OTT, VoIP and net neutrality

OTT service providers and network operators share a collective interest in ensuring recurring investment in high quality and high speed networks

Smartphones to Cloud, world went through many revolutions, Internet of Things is next up

In recent times, there have been several revolutions. Smartphones have changed the way we do business. Then there is cloud. IoT will be the next

P Chidambaram not surprised Kashmir on boil; here’s why

I am not surprised that the Kashmir valley is on the boil. The surprise is that it has taken so many months after the demise of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for the people to rise in revolt.

Narendra Modi’s cabinet reshuffle, Smriti Irani, Piyush Goyal, more; an insider’s account

Many in the BJP were puzzled that Prakash Javadekar was appointed a Cabinet minister rather than Piyush Goyal, Dharmendra Pradhan and Nirmala Sitharaman, who are considered favourites of Narendra Modi

At the Open Championship, shades of 2013 triumph for Phil Mickelson

My career…is built on failure,” he said. And then paused, seemingly to introspect on that self-reflection. Hardly the sort of candour from a player on the eve of a Major championship...

GST discussions an eyewash, time for Congress to support the Bill

The party now appears to be agreeing for capping of the tax rate in the statute as against its earlier demand of the rate ceiling be specified in the Constitution itself.

Santosh Tiwari

Why Jan Dhan Yojana, other schemes can’t be a success until banks resolve this problem

Jan-Dhan and other schemes cannot be a success till banks don’t resolve the interoperability problem

Why it is good for Narendra Modi govt to take power away from ICAI, MCI

From Satyam to Kingfisher, most examples of corporate fraud have shown up the auditor as either unequal to the task or even complicit—and this applies not to small fly-by-night auditors, but many of

Letters to the editor

In the story titled “QuikrHomes on top floor”, published in The Financial Express edition of July 11, the revenue figure for Magicbricks.com was mentioned as R9.03 crore for 2014-15 as per the fil

How Krishi Kalyan cess vitiates against Make in India, Startup India

The cess vitiates against Make-in-India, Startup India and even the ease of doing business in the country

Message to BJP: Take the moral high ground in UP Elections

With good rainfall, the gods’ message to the BJP is: Take the moral high ground in the UP polls, and win with honour

D Subbarao Speaks: Sheds new light on government-RBI relations

The timing of former RBI Governor Duvvuri Subbarao’s book is fortuitous since it comes on the heels of current Governor Raghuram Rajan calling it quits and on the eve of his successor being announce

Govt must strip ICAI, ICSI, MCI of regulatory job fast

If the ICAI, ICSI and MCI are focused just on improving the standards in their respective professions and cease to act as regulators—and independent regulators are given charge of the regulatory job

Santosh Tiwari

Rajasthan’s landmark land title law could unclog courts, change lives

If a landmark new Rajasthan law on providing clear property deeds to millions succeeds, it could be a model for other states, transform property markets and unclog the country’s courts - if implemen

1987 Hashimpura killings planned by officials: Ex-cop

The massacre of 42 young Muslims at Hashimpura in Uttar Pradesh in 1987 was masterminded by some police and civilian officials, says a former senior police officer in a new book.

Enter Helicopter Money: Global central banks’ post Quantitative Easing (QE) era ammunition

Move over Brexit. The big talk in the financial markets right now is the meeting held between former US fed chairman Ben Bernanke with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his key economic advisors

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Skilling India: As unemployment soars; here’s a solution

Programmes must go beyond training; they have to work on every link of the employment chain

Here’s what can give Internet access to 500 mn Indians

A combination of data/time and data transfer or sponsoring could give internet access to over 500 mn Indians

Coated silicon nano-particles can solve heat sink problem

Coated silicon nano-particles can solve heat-sink problem

Vijay Mallya, United Spirits case: Was Diageo covering up?

Govt must step in to ascertain just what happened

India to get 5G after 2022; here’s why

India currently has 15% of its 600,000 towers connected on optical fibre, as compared to 65-80% in USA, China, Japan and Korea. Upgrading this connectivity to 100% will require significant investment

From Narendra Modi claims in 2005 to GSPC status in 2016, MD JN Singh explains

In the case of hydraulic fracking till the time it is not done, you would never know the results. In the exploration industry, the first three-four wells always provide you insights. After the fourth

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Time for government to step in Diageo-Mallya allegations and take action

How did Diageo give Mallya a sweetheart deal when allegations of siphoning off were made much earlier?

Vijay Mallya

India needs to shed ‘hesitation of history’ in order to grow its exports

Though Brexit is the latest threat to globalization, as chief economic advisor (CEA) Arvind Subramanian pointed out at the India Policy Forum Lecture on Tuesday

Arvind Subramanian, indian economy, Chinese economy, china economy, economic activity, Chief Economic Advisor

Distorting SUC, Trai-style

Trai just muddying the waters, junk its suggestions

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