Chip edge

IBM’s superchip spells good news for semi-conductor R&D as well as industry competition

Column: Incentivise Swachh Bharat

An open letter to the prime minister on the need to get industry involved in recycle/re-use through CSR

Column: Conflict of interest, anyone?

High time the PM asked all BJP politicians to give their LPG cylinder—sorry, BCCI job—back

Why India needs a new population policy

The World Population Day is time to ponder on a policy that protects our demographic assets while preparing for challenges that lie ahead

Data Drive: The great China fall

The dramatic collapse of the equity markets in China—the Shanghai Composite Index collapsed 30% in a month...

Letters tothe editor

Curbing tobacco use

4 out of 10 rural households should not get govt subsidy

Bharat still lives on the edge, but 4 out of 10 rural households should not get govt subsidy

Data cafe: Driving cashless payments

While online retail is transforming the shopping experience of customers—and banks and other players in the e-commerce ecosystem...

Digital India and India’s digital score

The parameters chosen for the formulation of the ICT Development Index are not benchmarked with the requirements of developing economies

Editorial: Telecom troubles

Tower availability and spectrum are key constraints

Column: It’s not Greece, it’s the Euro

A common monetary policy doesn't work without a common fiscal one which requires a single electorate

Editorial: Electrocuting SEBs

Power sector can't run with losses of Rs 3 lakh crore

Tobacco Toll

Rising affordability of tobacco in India is a huge concern. The govt must fix its taxation to deter usage

Politically Incorrect

Parties must come clear on funding and particulars of donations received.

Editorial: Monsoon washout

Lalitgate and Vyapam will hit legislative agenda.

Editorial: China ‘put’ in trouble

Market falls 30% in a month despite govt support.

Column: Fixing discoms’ finances

Instead of bailouts for state-owned discoms, power retail must be run on commercial principles.

Verdict corner: Tackling taxman’s delays

A well-thought-out plan should be launched by CBEC and CBDT to improve the performance of their departments in tribunals, high courts and the Supreme Court

Permit zero-rating schemes for a limited period

The net neutrality debate has compelled the government to take note of the potential threats to the open and universally accessible character of the internet—for content and application providers on

Should Greece suffer more austerity?

The country is a serial offender and needs compulsion to correct itself. Allowing it a haircut with no fiscal and labour reforms will hurt the global economy.

Depression Development

Now, a computer programme can diagnose depression better than psychiatrists

Editorial: E-tailing those taxes away

Need to find a way to deal with large VAT losses

Editorial: Making EPFO viable

Good idea to cap withdrawals at 75% levels

Infratweets: Transmitting logjam

Both Guv Rajan & CMIE have a similar message—capital investments gathering pace & stalled projects decreasing.

Column: Giving Darjeeling’s trains steam

With huge heritage tourism potential, these must be delinked from the Indian Railways.

‘No’ is not the end for Greece

So, the Greek referendum has given a resounding ‘No’ to the continuance of austerity package.

The Digital India push for education

We need to measure the success of ICT in schools and facilitate the scaling up of innovations that have a demonstrated impact on student learning.

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