Use your CIBIL score to go on a vacation this Diwali

Do you wish that you could spend the Diwali break in the hills or by the seaside or just get away from the madding crowd and the rising level of pollution in the city?
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Get a credit card this Onam

Been thinking about getting a credit card for yourself for some time now; this is the perfect time to get it. Onam is here knocking at your doorstep and many more festivals are soon to follow.

At Chennai eatery, Indra Nooyi, chef Vikas Khanna push ‘wellness’ dream

PepsiCo Indian-origin Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi has made it no secret that her ultimate aim is to make this carbonated drink and assorted junkfood producing company a health-focussed firm

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5 smart ways to get over a bad CIBIL score

CIBIL Score is important; this is a well accepted fact though awareness about it still remains low. Credit rating impacts the prospects of an applicant getting a loan from a financial institution and

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This Eid, make a sacrifice of the ignorance that shrouds credit scores

This Eid therefore as you celebrate the festival with much fervour with your family, how about making a wow to make a “Qurbani” or the sacrifice of ignorance that clouds your knowledge about credi

Credit score: The road to recovery of your CIBIL score is a long one

A good credit score is an imperative in today’s context to get any kind of credit line. A CIBIL score of 750 and above is considered good out of 900.

How should expectant parents save?

Since expectant parents are on the receiving end of advice from friend, family and well-wishers for nine months and more, here is some more advice to add to the mix.

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How to go about Gifting Someone a Credit Card?

Do you have a loved one, maybe your spouse, a parent or child who you want to have access to plastic money?

5 Questions to ask before you sign the home loan agreement

Buying a home is a joyous occasion and usually something that is done after a lot of preparation and careful thought.

Market impact of real-world events: Kensho, the financial guru answers

Over the past few years jobs in the manufacturing sector have been impacted by big data and automation. In the not-too distant future, the pressure could shift to the financial services industry.

Get financially independent this Independence Day

Being financially independent is a dream for everyone and in current scenario of nuclear family setups it is almost a necessity for everyone to be financially independent. So be it young people, re

The technology trends that are affecting credit card industry

Though the credit card industry is still at a nascent stage in India, in the last few years, it has seen tremendous growth. The credit card transactions have seen a double digit compounded annual grow

The best way to go about saving money: Check out formula

Real life experiences teach us many things that schools don’t or can’t. Savings is one important topic that that we may never have learnt in school or college, however, it is too important to be l

How to increase your chances of getting a higher credit limit on your credit card

A credit card is often looked at as a debt trap and you often hear words of caution about how its reckless use can land you in trouble to say the least. While the above may be true, most people do not

Credit cards

A Day Without the Mobile Phone Possible or Not

If you ask someone about the necessities of life they are likely to give the expected answer; food, clothing, water, air, shelter.

6 ways to make your rented flat feel homely

Being away from home can be a challenging phase in your life. Staying in a rented space or lease apartment, where decorating options are limited, can make you feel out of place. Transforming your dull

How to save money using a credit card this monsoon

As the first downpour of monsoon arrives, a general feeling of happiness spreads among the people. It is not only a relief from scorching heat, but also a time to rejoice.

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Are you Credit aware?

The credit score has no relation whatsoever with the income level of an individual. A credit rating is only based only on the treatment of debt; however small or large it may be.

Indian rupee vs US dollar

Consumer Behaviour Decoded: Why Showing an Excess of Options is Bad

Getting more and more choices to choose from for a product/service feels very empowering, doesn’t it? It feels liberating to have the freedom to pick what's best for you. The reality is

Filing for Bankruptcy? Here is How You Can Build Your Credit Afterwards

Filing for bankruptcy is not desirable and is often considered as the last resort. There can be severe consequences of bankruptcy, including loss of your assets and credibility, not to mention the fac

Completed your graduation? Here’s how to build credit in your post-graduation years

If you are a fresh graduate just stepping into adulthood, it is quite natural for you to yearn to be financially independent. If you are looking at having a source of income during your post-graduatio

Top 5 tips on how to use credit card to your advantage:

If you have experienced the brunt of the consequences of using your credit card without planning, you may feel aversion for credit cards, and rightly so. Credit card is one of the most abused debt ins

Credit cards

Top 5 ways to save for your next travel journey

Travel is a great way for people to get away from their busy work schedules and invest in experiencing different cultures, places, and people. For young adults, it’s one of the best investments they

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