Letters to the editor: Behind falling inflation

Apropos of Surjit S Bhalla's column “India's great inflation decline—a whodunit” (January 6), the sustained...

Mapping Transit

Mobile call data records could provide the Big Data urban transport planning badly needs

Editorial: No cause to scrap UMPP

Single-bids are responsive and real issue is tariff

Editorial: Saving Digital India

Important to get spectrum strategy right

The niyati of Niti Aayog

The niyati (destiny) of the Niti (policy) Aayog lies in founding it on an appropriate yojana (blueprint)

Treating internet as a public utility brings a new tax for new year

The Federal Communications Commission is in the middle of a high-stakes decision that could raise taxes...

Infratweets – Aviation sector: fog ahead?

The newly formed Niti Aayog seeks to substitute centralised planning with a cooperative federal approach

Presidents and the economy

The Fed, not the White House, typically holds the reins. But is this time different?

Overcharging business, government-style

Through the EPF and ESI schemes the government collected, in excess of its needs, over R6,500 crore in 2013

India’s great inflation decline—a whodunit

It is not the oil price decline, nor decline in metals prices, nor decline in food prices. So what explains India’s great inflation decline?

Column: Final GST no game-changer

Given the trade-off between the Centre and the states, any GST will be a compromise solution

Column: Net neutrality nonsense

Net neutrality: Not charging extra for VoIP services sounds appealing, but who is going to fund the rollout of India’s telecom?

Letters to the editor: Planning makes little difference

Apropos of the edit “New look PlanCom” (January 3), the question to ask is: does planning matter?

Ahead of The Curve

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, the show-stealer is curved displays

Editorial: Central GST first

Extending service tax base will soothe states’ fear

Editorial: Insulating banks

Holding company structure is best way to do this

Column: A lost year for oil and gas

The sector suffered as the govt delayed formalising key resolutions and took a regressive decision on gas-pricing

Column: Make-in-India now on firmer ground

The land Ordinance will help billion-dollar projects which were stalled so far to take off

How can BRICS survive amidst TTIP?

BRICS can either pursue a BRICS FTA as a way to balance the TTIP and further increase their political and economic influence—such a move would enable them to counter this attempt to marginalise them

Powering up Make-in-India

Districts along the planned industrial corridors carry immense potential for growth and urbanisation. Unlocking it would need structural reforms and fixing governance

Over the barrel: Oil-politik

Why Opec is allowing oil prices to fall

Oil prices, Opec, Oil price fall

Challenge paralysed by society

States should police corporate cyber-security more toughly—but react to breaches cautiously

Attaboy Atwal!

Of all the headlines Indian golf made in 2014, Arjun Atwal’s re-entry into the winner’s circle was the most heart-warming

Censoring banners

The Maharashtra CM sets the template for govt response to unreasonable calls for bans

Aamir Khan, PK, PK Movie, PK poster

Column: Net neutrality’s regulatory tightrope

Much of telecom pricing is based on price discrimination. So, the grounds to discourage it have to be compelling

How India must deal with cyberwar

A scenario-based mapping of a national strategy to deal with the emerging knowledge- and information-driven war-form

Column: Govt must fast-track agri reforms

Doing so would benefit millions of small farmers, but so far that govt vision or initiative has not been seen...

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