to identify beneficiaries

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Devil in the details: Why the angel-funding notification won’t help much

Tax circular on angel funding doesn’t help much and, in any case, only applies where tax orders not passed.

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Lower taxes, quick permits the right niti on minerals

Even non-oil minerals account for 30% of imports, yet our levies very high and permissions time-consuming.

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Research first: How to make India a R&D force?

In 2016, data from the US’s National Science Foundation (NSF) shows India overtook Japan as the fourth-largest producer of science and engineering (S&E) research. Between 2003 and 2016, India’

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Controversy over latest SC appointments show how opaque the collegium system still is

The fact that one of the four judges who sought greater probity from the then Chief Justice Dipak Misra should himself face similar demands—albeit in a matter where the lack of transparency is insti

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Rural distress: Farm sector needs an Amul-like solution

For tackling farm distress efficiently, all links in the value chain—from input procurement to mandis—need to function well. Else, the farm-sector Rut continues.

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Brexit debate: Theresa May’s humbling offers a ray of hope

May promised to reach out to other parties in a “constructive spirit” to find a solution that has broad support. The 52-48 split in the 2016 referendum practically begged for a consensus-driven so

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India’s loan conundrum points to a huge miscalculation on both sides of the transaction

The failure of a loan usually represents miscalculation on both sides of the transaction or distortion in the lending process itself, and India’s miscalculations and distortion in dealing with lendi

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The changing status quo of e-commerce

Last year was interesting for e-commerce, with companies expanding services, global expansions becoming a reality, consolidation playing out, and players being funded to create deeper pockets.

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Everything you need to know about the longest government shutdown in the US history

The partial US shutdown, which started on December 22, 2018, reached its 26st day on Wednesday, with no resolution in sight yet.

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Will PM Modi push farm reform through universal basic income?

The govt has wasted four years already, but can revolutionise both agriculture and fix subsidies if UBI is done well.

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Appropriate wage structure in remote areas will boost rural healthcare

Three boat ambulances launched to serve 33 tribal villages inaccessible by road in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra lying unused for two months.

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India must implement environmental blueprint unveiled last year

The year 2018 was full of declarations. In the country, some major policies and programmes were launched to tackle issues ranging from air pollution to plastic pollution.

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New agriculture export policy needed to double up farmers income by 2022

With disaggregated farm holdings, there exists a great deal of heterogeneity in a single product produced by different farmers. This indicates the need for developing effective pre-harvest linkages to

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