Column: Telecom’s cross-connections

The sector is riddled with the regulator and policy-makers working at cross-purposes

Inftatweets: Railways makeover

After coal and insurance ordinances, amendments to Land Act have also been brought about...

CES: Where everyone acts smart

CES 2015 showed that we are headed for smarter times

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Who is liable in platform business?

Cooperative approaches between the government and players in the e-commerce space will help improve self-governance and ease regulatory pressures

ecommerce industry

Maximising the Make-in-India gains

Self-pride, institutional support, critical thinking & effective action can enable the ‘Made in India’ stamp to become a hallmark of global excellence

Editorial: No more room to hide

Even RBI’s favourable base argument is over now

Column: France, the crucible of Europe

More than Germany or Greece or the UK, it is France that could ultimately decide the fate of 21st-century Europe

Column: The year to deliver on promises

With the impetus provided to reforms in 2014, the need to transform potential into outcomes is intense now

FDI inflows: Who is investing in India and in what sectors?

The prime objective must be to align FDI policy with national development goals

Minimum alternate tax for FII

What IT needs from Budget 2015

The sector will need many tax reforms, from exemptions for start-up incubation to the roll-back of the retrospective changes to the definition of ‘royalty’ in I-T Act

Column: How has the NDA govt done so far?

In the past 8 months, the govt has initiated incremental reforms and deftly handled foreign policy

Column: The new economics

Economics has very few certainties left and that may not be a bad thing

Vive le crayon!

Gerrard, Jose and I were colleagues working in a design firm at Nation, Paris East, in the late 1970s.

The debate about good governance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi constantly talks up his commitment to good governance...

Steven Gerrard’s swan song

The English midfielder might be playing for LA Galaxy in the Major League Soccer next season, but the Liverpool exit marks the end of his primetime football association

‘If the RSS has a negative agenda, we have nothing to do with it’

Union minister of state for parliamentary affairs and minority affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi speaks about...

Letters to the editor: CIL unions must concede

The Coal India miners’ strike was nothing more than an exercise in muscle-flexing. All that the trade unions have...

Empowering technologies

While India’s prowess in information technology is a defining element of its global brand...

NITI Aayog: A Bharatiya NDRC?

The Aayog is closer to the construct of a think-tank while China’s NDRC has a pronounced implementing function

Editorial: Getting past UMPP fiasco

Faulty bid documents aren’t the real issue

Editorial: Tracking PPP

The 3rd ‘P’, it is useful to remember, is partnership

Beating Drug Resistance

The discovery of teixobactin, the first antibiotic in the last three decades, represents a paradigm shift

Letter to the editor: Strikes hurt end-users

This refers to the report ‘Coal India strike likely to be called off today’ (January 8).

Land count

DDA-style surveys and monitoring of unused land are needed if we are to have our smart cities

Editorial: Coal breakthrough

Govt does well to resolve the miners’ strike

Editorial: Jaitley and the PDS

Gulati-Saini have important budget pointers

Column: Stemming the trade deficit

For reviving exports-growth, PPPs are needed in manufacturing sectors where exports look promising

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