Column: The US-China codependency trap

The US’s unease with a changing China reflects a failure to address its core economic problems

Column: Food for thought for the FSSAI

It should draft product recall guidelines as a supplement to the product approval regime it needs to set anew

Infratweets: Building real estate

Real Estate Regulation Bill expected to be cleared in next session of Parliament. Will certainly change the way Real Estate business is done.

Think global, act local to mitigate climate change

The world desperately needs a sustainable social and economic change to fight climate change. A positive outcome at COP21 in Paris would be a bonus

climate change

Monetary Policy: Overwhelmingly positive and equally pragmatic

The 50 bps rate cut by RBI may not be the end of the easing cycle, and there may be more in FY16

RBI monetary policy review: Is this a new Arun Jaitley, Raghuram Rajan growth model?

Ahead of the RBI monetary policy review announcement, FM Arun Jaitley had said that the policy played an important role in economic growth and expressed optimism that the Governor Raghuram Rajan-led c

Raghuram Rajan, rbi, rbi Raghuram Rajan, corporates borrowings, Raghuram Rajan on corporate borrowings, rbi on corporate borrowings

RBI monetary policy review: Governor Raghuram Rajan gives a boost to economy, over to banks/govt now

RBI monetary policy review: With the government committing to review the framework for setting rates for small savings schemes, chances of a fuller transmission of RBI's 50 bps rate cut look a lot bri

RBI chief Raghuram Rajan

RBI monetary policy review: FM Arun Jaitley is also to blame for high loan rates

FM Arun Jaitley must cut rates on small savings by at least 50-75 basis points if he wants to usher in some kind of a level-playing field.

Editorial: After the charm offensive

Delivering on Digital India, JAM, SEBs critical

Editorial: Lessons from Maruti

It’s ok for temps to have different salary structure

Climate goals

India must work on building trust when it comes to its climate change stand

Column: BSNL, MTNL key to resolving call drops

If shared, their towers and fibre will help relieve congestion

High growth needs a digitisation push

If govt’s mega plans like Digital India are efficiently implemented, we can reach 10%-plus growth. But we have to involve the private sector in a competitive mode

The great Indian myth of mobile tower ‘radiation’

Radio frequency radiation from mobile towers and phones is minuscule—one-thousandth to one-millionth of an eV! It means mobile tower radiation is lakhs of times weaker than X-rays or UV rays, even v

After charm offensive, critical for PM Narendra Modi to deliver on Digital India, JAM, SEBs

One hundred billion dollars (Rs 6.6 lakh crore) for the solar mission, to generate 100 GW of solar power by 2022.

Modi digital india

Opinion: PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India dream may remain just that

Digital India: It’s important not to get carried away by the effervescence of PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley.

Is it wise to invest during a stock market crash?

With a growing middle-class, improving governance and decreasing commodity and oil prices, India story is here to stay, and the present turmoil can only be a good opportunity for investors who missed

coffee day ipo

Editorial: More flexibility for banks

RBI’s moves on resolving NPAs are welcome

Editorial: Can’t duck retail question

Policy for brick-and-mortar and online must be same

Smarter Cities

Hidden urbanisation is costing Indian cities a great deal in terms of unrealised growth potential

Column: Losing the pulse

A 1960s-style policy response to control the price of pulses will not work, and instead, be anti-farmer


Column: Back to a better reality

When the Fed (and other central banks) returns to keeping its own counsel, we’ll move towards a better reality

US fed monetary policy

Change needs action, not legislation

The Modi govt appears to be influenced by the Nehru-Gandhi economic model

Corridors of Power: FM Jaitley finally getting his act together

If he succeeds in cleaning up the retrospective tax mess, it will be a big boost for the Modi dispensation, reeling under Parliamentary setbacks on the Land Acquisition and GST Bills

Arun Jaitley

China’s economic slowdown: An opportunity to boost Indo-Africa ties

Compared to China, the Indian economy is expected to grow faster, at 7.5%, and offers a large consumer market

Retro tax mess: FM Arun Jaitley gets his act together, big boost for Modi dispensation

If FM Arun Jaitley succeeds in cleaning up the retrospective tax mess, it will be a big boost for PM Narendra Modi-led dispensation, reeling under Parliamentary setbacks on the Land Acquisition and GS

arun jaitley on modi govt

National Encryption Policy: Act first, think later

Act first, think later’ has become the leitmotif of the BJP/NDA government. The draft National Encryption Policy is a prime example.

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