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‘The level of discounting has to come down’: Ananth Narayanan, CEO, Myntra & Jabong

Both the End of Reason Sale (EORS) and the Big Brand Sale (BBS) did well. Roughly, we have been seeing a 50% growth; in EORS we saw around 20 million users actually come to the platform.

Bringing more spark to the diamonds

The TVC ropes in the product very seamlessly into its narrative, which features a couple from a tier I or a tier II town.

Digital, digital all the way

I know I will get into trouble for saying this but think about it — the digital medium is a hungry monster that constantly needs to be fed with content. Snackable content — content that is thumb-s

News, and the Ugly Truth

Clearly, social platforms and tech giants are in the line of fire given the almost unquestioned and free reign they have enjoyed till now. Feeling the heat Everyone from publishers to advertisers to s

The brave new world of digital news

The third question is, “Fine, you will win audiences, but how will you monetise and become viable?” Money always follows audiences, albeit with a lag, which is what we are caught in right now —

The colour and pop of gifting

The customer behaviour from a long time ago where people used to dog-ear pages from books and magazines or save clippings from the newspaper of things they would like to buy has translated to pinning

Take 5: Tripti Lochan Chief Executive Officer, VML Southeast Asia and India

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson.

The attack of the know-it-all mother

The overuse of Madhuri Dixit Nene as a supermom by multiple brands in recent times is definitely no differentiator in Mortein Insta’s new ad

‘Consumers, not companies, drive brand value’

There is a lot of social and political pressure on Facebook and Google to be transparent with their customers. And there is a lot of pressure on companies as well, looking at the social climate, to do

Penning the regional online marketing story

2018 will see an interesting upswing of users opting for more regional language content and brands will have to follow suit

From share of voice to share of algorithm

Artificial intelligence has finally found its voice, literally. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, you could not avoid Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant, not to men

Artificial, yet Intelligent!

In the US, Amazon recently took artificial intelligence (AI) to a new level with the official unveiling of its offline store Amazon Go in Seattle, wherein AI algorithms can watch the various video fee

Vrooming ahead in the digital lane

For an automobile shopper, almost 89% of decision-making is impacted by online research and digital media today. How are brands re-working their strategies to catch up?

Using the fifth gear on digital

Marketing in today’s age has become complex and sophisticated, with every brand struggling to get its voice heard. With more and more users trying to avoid ads, it is becoming hard for marketers to

Veeba: Modern India’s kitchen partner

The youngest entrant in the sauces, dressings and condiments space, Veeba is looking to catch up in the market going up against some stiff competition.

E-capturing markets beyond metros and tier I

For e-commerce players, reaching and retaining consumers in tier III and IV markets needs a different strategy apart from robust logistical capabilities.

‘Brand safety has become a key concern’: Jamie Angus, Deputy Director, BBC World Service Group and Editorial Director, BBC Global News

Audience, it takes more than just building content. To this end, BBC StoryWorks was announced in India in June, 2015. Jamie Angus reveals how BBC is gearing up to tap the Indian digital audience, whil

‘I don’t pay much attention to brands’: Sergi Canovas Garriga, MD, Ducati India

I cannot live without my phone and my to-do list app, he says.

Dialling up the Deepika factor

Goibibo’s latest ad goes a bit overboard on the dramatisation, losing its signature charm of subtle humour from previous campaigns.

‘I can’t do without my Kindle’: Puneet Chawla, Co-founder, Jaypore

As a CEO, it feels great to synthesise the energy of all my employees towards a common goal which is more than treating the business as merely a means to make money.

Around the world

According to media reports, about 365 million kg of Nutella is consumed every year in 160 countries around the world, while France remains the second largest global consumer of Nutella.

Nykaa’s new campaign has way too many shades of beauty!

In its first TVC, Nykaa takes the route of celebrating women from all walks of life. Sounds eerily familiar to a zillion other brands out there, doesn’t it?

My wanderlust is London: Apurva Purohit, President, Jagran Prakashan

My two favourite books include The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell and Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari for the most concise yet comprehensive take on the history of mankind.

‘Advertising today is full of empty words’: KV Sridhar, Founder & CCO, Hyper Collective

Nestlé’s management team was in Mumbai and they met me asking about the plans we had discussed when I was in a bigger agency. Of course, in a big agency it takes time to reach the end result. Howev

Battleground 2018: AI and advanced analytics

What changes can one expect across as retail, CPG and e-commerce segments adopt newer business models and AI gains ground?

Brands need to wake up

Women’s safety is something that brands need to wake up to. For years, the only possible women’s safety product was pepper spray, but now the market is evolving. New technology and connected produ

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