Vodafone retro tax case: Here’s some bad news for a govt trying to reassure investors

Though the government’s decision to not repeal the retrospective tax when it came to power two years ago was always unfortunate, prime minister Narendra Modi and finance minister Arun Jaitley came u

Vodafone India

IPL vs sugarcane: That’s really the equation in Maharashtra

Maharashtra's annual sugar production of 10 million tonnes is the problem, not the IPL matches.

Clean Printing

Chemically active structure developed by researchers can neutralise pollutants

Greece’s problems could be Britain’s

Some fudge can be found that stops Greece going bust in July but postpones the real decisions till UK referendum

A long haul

The Bangalore ITAT order attempts to settle the anomaly of extension of stay of demand beyond 365 days

Eavesdropper: 15 paise richer

Vodafone India seems to have taken financial settlements very seriously. Last month, the telecom operator issued a cheque of 15 paise to a customer in Delhi.

Corridors of Power: Just issuing 100 crore Aadhaars not enough

Utilisation of Aadhaar in disbursement of subsidies and entitlements has been slow and patchy, and there is hardly any sign of a major change in this in the NDA regime also

Enhancing the transmission process

Restricting repo rate cut to 25bps an appropriate step; focus on liquidity to improve transmission

Congress must support GST, outsmart Modi on development agenda

The party must ask and extend support for higher-deeper-wider reforms than what the Modi government can deliver

gst bill rate

Corridors of Power: Just issuing 100 crore Aadhaars not enough

Utilisation of Aadhaar in disbursement of subsidies and entitlements has been slow and patchy, and there is hardly any sign of a major change in this in the NDA regime also

aadhaar bill

India’s best

The NIRF provides a clear picture on India’s leading educational institutions

Editorial: You can run…

Panama Papers, HSBC list … tax-evaders in trouble

Editorial: Watch interest rates fall

Changed liquidity stance means sharper rate cuts

Sharp rise in cash leakages

It has added to liquidity deficit, but the mix of reasons suggest it might not be as big a problem in FY17

Letters to the editor

The reason for dwindling deposits can be traced to unattractive interest rate offered to depositors by banks The current rate of interest on fixed deposits or term deposits is disappointing for the re

Infratweets: Relaxed norms for ECBs

More foreign money for infra sector: RBI makes it easier for infra cos & infra-lending NBFCs to raise ECBs. Minimum maturity of 5 yrs.


Over the barrel: How to sell HELP

New hydrocarbon policy is an improvement. But the government must address 'softer' operating issues

Monetary policy: RBI rejigs liquidity framework

This policy could be a game-changer in providing a new direction to monetary policy strategy, rather than stance

Raghuram Rajan

Union Budget: Pulling the rug under states’ feet?

Now that instant reactions and discussions about the Union Budget are over, the time is opportune to take a more considered view.

Arun Jaitley

India to be the second country to house LIGO project

A CENTURY is what it took for scientists to prove predictions of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity on gravitational waves and now India is all set to become the centre of his theory’s

albert einstein albert einstein letters

Editorial: Dialling arbitrage

Given the history of allegations against telcos for misclassifying revenues to take advantage of lower fees on different kind of traffic, it is amazing that the government plans to worsen the mess ins

Compulsory Retirement: Cracking down on babus

Babus may get 3-4 times the salaries of their private sector counterparts, especially at the lower-to-medium levels, but the security of tenure that they enjoyed is now under threat—a study for the

Media and entertainment: Digital to bloom further

India’s media and entertainment industry is all set for a paradigm shift, with digital advertising spends expected to grow at an annual rate of 33.5% over the next five years, as the overall industr

Pharma firms beware, CCI is inquiring

The Competition Commission of India’s (CCI) order dated February 10 imposing, for the first time, a penalty of R74.63 crore on a major pharmaceutical company (at a rate of only 3% of the average tur

Old phones in Apple’s new strategy

The Apple headquarters at 1, Infinite Loop in California’s Cupertino, is a bit like an Apple store. It is minimalist and there is not much to see. It’s also a bit like Apple itself.

apple inc
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