India’s smart cities need smart governments

These cities need not just policies but the incentives and means to implement them

Making the internet talk local

The growth of internet in India now depends on bringing down the language barrier

Containing the rising stressed assets in Indian banks

To enhance recovery, one strategy could be to incentivise the top PSB management to improve the recovery record

Column: RBI’s room for rate cuts

Small chance of a cut in repo rates in January, it is more likely in early March

Column: Cameron pulls back from the brink

The UK PM ditching his ‘immigration quota’ proposal is a relief. Pity, he is unnecessarily invested in the agenda

Record cafe: States not prepared for GST, 27% rate can’t work

GST can never get started with a 27% rate because compliance would be very poor. Because of poor compliance, states will start losing revenue dramatically

Taking the pulse of FDI in medical devices

In August this year, the government had introduced the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2008, which proposes to raise the cap on foreign...

Innovation is at the heart of Ireland’s knowledge economy: Patrick O’ Riordan

Last month, universities from Ireland participated in the Education in Ireland fairs in New Delhi, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore...

Learning priorities for banking

It is a skilled and robust workforce that lends an organisation its competitive advantage, rather than superior processes...

So that start-ups don’t fail…

Entrepreneurship should be incorporated in the Indian higher education system

The Fast Lane: Thinner, lighter, but better?

We live in a shrinking world, all the gadgets that control our lives keep getting slimmer and virtually weightless. Is that such a good thing?

Golf and its heroes

The biggest sports endorsement deal in the country ever. And it’s got nothing to do with cricket

From the discomfort zone: Socially disgracing women

When I was working with a European company that made different types of home cleaning products like sponge, cleaning duster, mop with stick and the like...

Column: Widen the tax base with better compliance

Benefits of FBT and BCTT need to be weighed with the compliance and administration costs

Data Drive: Search high and low for the taxpayers

While direct tax collection has risen by a whopping 94% between FY07 and FY11, the taxpayer base has just risen...

Column: The end of the oil age?

Price slump shows it is time to stop exploring for new sources of oil

Column: Agro exports decline worrisome

Wheat prices are recovering—the government must ship out some stocks

Corridors of Power: Getting the missing taxpayers

Reasonable tax rates with bare minimum exemptions is the best recipe, Jaitley should look at reviving the original DTC which had this as the basic principle

Express IT Awards: Innovation in the enterprise now also comes from start-ups

Challenges to innovation have changed so radically that it now requires a level of talent and culture that isn’t ingrained in most corporations

Oil & gas exploration: Don’t change the operator

By forcing existing operators to exit, we will create many maturing fields with substantial oil&gas left underground

Banking on rural deposits

Payments banks and small banks must learn from the Jan Dhan Yojana experience and concentrate on rural depositors

Getting the best out of gold

India’s latest balance of trade figures have once again thrown the spotlight on gold.

Infratweet: Toothless green regulator of no use

A slew of measures have been taken by RBI to get more long term finance into Indian infrastructure...

Column: Having your gas and eating it too

For all its seeming reasonable, that’s what the CAG report on Reliance Industries really adds up to

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India’s RCEP challenge

The RCEP member countries should ensure that this arrangement does not end up pursuing the narrow objective of just seeking each other’s market

State VAT: Back to square one

The changes effected by the Punjab and Kerala govts have set a bad precedent for other states

Column: Can we now stop worrying about oil prices?

The petroleum era, which began in the 1970s, seems to be ending; it is a natural victim of evolving technology

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