Tax morality in the virtual world

Tax morality debate essentially centres on the proposition that besides being compliant with the letter of tax law, corporations should also pay their ‘fair’ share of tax as a moral responsibility

Misdirected farm subsidies

Abhimanyu, the great warrior of Mahabharata, lost his life because he only knew how to get into the Chakravyuha...

Political adventurism and hesitant reforms

Legislation requires the Rajya Sabha support as well. Even if it wins all the state Assembly elections in the next two years (West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar), the BJP will have to wa

The beginning of bank mergers

These mergers will dominate the banking canvas in the times to come

Column: RBI – Go on, do a Volcker, please

If Volcker were the RBI governor, he would cut rates aggressively—starting today

Column: Going beyond the Indo-US WTO deal

There is not much time before we face a new paradigm of trade regulations

The business of life

It’s a huge market but, in the short term, smart spoons and in-eye glucometers will do better than world-altering projects such as driverless cars and Google Glass

Column: Is services sector slowing further?

Worrisome signs of slowing services segment with mixed indications from some parts

Column: China’s monetary-policy surprise

Only structural transformation can lift a middle-income developing country to high-income developed status

For a quick capex revival & growth pick-up

Key reforms such as GST, land Act changes and labour reforms will be more effective than a 50 basis point reduction in the repo rate

Glocal rice trade: India facing the Thai challenge

Though the current estimation of Indian rice export is about 9 million tonnes, there is a glimmer of hope that rice shipments may still kiss 10 million tonnes

Infratweets: Green laws in good faith

During UPA-II regime, the Centre had tried to boost PURA in 2013-14 in an effort to bridge the...

Fooding in Chennai

How some entrepreneurs down south are turning Chennai into a food paradise

Shut that peephole into your business

CCTV cameras can end up as chinks in your security armour if you are lazy or careless

Related spectrum must be auctioned together

There is no reason to continue with the plans to separate the auction of intimately related spectrum

Column: Saarc needs Modi magic

In Kathmandu, he must ensure that Saarc is not held hostage to the chronic Indo-Pak conflict

Column: 27% rate of GST untenable

The proposed rate of GST should be in the vicinity of 15%—7% for central GST and 8% for state GST

Letters to the editor: Preparing for GST

Apropos of the erudite article by Rajeev Dimri “It’s time to prepare for GST” (FE, November 17), there are two very important

Editorial: Odd ways

Unconventional economists are coming up with some rather odd ways to predict how the economy is doing

Editorial: Business first

That is behind President Obama’s Republic Day visit

Editorial: They’re all in it together

After passing Land Bill, BJP now needs to change it

Letters to the editor: Transforming India

Apropos of the column “India’s economic hotspots” (FE, November 22), growth in India...

Editorial: American dream

Indian students are once again looking for American degrees

Editorial: Transmission is the key

Schemes like DDUGY and IPDS critical to fixing power

Editorial: BMS sees the light?

As a result, Modi will likely pass his Coal India test

Why should Google and Facebook escape?

“Obama smacks down internet ‘fast lanes’”, read Reuters News Service on the recent remark...

Column: Alibaba’s huge finance arm is a mystery to most

It’s one of the Chinese e-commerce group’s crown jewels. Yet public investors can’t reliably estimate its worth

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