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Fashion Retail Baggit: Retelling the story

The homegrown bags and accessories brand has unleashed a two-year marketing plan in order to revamp and be more relevant

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The duopoly of digital giants: CEO of Vice India

With more audiences now online, brands as well as media and publishing houses need to think about audience-first content strategies created by their audience

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Facebook Creative Shop isn’t here to replace agencies, says Rafael Guida of the social media giant

Creative Shop is not a revenue generator; it actually costs Facebook money to run that department. Facebook’s revenues happen by selling media.

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Reaching India’s digital heartland

Indian language internet users are expected to reach 536 mn in 2021 and regional content creators are taking note.

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Bata: Spring in its step

Will the shoemaker’s recent revamp in India succeed in hitting the right notes?

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India’s truck drivers are burning out

A month-long research, covering over 1,000 truckers, was done by Kantar IMRB and Castrol India.

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Indulgence is Bengali food

If not in this profession, I would have been...Working in Sotheby’s or Christie's as head of Indian art and antiquities.

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What’s the impact of content marketing? Answer is here

Effective content has the art of making an impact on sales, but not without appropriate craft behind it.

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We are stable for the next 5 years, says Rajesh Kaul of Sony Pictures Networks

"FIFA World Cup is being played in Russia, so for Indian viewers it is going to be primetime. It is completely different this time."

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Raymond: Spinning a modern tale?

With e-commerce and more competition now than in its glory days, Raymond is taking steps to be contemporary for the man of today.

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Droom: In top gear mode

When one talks of pre-owned automobile marketplaces online, questions of quality and credibility are always a concern. Despite this, several portals are seeing traction in the space such as Droom, Car

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‘Swimming is my favourite workout’: Devendra Shah, Chairman, Parag Milk Foods

I am content with whatever I do at my job. The milk and dairy industry is my forte and very close to my heart. I am a person who likes exploring new opportunities.

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Brands try to score big at Fifa

Chinese smartphone brand Vivo has inked a six-year sponsorship deal with Fifa 2018 and 2022, as well as the Confederations Cup with an aim to become one of the top smartphone players globally.

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Gen Z and the content consumption game

This generation prefers accessing an enormous amount of information and branded content, and is against sharing or consuming fake news. Are M&E companies cued in to this consumer powerhouse?

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Of homes that run themselves

With brands looking to simplify consumer lives, home automation is a much bigger task than it might seem. It has a long way to go in the Indian market, especially for it to find takers in the mass seg

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‘Smart’ living

Smart home automation is a worldwide trend that is getting red hot at this moment with companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft putting in lots of effort for creating useful digital assistan

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‘We don’t think like other F&B companies’: Anuj Rakyan, Founder & MD, RAW Pressery

A so-called disruptor brand, RAW Pressery took on big packaged juices brands with its cold-pressed juices in 2013. Since then, the brand has ventured into other beverage formats as well.

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With an eye on the masses

Goodknight Cool Gel TVC’s simplicity stands out amidst competition.

Goodknight Cool Gel, Goodknight, Cool Gel News

Online forums and the quest for advertisers

Various portals online answer queries on myriad topics in the virtual world but is there enough room for everyone to survive? What can help rake in the ad dollars?

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‘Indulgence is South Indian food’: Arun Iyer, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas

I love the Napa Valley in San Francisco. I want to go to the North East of India.

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The rise of virtual assistants

There are Alexa devices like Echo, Tap and Fire TV Stick selling globally which respond to a voice command.

virtual assistants, Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, whatsapp News

Voice technology and brands

You can prompt the device to answer questions on any topic that you want, set reminders, play music and fiddle with the volume and literally do anything at just your voice command.

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Wagh Bakri: Everyone’s cup of tea?

The history of Wagh Bakri is unlike any other. Narandas Desai, who after leaving two tea estates in Durban (South Africa) after political unrest in the early 1900s, established Gujarat Tea Depot in Ah

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‘I would love to visit Bali again’: Suraj Nambiar, Managing Partner and Media Head, Tonic Worldwide

A chef for sure. Cooking, like advertising, allows you to showcase creativity.

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Getting the ‘brick to click’ journey right

But the brick to click journey is not easy for a sector that has forever obsessed with physical distribution and supply chain networks for deep market penetration.

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‘High quality branded content can underwrite journalism’: Lydia Polgreen, Editor-in-Chief, HuffPost

The strength of HuffPost is its independence to tell a story without any political or business interest.

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Dhara reboots to gain relevance

The premise of the ad film is a young woman having called her boss over for dinner with her family.

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