Dear foreign investor, we love your money, not you!

The caveats of the policy on increasing the FDI cap for the insurance sector make this apparent

Editorial: Some progress insured

Compromise on insurance, but at least it’s through

Letters to the editor: Repealing suicide law

The decision of government to efface Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code which makes...

Media For Entertainment

Media houses look to diversify business. BBC sees opportunity in a theme park based on its shows

Farming on machines

Besides better yield, mechanisation leads to a rise in labour employment

Innovation India-style, by IBM

IBM has brought fresh cheer to neighbourhood vegetable-sellers...

Make in India: What and Where to Make?

The government should expedite the publication of relevant data by Census and other agencies in a timely fashion for quick research

Column: Unshackling the fertiliser sector

Direct cash transfer to farmers can save Rs 10,000 crore by stopping the diversion of urea for non-agricultural use

Letters to the editor: Eclipsed by the parent

Apropos of the column “Modi: Course correction needed” (December 10), every management operates through...


India should take a leaf from the EU’s book and find ways to allow GM trials

Editorial: Gadkari’s pipe dream

Unless LARR is fixed, no big investments are possible

Editorial: From Russia, with love

Oil collapse presents perfect setting for Putin visit

Infratweet: Renewable to rock

The bailout plan aimed at turning around the power distribution sector has not delivered.

Tweaking the Companies Act for better business

Accepting the corporate sector’s demand to streamline and improve the ease of doing business in India, the Union Cabinet...

Whither disinvestment?

It is high time government practices what it preaches … go retail

Column: Marginal gains from KVP

It could be useful for channelling black money into investment but may not quite inspire the lower income classes

India’s smart cities need smart governments

These cities need not just policies but the incentives and means to implement them

Making the internet talk local

The growth of internet in India now depends on bringing down the language barrier

Containing the rising stressed assets in Indian banks

To enhance recovery, one strategy could be to incentivise the top PSB management to improve the recovery record

Column: RBI’s room for rate cuts

Small chance of a cut in repo rates in January, it is more likely in early March

Column: Cameron pulls back from the brink

The UK PM ditching his ‘immigration quota’ proposal is a relief. Pity, he is unnecessarily invested in the agenda

Record cafe: States not prepared for GST, 27% rate can’t work

GST can never get started with a 27% rate because compliance would be very poor. Because of poor compliance, states will start losing revenue dramatically

Taking the pulse of FDI in medical devices

In August this year, the government had introduced the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2008, which proposes to raise the cap on foreign...

Innovation is at the heart of Ireland’s knowledge economy: Patrick O’ Riordan

Last month, universities from Ireland participated in the Education in Ireland fairs in New Delhi, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore...

Learning priorities for banking

It is a skilled and robust workforce that lends an organisation its competitive advantage, rather than superior processes...

So that start-ups don’t fail…

Entrepreneurship should be incorporated in the Indian higher education system

The Fast Lane: Thinner, lighter, but better?

We live in a shrinking world, all the gadgets that control our lives keep getting slimmer and virtually weightless. Is that such a good thing?

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