The art of dance

One of the superstars in the classical dance firmament tells Sushila Ravindranath that though people today are learning dance through DVDs, Skype and so on, there is no alternative to learning from a

The tunes of 2014

The year saw the emergence of Narendra Modi as the prime minister, and the song Rock You Like a Hurricane would best describe the setting

Challenge with Gesturism

When we are born we unconsciously make gestures, our whole life goes with gestures at every moment...

Football revolution

With the recently-concluded Indian Super League ushering in a wind of change in Indian football, the ‘sleeping giant’ is waking up from its slumber. It just needs the right direction

‘2015 will see rivals like SP, BSP, TMC, Left join hands if they avoid oneupmanship’

In this Idea Exchange moderated by Abantika Ghosh of The Indian Express, Trinamool MP...

Letters to the editor: Sangh needs to sort priorities

Very unfortunately for India, the development plank is being repudiated and replaced by a conversion campaign.

Column: Why no applause for reform Modi

The important has been replaced by the irrelevant; a consequence of BJP/RSS distractions on non-policy issues...

Weighty Issue

Obesity is fast evolving as a global challenge with great costs...

Editorial: Equity culture

Cutting mutual fund commission worsens matters...

Editorial: Economically illiterate

Price caps on airline tickets are a bad idea...

Data Drive: The missing equity

Most households in India prefer to invest in physical assets like land and building.

Bollywood fails to find movie magic in 2014

Films like Shaukeens, Action Jackson and Jai Ho, all of which had big stars at the helm, failed to score, while smaller ones like Queen and Hasee toh Phasee were well-received.

Data Bait

Indian smartphone users should not think of the bait of cheap or free data services as a free meal

Editorial: Food for thought

Latest NSS data adds to evidence against food Act

Oil price: boom, bust and boom again

At current prices, a significant amount of high-cost non-OPEC oil production will have to be stopped, making the bust in oil prices short-lived

GST: Unified tax, myriad challenges

Concerns have been raised on whether the Centre has caved in too far to the demands of the states

The need to align with global reality

It is anticipated that the domain of ‘investments’ may be further tapered to exclude short-term foreign institutional investments from the scope of BITs

Letters to the editor: Opportunity for Railways

This refers to the report, “Spice Jet crisis: Govt. plans to cap economy airfares” (December 25).

Editorial: Evening the scales

Small shareholders can no longer hold firm to ransom

Column: An unfinished business

The significant changes are limited to related-party transactions and fraud reporting

Dispel uncertainty over related-party transactions

Sebi’s listing agreement should be in line with the ‘ordinary resolution’ provision for RPTs of the Companies (Amendment) Bill 2014

Should ‘bench hunting’ be curbed?

Supreme Court has said that unscrupulous litigants cannot be allowed to indulge in bench hunting to get favourable orders

Column: The pit stop at Lima

An emission-control regime based on a universally-agreed equity norm is no longer on the table

Column: Still a long way from an effective GST

The current form allows for an origin-based tax to remain even though GST itself is a consumption tax

Letters to the editor: Errant borrowers

This refers to the report “RBI tightens norms for errant borrowers” (FE, December 23). “Wilful defaulters” and “non-co-operative borrowers” and what other categories the banking regulator

Late call

WhatsApp will have to deal with the kinks of late entry for its voice-calling service

Editorial: Road to progress

Fixing NHAI process critical, that’s the CAG lesson

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