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‘We reach and engage with every sports fan’: Ramesh Kumar, VP — Head, ESPN India and South Asia

In a country where cricket is a religion, ESPNcricinfo, which celebrated its silver jubilee recently, has made several efforts over the years to bring the sport closer to fans across the country.

‘I dream of a horseback safari in Botswana’: Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Chairman and CCO, Soho Square

Here’s Looking at Euclid: A Surprising Excursion through the Astonishing World of Math. Believe it or not, I have a master’s degree in mathematics. I am revisiting the subject after a long spell t

Global creative review for Ford

After Volkswagen decided to review its global creative duties recently, Ford Motor Company is also treading a similar path and has initiated a creative review process in an aim to boost its marketing

The power of contextual analytics

The retail environment is undergoing a significant change with the proliferation of e-commerce, emergence of new digital channels, innovative payment platforms, etc.

Martin Sorrell departs from WPP

The 73 year-old founder of the advertising behemoth decided to step down immediately after the so-called investigations, regarding personal misconduct and misuse of company assets, concluded.

The era of the algorithm economy

As big data takes precedence in curating a marketing strategy, it is important for enterprises to stay cautious while venturing into the journey of data and algorithm strategy development

A heartwarming pitch for millennials

Samsung’s digital ad for its new line of refrigerators tries to woo working women

Responsible fashion: the need of the hour

The apparel industry is expected to reach approximately $223 billion by 2021 in india.

‘Gionee now invests majorly in influencer strategy’: David Chang, Global Sales Director, Gionee

Having been outmatched by stronger players such as Vivo and Oppo that fought for the smartphone market share with a far more aggressive approach and deeper pockets, Gionee is banking on its restructur

It’s raining stereotypical men

A balanced representation of the genders in advertising is an incomplete conversation if we only look at how women are represented. Men in ads are held up to similar (but not equal) standards and more

From ‘fashion-conscious’ to ‘conscious fashion’

A few fashion clothing retailers have taken deliberate steps towards creating environment -friendly, sustainable fashion. And here’s how it can make business sense

The modern day news hunt

With news organisations getting creative with how technology can help, the ways in which news is gathered and presented to the public are getting interesting, in-depth and in some cases, even interact

Out with the old, in with the new

Mobile phones have enriched prospects for journalists to report from the field.

Blue Star to unleash its ‘cool’ strategy

To mark the occasion, Blue Star will also roll out a new corporate campaign around the thought, Change your World.

‘I’m currently reading The End of Power by Moises Naim’: Vinit Karnik, Business Head, ESP Properties

I do hope to catch one of the expeditions to Antarctica next year.

The rise of smart devices

Once upon a time, in the galaxy we live in, we had a device called voice recorder — used when we were unable to take notes. A one-way memory device which reduced gaps between hearing and writing, be

‘We are not on a nostalgic trip’: Pekka Rantala, EVP, & Ajey Mehta, India Head, HMD Global

We want to have fun with our fans. We love many of our old Nokia phones and so do our fans. So every now and then, we take something special from the past — the classic design — and make it fresh

Frooti: betting on Alia Bhatt’s magic

Emotional With the latest Frooti campaign, the brand further builds resonance for #TheFrootiLife in line with the past campaign’s narrative.

Building transparency in digital ad buying

Issues like digital ad fraud or viewability miscalculations can be handled with closer ties to analytics, performance monitoring and third party verification.

Eliminating ambiguity on digital

Buying digital advertising is more complex and features many more links in the transactional chain than the (traditional) model it is rapidly replacing.

Of ‘aLL’ shapes and sizes

After cultivating its consumer base largely offline, aLL has rolled out a campaign to gather attention towards its online presence. Does it work?

Delivering news over digital: how ready are we?

India brings with it a large audience keen to consume news across various platforms. Are news broadcasters taking care of hygiene issues while aiming for a multi-platform approach?

“I genuinely can never get over Sholay’: Sneha Rajani, Deputy President & Head, Sony Pictures Networks Productions

In TV series, I can watch The Thorn Birds over and over again owing to my penchant for unrequited love stories, she said.

‘We want 50% stores in tier I and the other half, in tier II’: Janne Einola, CEO & Country Head, H&M India

Swedish fashion retailer H&M might be facing inventory issues in the US currently, but in India, the brand seems to be doing fine.

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Publicis Media has launched Commerce as its global practice dedicated to spearheading a comprehensive capability spanning commerce strategy, media and marketplace investment, as well as content and me

Facebook, and the big privacy breach. Again.

When news of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data leak broke, users of the platform knew they had been ‘sold’ as a product. Brands knew they could be caught in the cross fire.

‘I am fond of Louis Vuitton’: Rahil Ansari, Head, Audi India

It just amazes me how new cars from Audi can excite me time and time again, he said.

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