Column: Fast growth isn’t a given

Political certainty, achieved after the BJP won a majority in the general elections earlier this year, had raised the hope of the Indian economy getting back on track fairly quickly. Although early si

Column: The return of the dollar

The recent dollar rally could contribute to the “rebalancing” that has long eluded the global economy

The missing middle in Indian MSMEs

To fill the gap, policy should help units move up the enterprise ladder

It’s time to prepare for GST

It would be prudent for businesses to open themselves for a possible rework of their pricing strategies by factoring in the tax changes

Will Payments Banks provide the missing link?

Payments Banks should reduce the cost of serving customers through an efficient tech platform, bundling of other services & economies of scale

Column: Towards a friendly tax regime?

While the taxman recognising assessment excesses on its part is welcome, this must reflect in actions

Data Drive: G20 – Must walk the talk

As the leaders of the G20 nations meet in Brisbane, there’s a lot of hope that some traction...

Record cafe: The focus must shift to getting growth going, says David Lipton

The IMF is encouraging the US to act on Quota and Governance Reforms by December-end. These reforms are very important to our institution and to our membership

Column: Could China surprise?

Chinese authorities are pulling all punches to stabilise growth as investor opinion turns sceptic

Handling the Berlin Wall collapse

The EMEs have broken a metaphorical wall to edge closer to the advanced economies in the last couple of decades

G20 summit: India must push for lower remittance costs

Continued attention from G20 members is needed for further improving remittance flows

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