After Narendra Modi’s Startup India function, Makemytrip’s Deep Kalra figures in service ‘taxtortion’ drama

Going by the observations of the Delhi High Court in the arrest of a senior official of travel portal makemytrip.com, the taxman’s tendency to be coercive doesn’t seem to have reduced.

CSR PatchWork

Data from new report shows CSR becoming a substitute for poor governance, a shadow tax on India Inc

Editorial: No free lunches from VCs

As Q4 funding halves, important lessons for start-ups.

Editorial: Judicial consistency at HZL

How many times will the case be heard, and why?

Column: Canvassing China; China spooks Asian trade

Intra-regional trade, with China as a key player, has been the biggest contributor of trade growth for Asia.

Column: Registering death and birth

The varying registration machinery across states is one of the reasons why civil registration lacks efficiency.

Verdict corner: Should ITSC direct a special audit?

In a decision aimed at clarifying how the Income Tax Settlement Commission is to proceed on tax matters, the Delhi High Court has held that the commission does not have the power to direct a special a

Differential Pricing for Data Services: Telcos’ stance will earn them consumer distrust

They must adapt to the disruptive changes that technological innovations are bringing to the commercial landscape.

Editorial: Back to the future

Sensex can even fall to lower than pre-Modi levels

Editorial: Golden opportunity gone

Gold bonds a dud without market pricing & liquidity

Poor Insights

The problem isn’t the wealth of the rich, it is the disruptive changes happening in the labour market

Column: India’s growth – Possible futures

Growth at 7-8% might not stave off social unrest that could be associated with a failure to create enough jobs

Infratweets: Sunny Rajasthan

Raj leader in Solar with 1264 mw installed capacity. Next Guj at 1024. Then MP 679. TN 419, Maha 379, AP 357. Other states need to pull up.


Odd-even formula not a sustainable solution

The number of cars and two-wheelers on the roads would reduce automatically if the public transport system is made more efficient, frequent and elegant

Odd even rule

Why 1% tax on stock exchange turnover makes sense

This Rs 8,57,500 crore per year will enable the government to substantially reduce direct and indirect taxes currently levied, thereby inducing additional investment from corporates and individuals, w

WEF 2016: India to take centre stage at the forum

If we look at the Indian infrastructure sector, it alone is ready to attract investments to the tune of around 1.7 trillion dollar in a scenario where globally there is dearth of good projects.

Editorial: Making life less taxing

First Easwar report focuses on big-litigation items

Editorial: Starting-up India

Right moves by govt, extend reach to non-tech firms

Juicy Colas

Hard to implement plan, but expect more fruit-based drinks

Tackling IT troubles ahead of GST regime and in the upcoming Budget

The sector needs a specific policy to address teething problems faced by technology start-ups & SMEs

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Record caFe: We’re not yet ready for PoEM, says Mukesh Butani

As the finance minister readies for his third Budget, Mukesh Butani, managing partner at BMR Legal, has some important suggestions.

Bit by bit: When micro payments think big

Thanks to their popularity and convenience, mobile wallets could plug the gap credit cards could never fill in India

Feminism in Indian context

We are caught in a juxtaposition of contrasting opinions, grappling with a dystopia of mindsets more regressive than ever

Tribes Survey

The new survey duplicates SECC efforts, no doubt, but will also help plan better for the country’s tribals.

Editorial: Settling tax disputes

Dispute resolution system needs an overhaul.

Editorial: SUUTI, FCI and the fisc

FM can raise spending and meet deficit target.

GNA Axles IPO, BSE Sensex

Column: 2016; Year of turbulence?

Collapsing commodity prices, mounting corporate-debt burden and falling equity prices form a lethal combination

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