Editorial: Road to progress

Fixing NHAI process critical, that’s the CAG lesson

Editorial: Atal reformer

A statesman, and India’s most under-rated reformer

Column: 2014- Cleansing China

Whether by design or default, Xi’s anti-graft drive has indeed established him as the last word in China...

Editorial: Freeing Vashi

Given that farmers end up paying commission agents in cartelised mandis—these are run under the Agricultural Produce Market Committee...

Column: Rural demand headwinds

Recent developments carry potential to further slow down the key drivers of rural demand...

The new GST: A halfway house

In spite of all the favourable features of the GST, it introduces the anomaly of having an origin-based tax on interstate trade

The farmer must have a choice

A cash transfer policy for fertiliser subsidy must include those at the bottom of the pyramid and allow variable distribution of resources...

Brain Food

The secret to genius could just be popping the right pills...

Infratweets: PPP needs regulators

As private investment continues to be weak, the government’s chief economic adviser has recommended higher public spending...

Editorial: Rupee solutions

Weak rupee alone won’t push up exports...

Column: Fixing BIPPA

The definition of investment that the govt had agreed to while entering into BIPPAs is particularly problematic

Column: Railways reform must go beyond symbolism

Restructure the Railway Board on the lines of its different businesses & create the necessary IT infrastructure

Expect no radical change

The NDA will be no different from the UPA in its economic policies. It might be a little more efficient in implementation because of the Prime Minister

Year of the seflie

In 2014, smartphone companies started creating products for the biggest social phenomenon of our times

Goods and Services Tax: How neutral is the revenue neutral rate?

Trends suggest that many economies while transitioning to GST have embraced a modest rate, often single digits

Column: CCI’s Sun-Ranbaxy master stroke

CCI has balanced the economy’s hunger for growth and sound anti-trust policies in its Sun-Ranbaxy merger review

Calibrating data dependence

There is a tendency to look at single-point data which makes us miss the larger picture

Building a culture of ‘safety first’

It is easier for companies to implement safety-related rules in a business environment; it is more challenging to implement the same in our lives

The eastern star

Kolkata’s tryst with golf harks back to the time when the game was played in plus fours and with hickory shafted clubs

Guru mindset hinders challenge

That scientific, logical and creative challenge is essential for ‘Make in India’ to take wing is what many of you, my valued readers, have written...

Changing the game

A message arrived in my inbox last week from Kirron Kher. I don’t know her, but you can’t ignore her, so I checked it out...

Column: Vladimir Putin’s bubble bursts

The global plunge in oil prices and the falling rouble have wreaked havoc on the Russian economy

Column: Galvanising the commodities regulation

The government must clear the proposal of explicitly allowing FDI in commodities broking and trading

Caribbean Cruise

The thaw in US-Cuba relations comes at a time when interests of the two countries are shifting...

Editorial: Moving on black money

To begin with, why not release think tank reports?

Editorial: On a wing and a prayer

Must sell 15mn tonnes of FCI stock, SUUTI shares...

Column: For want of Rs 600 crore

The government should have helped out SpiceJet, it would have won itself a lot of goodwill

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