CAG’s spaced-out losses

While the government can be expected to delay the payment of various arbitral awards from overseas tribunals by challenging them in local courts—Isro’s arm Antrix has already done that with the $6

Stunted growth: India needs to tackle poor access to sanitation for over half the population if it wants to curb stunting

That India has the highest number of children who suffer from stunting—a form of malnutrition in which the ideal physical and cognitive development is impaired irreversibly during the first 1,000 da

Educating India, changing India

Change in India is a complex process of introducing new ideas, dealing with multiple interest groups, and trying to reshape institutions through which activities take place. Nowhere is the need for ch

Cities at Crossroads: A looming crisis

The Green Revolution accentuated the need for secure water for the high yielding varieties of food grains. However, inadequate investments and poor planning and maintenance of the irrigation infrastr

Way cleared for flat SUC

Given the multiplicity of spectrum usage charges (SUC) based on how much spectrum is held, moving to a flat rate was always critical—right now, a 3% rate is charged for spectrum holdings of up to

Telecom: How to make TDSAT more relevant for those who use it

The TDSAT was created in 2000 with the mandate to hear disputes relating to the telecom sector and appeals from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), and until 2004, the TDSAT performed pr

The globalisation disconnect

With world trade shifting to a decidedly lower trajectory, political resistance to globalisation has intensified

Govt gets second Antrix blow, Hague tribunal rules against govt, damages case to start

The government suffered its second blow in the Antrix-Devas satellite deal that was cancelled in February 2011, with an arbitration tribunal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) ruling...

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Telecom: Way cleared for flat spectrum usage charges

Given the multiplicity of spectrum usage charges (SUC) that different telecom players pay according to how much spectrum they hold, it was always critical to move to one flat rate...

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan move to appoint Gita Gopinath welcome

Kerala chief minister and CPM Polit Bureau member Pinarayi Vijayan’s move to appoint 44-year-old Harvard economist Gita Gopinath as financial advisor to the state government took the party by surpri

The Arun Jaitley doctrine: Govt must resist urge to control everything

Many of his colleagues in the government would do well to read finance minister Arun Jaitley’s Justice Konda Madhva Reddy memorial lecture where he compares the pre- and post-1991 period.

A teflon Salman Khan: Actor gets away in poaching case

The Rajasthan High Court has acquitted Bollywood badshah Salman Khan in two cases of alleged poaching—of a blackbuck and a chinkara—on grounds of the evidence not matching up, but as in the case o

Govt writes back to FE: We care for the poor, Sunilji

Monday’s column by Sunil Jain in The Financial Express (goo.gl/T2L1XT) raised the question of open access of electricity where it was claimed that power prices are high because open access is not im

Fighting pollution in India: How drastic calls for action don’t work

A couple of days ago I was waiting for my turn at the local paan (beetle nut) shop.

Auto industry

How to keep your business afloat

Understanding the dynamics of business environment and being able to bolster robustness can mean the difference between survival and extinction

How ICF can give major filip to Indian Railways, Make in India

ICF created a new record of manufacturing 2,005 coaches in FY16, more than the combined output of two other coach manufacturing units Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, Punjab and Modern Coach Factory,

FeFirstTake: PM Modi must give Startup India a CSR boost

Allowing top companies to fund incubators through the corporate social responsibility (CSR) obligation can help in promoting the startup ecosystem in a big way.

Santosh Tiwari

Techies in trouble? Demand for engineering graduates to fall

Tough times seem to be ahead for India’s engineering graduates as automation is making many jobs redundant in information technology (IT) companies.

Booster shot for AYUSH: WHO says 57% allopathic doctors in India don’t have medical degree

A lot has been written, and rightly, over the shortage of doctors in India, around 80 or so per lakh population versus 130 in even China.

five things about health insurance that you should know

When Piyush meets Prabhu: Freeing Indian Railways from SEBs critical

Given how a large part of India’s emission-reduction commitments at Paris—2030 emission-intensity is to be cut by a third of 2005 levels—are based on what the Railways is going to be able to ach

Letters TO the editor

Beware of pesticides

Foreign tax credit: Some Income rules fail to deal with complications

A foreign tax credit (FTC) is allowed to a taxpayer by his/her country of residence to mitigate the impact of double taxation.

Give us cheap power, Piyushji

Not only have we been told India is a surplus power nation, those on Twitter will see a tweet from power minister, Piyush Goyal, everyday on how much electricity is available on various power exchange

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Mitochondrial transplant a ‘fountain of youth’? Exciting possibility thrown up

Surprising findings from mitochondrial transplants and smart sutures have pushed medicine’s frontiers recently

GST and e-commerce: How tax collection burden can hit India

Recently, the draft of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) law was released by the finance ministry. While there are no major surprises in the structure of the law from what was earlier envisaged by the

Navjot Singh Sidhu exit, Priyanka Gandhi clout to Salman Khan’s Modi govt setback, an insider’s account

The BJP leadership was not caught unawares by Navjot Singh Sidhu’s resignation from the Rajya Sabha. For months the party had tried to appease Sidhu, but it was prevented from providing any acceptab

BCCI reforms: Radical overhaul of structure, functioning in the offing

Justice RM Lodha, the former chief justice of India, who headed the three-member panel with ex-Supreme Court judges Ashok Bhan and RV Raveendran by his side, has become unpopular among BCCI members

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