Editorial: Valuing royalty

Shareholders also gained in high-royalty firms

Maruti Suzuki car sales

From Plate to Plough: No finger on the pulses

Govt exposes its poor pulses-price management strategy with raids on traders, paltry imports

pulse price

Column: Financial inclusion only when service providers raise awareness

Opening savings accounts can only be the first milestone in the long journey ahead

Column: Registration hurdles make GST seem retrograde

The process of registration does not appear to care about further verification of a dealer, once he/she comes into the fold

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Tax cafe: BEPS: An Indian perspective

BEPS cannot be brought into effect until multilateral agreements between nations get executed

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Letters to the editor

Rising wheat prices Is it the turn of wheat to witness soaring prices as private agri-products marketing firms are importing high-protein wheat varieties as rain and hailstorms damaged the domestic cr

China’s Children

China’s 930-million strong labour force shrank for the first time in 2012, and by 2025, it will be losing 10 million a year.

china child policy

Column: The true IIP picture

Broad-based sustainable industrial growth remains elusive in India

Editorial: Smart city, Amaravati

AP’s capital could be the template for future cities

Easing Death

For a country that accounts for nearly a fifth of all global deaths, India must offer better end-of-life care

Column: India deserves better S&P rating

From reforms to attracting foreign investment, the country got it right on many counts

Column: A retrograde move

The Devas-Antrix deal was killed despite the business logic of allocating S-band spectrum being watertight

Constitution is the supreme law of the land

The Constitution makes it clear that the judiciary has only a consultative role in the appointment of judges

Suresh Prabhu on fast track

The minister has given a major push for doubling, gauge conversion and other initiatives to build track capacity so that the logjam on some of the key sections can be removed. He is also focusing on i

India-Africa Forum Summit: A landmark in boosting ties with Africa

IAFS-III will highlight the government’s vision for cooperation with the fastest growing region in the world

Editorial: Apocalypse now

If banks are to survive, some promoters must fold up

bank basel 3

Urban mobility and what drives it

Urbanisation is increasing speed by placing new, strong pressures on city resources and infrastructure.

Letters to the editor

Pulse of the people This in reference to the edit “Losing the pulse” (FE, October 20). One thing stands out: onion prices stir vox populi and tur dal, be it at Rs 100 or Rs 200 a kg, has no voice.

Macroscope: India’s exports need policy upgrades

While a focus on “making in India” is great, for services exports, the country must bridge the skills gap


Caught in Between: Online world is becoming a dipole, with Google pushing Web while Apple pushes apps

Google and Apple, given their competing visions, are recasting the online world as a dipole, as The New York Times (NYT) would have it.

Editorial: Media matters: Could rival IT in a few years

Over the next 10 years, the Indian media & entertainment (M&E) industry could be a $100 billion (Rs 650,000 crore) business compared to Rs 115,500 crore now, according to a BCG-CII study.

media in india

Editorial: Wake up call from S&P

Lot of India’s macro turnaround due to good luck

Infratweets: On the improvement track

The cleanliness campaign initiated by railway minister Suresh Prabhu is giving a facelift to stations across the country.

Restoring faith in the independence of judiciary

The NJAC judgment upholds institutional autonomy by cutting down on the ‘greater say’ of the executive in selection of judges

Verdict corner: A missed opportunity for judicial reforms

Now that the Chief Justice has called a meeting of the Supreme Court collegium to recommend names for appointment of judges to various high courts, it remains to be seen what approach the government w

Wake up call from S&P: Lot of India’s macro turnaround due to good luck

Credit rating agency S&P refusing to change India’s rating from just above junk comes as a bit of a rude wake-up call.

india gdp
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