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Television’s Infinity Conundrum: Sudhanshu Vats

There are only three participants in our ecosystem —creators of content, content platforms and communities

Print gets to stay. As long as it adapts: Suprio Guha Thakurta

The smartphone, social media and news distribution beyond traditional are changing print industry economics

The e-commerce story has only just begun: Latif Nathani

E-commerce can help usher the informal economy into a formal financial architecture mode

We will see emergence of niche malls: BS Nagesh

Data mining and analytics will play such a vital role that many of the retailers may end up becoming concierges

Smart media solutions will be crucial: Anita Nayyar

Agencies who up their game and offer ‘smart’ services in real-time will draft the brand chart of new age businesses

Ad agencies need to bring back the creative spark: Satbir Singh

The ability to change, evolve or edit communications on-the-go will open up opportunities for modern agencies

Unlocking Incredible India’s mobile promise: Rohit Dadwal

Mobile is now integrated into other aspirational technology innovations, including wearables, droids, retail channel marketing, outdoor media, et al

Moving towards an era of connected devices: Lloyd Mathias

Brand messaging will be presented more through story-telling and by entertaining consumers via influencers

Pack of Truths

Packaging, in today’s cluttered shelf space environment, definitely plays a role in helping the brand stand out.

‘Packing’ a punch

Packaging needs to move beyond being an afterthought in the marketing mix. Some brands are finally waking up to the fact that packaging can have a very strong impact on sales at the last mile

How strong monsoon, festive season could help flexible packaging industry

Ad-dendum Rohan Patil: Is your choice of app apt?

Mobile app advertisers should look beyond the install for an effective marketing strategy

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FACE OFF: Allow users to select the ads they want to see on mobile, says Joshua Maa

After introducing the vision of ‘No mobile no marketing’ in 2010, Maa and his team is riding a new wave called ‘From mobile first to mobile most’. Your friendly neighbourhood social network, a professional networking platform for the ad, media and marketing fraternity, is turning one, and has plans to expand beyond Indian shores

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles: All scrambled up

Fiat is out with a new corporate commercial, stitching together its product portfolio for the car lover in you. Does it work?

The sum of the parts will always be greater than the individual: Kishore Jayaraman, President, Rolls-Royce

After Hours: Kishore Jayaraman, President, Rolls-Royce India and South Asia

A high definition revolution

HD channel penetration is on an upswing, continuously changing the balance between subscription and advertising revenues, especially since a lot of channels are yet strengthening their foothold within

high definition

‘Standalone HD content adds value’

The challenge for broadcasters is always about higher revenue realisation from their content investments. For distributors—be it cable or DTH...

An unconventional makeover

The contemporary wordmark and new identity for IDFC Bank targets both rural and urban consumers

idfc bank

Face off: I am not in favour of autoplay ads, says Meera Chopra

Getting people to pay for quality content rather than downloading a pirated version is the big challenge. Recharge value is obviously one of the biggest constraints”

Ad-dendum by Naresh Gupta: Shocking, Bizarre or Strategically Sound?

Often in being comical or strange or bizarre, brands lose their sense of context and then stand out like a sore thumb

Dos and don’ts’s latest ad allows women to set their terms and conditions for marriage without donning the rebel tag

‘The lines between work and fun are pleasantly blurred’

As an entrepreneur I get to transform my vision into reality and have the opportunity to innovate. What could be better than that?

How brands are using social media’s storytelling abilities

Brands have realised the significance of social media and its peculiar demands. Utilising the social channels’ storytelling abilities, they are creating an image of a more personal and reachable ent

social media

“With social media we are dealing with live storytelling skills”

Brands can never be social; it’s the idea which becomes social. It took a while for our marketers to figure this out.

Ad-dendum by Marzin Shroff: Bridging the offline-online gap

The digital domain can be used to make first contact with the consumers and then seamlessly moving the ‘discussion’ offline by connecting the prospect with the on-ground sales person

social media hate messages

Will a name change help Uninor as it tries to ride the value for money game?

Norway’s Telenor Group, which recently rebranded Uninor (its subsidiary in India) to Telenor India, plans on riding the value for money game


“We are positioning ADK Fortune as a challenger agency”

Launched in 2008, ADK Fortune was the result of a 50:50 joint venture formed between Japan’s ADK Group and WPP’s J Walter Thompson.

adk group
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