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West Pharmaceutical Services: A Seal of Quality

West Pharmaceuticals' growth in the Asia Pacific (AP) region got further impetus with the launch of its Chennai plant at the Sri City Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which manufactures flip off seals By Sachin Jagdale

Anti counterfeit blister packs from Romaco Noack

The new packs is based on a banknote authentication system

PET vs Glass: The Debate Continues

As the industry gears up to implement the switch from PET to glass for medicines meant for certain patient categories, the debate on the merits and demerits of both materials continues. Usha Sharma re

‘India is set to overtake most emerging markets across the world’

With ACG as its partner and five major clients in its kitty, Dara Pharma Packaging is improving its clientele list. Alfred Terés, Sales Director, Chemical Engineer, Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging talk

Busting the myths around biodegradable plastics

Biodegradable plastics have been debated in different media and fora but there is more confusion than clarity on the facts. In the light of the ban on PET in pharmaceutical packaging for certain patie

Malvern Instruments: An orthogonal approach to biopharmaceutical development

Malvern Instruments in the article details the solutions provided for each step along the path of biopharmaceutical development, from discovery to quality control

Pet vs Glass: Who will blink first?

The Health Ministry has predictably stirred a hornet's nest with its diktat to replace PET with glass packaging for certain formulations. While it is still three months to the cut off date and a lot c

‘Our goal is to provide a total end-to-end solution to our clients’

Kezzler has created a unique programme which helps in eliminating counterfeit drugs. Dr Avi Chaudhuri, Chief Business Officer and Head of India Operations, Kezzler talks about the programme, its USPs

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