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  • fuel for fanatics, brandwagon, marketing cost to brands
    Fuel for ‘fan’atics

    From ordering pop culture merchandise from overseas to getting a wide variety in the Indian market at competitive prices, consumers now have lots of retail options to satiate their fandom.

  • The changing landscape of India’s animation and VFX

    India’s not-so-nascent-but-not-yet-mature animation industry has come a long way over the past few decades but it is still fraught with many challenges that need to be addressed.

  • Face off, Face off with Seema Arora, Seema Arora, Westlife Development plan, McDonald, food culture, food culture in India, BrandWagon
    Face off: Children will always remain our mainstay, says Seema Arora

    A lot of the effort is in the digital space which is where most of our consumers are. Digital gets a significant share of our communication spends. Digital spend is growing owing to OOH, whereas TV would be flattish.

  • Take 5, Subin Subaiah, CEO of Spuul, BrandWagon
    Take 5 with Subin Subaiah, global CEO of Spuul

    Subin Subaiah talks about himself. Know about his off beat interests.

  • power of authority, Review corner, two sides of coin, Jallianwala Bagh, Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Britishers
    Review corner: Two sides of the same coin

    Skoda’s new ad highlights the fact that power can turn a situation into something either beautiful or ugly; it really is just a matter
    of perspective.

  • Sky, TalkTalk, BT, Vodafone, broadband, broadband majors, UK consumers, broadband majors let down UK consumers, brand wagon, Google, hardware, software products, AI-powered hardware, Google PixelBook, Pixel 2 XL smartphones, Burger king, National Bullying Prevention, Bullying Prevention Month, National Bullying Prevention Month, Brand Wagon, KFC, food, non-veg food, snapchat, Instagram
    Around the world

    It is A well known fact that KFC blends 11 secret herbs and spices to make the fried chicken ‘finger-lickin’ good’.

  • fan of Golf, fan of football, Fernando Bustamante, CEO of Mahou India, Mahou India, I love my job
    I am a fan of golf and football, says Fernando Bustamante, CEO of Mahou India

    Having worked for a brewing company for the past 26 years — first in Spain and now in India — I will say that it has been a wonderful experience and I love my job!

  • Brandwagon 10th anniversary special issue, Brandwagon 10th anniversary, Brandwagon special issue, mobile telephony, Flipkart, Financial Express, Third Eyesight, Shahnaz Husain, VLCC, Biotique, smartphone streaming content, Sameer Nair
    Brandwagon 10th anniversary special issue: Decade of indispensable lessons for brands chronicled

    For BrandWagon’s tenth anniversary special issue (out with Financial Express today), we have a panel of 10 experts across various industries summarising the key learnings of the past decade.

  • Smartphone, SD cards
    OTT: We are just getting started!

    The ubiquitous smartphone streaming content of our choice is something we take for granted today. But turn back the clock just a few years and you will find that the story was very different.

  • brand controversies, activist stakeholders, Maggi experience, Maggi controversy, PR performance, brand PR performance, PR performance of brand, FMCG sector, fmcg industry, Samsung, Uber
    A decade of brand controversies

    Maggi, Samsung and Uber are brands that have dealt with crises in the recent past — can we infer a lesson or two from their experiences?

  • Wellness, Wellness industry, Wellness segment, Wellness brands, Wellness companies, healthcare sector, Ayurved, Baidyanath, Dabur, Himalaya, FMCG companies, FMCG sector, ayurvedic treatment
    Wellness: From lifestyle to an industry

    In recent decades, the dependence on established medical disciplines has begun to be challenged. With a gap emerging between wellness-seekers and the healthcare sector, the so-called ‘alternative’ options are stepping in.

  • Maruti Suzuki, Automotive Industry, SIAM
    The evolving Indian e-commerce story

    Let’s consider how the automotive industry, which was revolutionised by Maruti Suzuki in 1984, reached a size of $59 billion in 2016-17 and is growing at 5.4%, according to SIAM.

