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Eliminating ambiguity on digital

Buying digital advertising is more complex and features many more links in the transactional chain than the (traditional) model it is rapidly replacing.

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Of ‘aLL’ shapes and sizes

After cultivating its consumer base largely offline, aLL has rolled out a campaign to gather attention towards its online presence. Does it work?

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Delivering news over digital: how ready are we?

India brings with it a large audience keen to consume news across various platforms. Are news broadcasters taking care of hygiene issues while aiming for a multi-platform approach?

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“I genuinely can never get over Sholay’: Sneha Rajani, Deputy President & Head, Sony Pictures Networks Productions

In TV series, I can watch The Thorn Birds over and over again owing to my penchant for unrequited love stories, she said.

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‘We want 50% stores in tier I and the other half, in tier II’: Janne Einola, CEO & Country Head, H&M India

Swedish fashion retailer H&M might be facing inventory issues in the US currently, but in India, the brand seems to be doing fine.

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Around the World

Publicis Media has launched Commerce as its global practice dedicated to spearheading a comprehensive capability spanning commerce strategy, media and marketplace investment, as well as content and me

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Facebook, and the big privacy breach. Again.

When news of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data leak broke, users of the platform knew they had been ‘sold’ as a product. Brands knew they could be caught in the cross fire.

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‘I am fond of Louis Vuitton’: Rahil Ansari, Head, Audi India

It just amazes me how new cars from Audi can excite me time and time again, he said.

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Strapping it on for #FitnessGoals

India, which has traditionally been more enthusiastic about food than fitness, is slowly but increasingly adopting wearable fitness bands to stay in shape. What is the potential for this market?

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Homework for wearables companies

Indian consumers have finally moved beyond exploration and are now questioning the utility of wearable devices in their lives.

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Advertisers get ready for IPL slugfest

Will the repackaged 11th season, promising higher reach, translate into bigger returns for Star India and advertisers?

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Millennials and the rise of social media

Gen Z and millennials interact more through phones and apps than in real life. What does this entail for brands?

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‘Digital is as measurable as you set it up to be’: Joanna Catalano, CEO — APAC, iProspect, Dentsu Aegis Network

As the digital ecosystem becomes more sophisticated, agencies of all shapes, sizes and specialisations have newer fields to play in, having to upgrade their offerings bearing in mind the changing mark

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Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications

I am currently reading Odd visions and Bizarre Sights by Simon Bond, he said.

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Alexa, play Echo for India

Being the first major advertiser in the smart speaker category in India, Amazon goes with the now familiar tone it has cultivated over the years for its maiden ad for Echo.

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Old Spice gives a pass to scent strips

P&G’s agency for Old Spice gave a new twist to generate conversations while also spreading its fragrance.

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Spotify caught in a tight spot

Spotify has over 71 million paying subscribers but about two million people are accessing its premium service for free, as on March 21, 2018.

Spotify has over 71 million paying subscribers but about two million people are accessing its premium service for free, as on March 21, 2018. News

Obituary: Charles Lazarus, founder, Toys “R” Us

Charles Phillip Lazarus, founder of Toys “R” Us passed away on March 22 due to respiratory failure. He was 94. The news comes right after the global toy seller announced that it will start liquida

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Facebook’s line of defense

Facebook’s decision to ban Cambridge Analytica, after the political consulting and marketing firm accessed and used data of 50 million FB users for political gains without permission, led to a call

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Netflix sans its Gotham

After all tech companies — Apple, Samsung, Google, etc — created their own custom fonts, Netflix too has decided to create its own font.

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Consumer electronics and the role of tech

Notable trends in the consumer electronics segment include expansion into newer segments, increased affordability, a focus on energy efficiency, the growing luxury market, competitive strategies, incr

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Martech: The future is here

While, for the most part, using technologies such as AR, AI, geofencing or even NFC may be the special flourish or part of a larger campaign, bold brands are finding creative ways to use them.

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‘My day begins very early’: Amar Abrol, MD & CEO, AirAsia India

It is a 24x7 job and the energy levels that each of us have are amazing.

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The supremacy of the desi ink

While one or two English dailies have always figured in the top 10 list, the recent findings affirm once again that regional dailies continue to rule the roost.

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‘TV is the most transparent medium’: Terry Edwards, Partner — Global Media Director, FirmDecisions

This country is facing similar issues related to the lack of transparency as its counterparts in the US and Europe.

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Say ‘yes’ to travel

The film, #SayYesToTheWorld, starts with two empty airplane seats placed in front of a vintage-looking building with a super — ‘Why do you love the world?’

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