BJP’s Sonia Gandhi call augurs well for GST Bill and Budget session

The success of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in getting reform Bills passed in Parliament heavily depends on how they tackle Sonia Gandhi-led Congress party as the move

Bot Utopia

Automation could one day eliminate the need for human labour.

Editorial: Forget the gas, step on it

PM meeting with experts has to result in action

Oil prices

Editorial: Restructuring Railways

Prabhu right, Board needs revamp to be effective.

indian railway

Column: The price we pay for procrastination

The best reassurance to a nation shaken by the recent terror attacks is to notify NCTC forthwith.

Strengthen household saving data for effective policy-making

Despite the constraints, it is not impossible to collect reliable data on income, expenditure and savings.

Making labour laws modern

It will take skilful political management by the Modi government to ensure a speedy passage of labour law-related Bills.

India labour regime

There is life after Paris

India has the opportunity to choose an alternative, cleaner growth path. We should focus on policy reforms that address institutional failures to roll out low-carbon infrastructure.

Restructuring Indian Railways: Suresh Prabhu right, Board needs revamp to be effective 

It is, of course, true that the Indian Railways incur around Rs 30,000 crore annually by way of subsidies to passengers and, to the extent this is paid from the central budget, its finances will be be

Suresh Prabhu on river interlinking project

Twitter Character

The micro-blogging site mulls over allowing 1,000-word posts.

Editorial: Getting Railways on track

A regulator to fix tariffs is an idea long overdue.

Editorial: Demarcating policy space

Sovereign right, not fairness, to guide e-tail debate.

Column: Mid-year review; an essay in regrets

The realisation that economy could be demand-constrained came a bit too late.

PoEM can safeguard taxpayers’ interest

It is a welcome move in the prevailing industrial environment, where Indian companies are seeking to expand their global footprint.

A bold disinvestment strategy needed

A 10-year plan to divest at least 50% PSU assets is required. The business of the government is public infrastructure, not public companies.

Flipkart, others get breather as govt says ‘marketplace’ not recognized, but sovereign has right to make policy 

Though leading ecommerce players like Amazon and Flipkart appear to be violating the spirit of the ecommerce law which prevents FDI in firms which serve retail customers, the government has just invok

Editorial: Policy sans even data odd

Asking auto firms for data, truck restrictions good

Editorial: Do sops drive investment?

That’s govt gamble in extending phase-out period

BCCI 2.0

The Lodha panel recommendations could usher in key changes in India’s cricket administration

Column: Free, but basic – The net as a public good

Trai must unpick the analytics embedded in the arguments for and against Free Basics

Infratweets: Prescription for PPPs

Kelkar Comm on PPPs presses right buttons—sector regulators, tailored concessions, 3P India, provision for renegotiation etc. Welcome.

Right policy push can help aviation grow 20 pct

Low ATF prices and a pro-reform policy could set the stage for future growth

Heavy duty network to tap freight, passenger traffic

Dedicated Freight Corridor, followed by high-speed railway, is an investment in the right direction, at the right time

More restrictions on trucks by SC make clear odd-even isn’t the solution 

Also disclose emission data for each model as some smaller engines emit as much pollution as larger ones 

Editorial: PoEM, from verse to worse

The potential for taxpayer harassment is huge

Editorial: Mutual funds go online

Aadhaar-based financial innovation at work

Changing Colours

The Indian consumer now prefers durables in subtler shades

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