  • Entertainment content, Entertainment content in india, television, indian television, BARC ratings, KBC, Kaun Banega Crorepati, local drama series, international programmes, non-fiction entertainment, news, sports, music, Home TV, BITV, Jain TV, K-soaps
    Entertainment content: Television and beyond

    Imagine a single channel world — DD — that played local drama series, international programmes, non-fiction entertainment, news, sports, music and movies — and that too would shut down for one-three days in the event of a death of a head of state.

  • BARC, BARC India, TV homes, television industry, indian television, C&S connected, TAM, broadcasters, advertisers, problems of television industry, The Technical Committee, TechCom, TRAI
    Em’BARC’ing on a great voyage

    In 2005, India had about 65 million TV homes of which about 40 million were already C&S connected. Responding to the rapid growth of television viewers, broadcast businesses of every stripe were accelerating launches in every genre.

  • startup, startups in india, startup business, startup trend, Airtel, Pepsi, BCCL, birth of startups in india, global agencies
    So we started up, now what?

    On mushrooming of independent agencies over the last decade, let’s encapsulate the highs and lows, the learnings and the way forward for them.

  • IPL, IPL 2017, championship of sorts, indian premier leaguge, pro kabaddi, Pro Kabaddi League, Kabaddi World Cup, sports endorsements, sports endorsements in india, sporting organisations
    A prelude to the future of sporting in India

    IPL was India’s sports dream come true, and over the years, other non-cricket leagues are following its footsteps to enthrall viewers.

  • Immersive technology, what is Immersive technology, Immersive technology in business, technologies, new age technology, iPhones, smartphones, digital india, driverless cars, IoT, smart home product, digital Business, digital Business in india
    Immersive technology in business

    Are brands ready to adapt to the changing world where technologies like AI, IoT and AR/VR are leading consumers from the front?

  • digital-first world, changes in digital world, digital news mediums, digital news mediums in india, digital news, digital news in india, Google Newsstand, news consumption, technology, ad spends, digital audiences
    Evolution of news in a digital-first world

    Technological advancements and tech-savvy audiences are leading the way when it comes to news consumption.

  • Cracker Ban, firecracker ban in delhi, firecracker ban, ban on firecracker
    A few posts about #CrackerBan that made noise

    “Cracker Ban is a full on fight between the youngsters of today and the old foggies… this is one initiative worth it’s bang!” said Naresh Gupta

  • festive campaigns, festive ad campaigns, ad campaigns
    A season of festive ads

    BrandWagon presents a selection of festive campaigns that managed to create noise this year — the blockbusters that tugged at our heartstrings, and those that turned out to be damp squibs

  • consumer, festival season, festival buyers, Consumption
    Kissa Consumption Ka

    While most of these festivals prod us to step outdoors, those like Raksha Bandhan beckon us to celebrate relationships within the cosy confines of our homes. Hence, the need for our homes to look good during festivals is just as important.

  • Online retail, offline retail, leverage data science, artificial intelligence, Diwali
    Boost Diwali sales with AI

    Online and offline retail fronts need to leverage data science such as predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to create a truly ‘happy’ Diwali for themselves as well as customers

  • industry veterans, diwali celebration
    All lit up!

    With Diwali on the anvil, BrandWagon gets select industry veterans to share their plans for the festival, while they also get nostalgic about childhood Diwali memories and their favourite festive delicacies.

  • Thomas Dawes, Creative & Digital Director, GCPL
    ‘Music keeps me moving’: Thomas Dawes, Creative & Digital Director, GCPL

    My day begins whenever my seven month-old decides (2-7am being the current range). There is no ‘normal’ working day — calls with directors on shoots, planning digital campaigns, speaking with team members from all over the world.

  • Click M, Music
    Click M for Music

    As mobile data gets cheaper and digital infrastructure undergoes an overhaul in India, digital music streaming services are investing in exclusive content to stand out.

  • monetisation, grey area
    Monetisation: a grey area?

    According to the Recording Industry Association of America, the first half of 2017 saw music sales soar to $4bn in the US, the world’s largest music market. This is a jump from an 8% rise a year ago to a 17% jump this year with music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, among others playing […]

  • WPP, IPG, Facebook, Google, Mars, Microsoft and J&J
    Washing away the stereotypes

    Laundry/detergent brands, much like other segments, are increasingly challenging and subverting the archetypal gender stance in their ads, reflective of an evolving society.

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