Infratweets: Rocky road to road safety

The government’s approval of the Offshore Wind Policy could further enhance the potential of wind energy.

For India’s trade, it is advantage agriculture

The country continues to overlook the agricultural sector and push services, despite data suggesting the other way

Indian economy

A good job, half done

The Competition Assessment of Legislations and Bills Guidelines must include subordinate legislations for economic regulators

Lose future customers without branded e-mail

9 out of 10 (92%) small businesses that use branded email ids, believe that branded email makes their business look more credible.

email id

Editorial: Making govt accountable

This honour has to go to the Right to Information Act

Editorial: Drought in farm reforms

After 3 rainfall shocks, governments need to wake up

Studying Consumption

The 2015 economics-Nobel winner’s work could help India determine its number of poor

Column: Inflation targeting falters

India, being a latecomer to inflation targeting, must take note of pitfalls of the framework

Beijing versus the billionaire

Hong Kong’s wealthiest man, Li Ka-shing, is showing too much independence, and China’s communist rulers do not like it one bit

Record caFe: ‘Contribution of private sector, developed nations critical to meet India’s emission targets’

Considering that we have to grow at 8%, that we have launched the Make-in-India initiative and that we have to provide electricity to over 300 mn Indians, we need a balanced strategy: Ashok Lavasa, Se

Key imperatives in the Indian e-tailing value chain

The e-tailing value chain consists of multiple mainstream and niche players and each player brings specialized skills and capabilities such as generation of demand, sourcing of products...

Amazon, Flipkart

Japan Bullet Trains are riding to India to modernize in a super-fast way

High Speed Rail network is one of the show piece of any developed country, and it is also considered as mandatory for accelerating growth and sustaining the economy at a speed.

Japan India bullet train

Editorial: Lessons from Vodafone

It is not clear if many have been learned

Editorial: Poor earnings ahead

Apart from falling prices, even volumes not growing

Sticky wicket

Pepsi wanting to end its IPL sponsorship should prod BCCI to clean up its act

Column: Agriculture in doldrums

Govt must work towards achieving 4% growth in agriculture. Else, India stares at growing inequality

Column: Why support the TPP

Critics should now read the specifics that they have so long said they wanted to see and reconsider their opposition

Starting up the start-up IPOs

Sebi’s new ITP regulations are a breakthrough. We are finally ready for listings of domestic start-ups on domestic bourses

Can India become the next textile superpower?

Building cost-effective large-scale fabric mills and unleashing labour reforms can propel us to a 10%-plus share in global apparel trade

Measuring poverty

Is it true that the number of poor people in the world has dipped to less than 1 billion?

What’s at stake in Bihar elections

The battle for Bihar is not being fought only within Bihar, it is being fought in places such as Muzaffarnagar and Dadri, in states such as Maharashtra and Karnataka, and in the social and traditional

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Inside track

Unlike other politicians who called on the bereaved family of Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri, Noida, UP, CM Akhilesh Yadav preferred to ask the grieving family to visit him in Lucknow so that he could offer

All the President’s men

It’s going to be a nail-biting finish at the President’s Cup, as international players hope to get one back against the Americans

DATA HIKE: Hike Direct will allow moving large files across devices fast and free

Kavin, the founder & CEO of Hike Messenger service, has launched Hike Direct, which uses Wi-Fi Direct—a standard from the Wi-Fi Alliance—to share large files without an internet connection.

kavin hike messenger

Editorial: Let India take off

How the 5/20 rule has survived so long defies logic

No Proof Required: Guns, laws and sacred cows

A secular nation can’t prohibit the killing of cows like a Hindu country or of pigs like an Islamic or a Jewish nation

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