Varsity Merit

India finally makes it to the top-100 in a global ranking of tech and engineering varsities

Column: A credit-less recovery?

Continued deceleration in credit offtake raises questions about investment demand and overall recovery strength

Editorial: Gas in reforms spiel

Govt no to market-pricing for gas despite contract

New FDI norms: Real gains for real-estate sector

The move will give stuck projects in the real-estate sector a new lease of life

real estate cities

New accounting standards will reconfigure taxation

The fundamental contradiction between IndAS and taxation is that the latter is based on real income theory while the former is based on economic substance of transactions

Haryana’s new integrated licensing policy: Will this be a new dawn in land acquisition?

It is essential on the part of the government to implement policies that give a boost to urban household development

The ethos of India wins the election

Every student of political science will try to make sense of the outcome of the election in Bihar. It is easy to make nonsense of the result, as the BJP’s Parliamentary Board did, blaming it on the

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Inside track

Prashant Kishor’s grouse against Narendra Modi was that he was never rewarded or recognised for his role in helping the Prime Minister’s 2014 campaign, reportedly on Amit Shah’s advice. Nitish K

Giving credit where it is due

Throwing players in at the deep end requires courage. ManU have done that consistently

Editorial: Cairn, and able?

Arbitration mustn’t drag on like so many others

Editorial: No more rate-cuts for now

Small consumer-driven recovery may not sustain

Maggi Needles

Maharashtra won’t pay heed to the clean chits to Maggi from both accredited labs and consumers

Bihar polls: What happened & why

It was a lousy political campaign, and the BJP, PM Modi & Amit Shah ignore this at their present (and future) peril

What the Chinese G-20 presidency should do differently

Skill development—closely related to jobs—requires concerted action by the G-20 countries. New instruments for raising finance from global money markets, methods of credit rating for skill provide

Column | India: Ready to lead?

While India’s growth rate shoots past China’s, it cannot offset peaking Chinese demand for industrial commodities

economic growth

Secure Space

The US makes it legal for American citizens—and by proxy, for itself—to own bits of space

Letters to the editor

Savings for all children

Financial inclusion: Focus on Middle India

Those wedged between India's welfare and market-driven economies have little social security even as they work under precarious employment conditions

income gap

G-20 summit At Turkey: India has a lot to learn and deliver

The group, as a whole, will have to contend with adopting the BEPS framework and fulfilling the commitments made under the Brisbane Action Plan 2014

Monitoring Mahals

Satellite imagery could help the cause of preserving heritage buildings

Editorial: Climate curse

Climate change exacerbates global poverty

Editorial: Guaranteeing that title

Biggest boost to Doing Business will come from this

Column: America’s education bubble

The return on investment in education is falling, because the economy is growing slowly and changing rapidly

Column: India and China among the G-20

The motivations for the two countries behind wooing their G-20 peers or the G-7 nations are very different

india china g20

Letters to the editor

Helping banks to recover

Building India’s skills advantage

Our skill development mission will not succeed if potential trainees do not see high returns on their investment

Column: The growing power of digital diplomacy

In a remarkably short period of time, digital diplomacy has become a key tool for both generating and leveraging soft power

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