End of the oil age

It will diminish in significance in a reconfigured energy system

What 2016 holds for India’s real estate sector

Today, the world sees India as a land of opportunity for business and investment. We look at how 2015 was for the real estate sector, and crystal-gaze into 2016.

Real estate - residential prices

Across the aisle: New Year resolutions for the NDA government

Who or what is the most omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient entity in the country today? Undoubtedly, the Modi government, or so it is believed by a cross-section of the people

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Over the top: High five

Five golf destinations that ought to be on your bucket list

inside track

In 2015, Narendra Modi visited 25 countries and spent 53 days travelling abroad. In 2016, it appears that PM Modi will cut down on his foreign travels and concentrate on fixing contentious issues back

Editorial: You’re on your own, guys

2015’s lesson for developing nations has some upside

Editorial: Workers remain hostage

Excess charge by EPFO/ESI jumps to Rs 10,000 crore

Beti Bachao

India’s child sex ratio is now the lowest since 1961; reversing this will be Beti Bachao’s true test

Column: From seeds to ‘agrivisory’

In the competitive seeds market, MNCs like Monsanto see value in positioning themselves as agri-solution providers

Column: Indian telecom evolution set to gallop

2016 onwards, ecosystem collaboration will be key as the era of 10-12 service providers draws to a close

Digital India needs reforms in satellite communications

With the liberalisation of satellite communication, the first phase of broadband deployment under Digital India is possible for all 2.5 lakh gram panchayats in just 12-18 months

Data Drive: Getting high on 4G

With Reliance Jio already doing a soft launch for its 90,000 employees, 2016 will see the battle for acquiring India’s 4G data consumer.

Mr Jaitley, workers still remain hostage to EPFO/ESI 10 months after budget promise

When finance minister Arun Jaitley spoke, in his budget, of both EPFO and ESI having hostages rather than clients, it is not clear if even he knew the extent of how bad things are.

EPF0 makeover

Editorial: Brand New India

A host of desi companies are taking on the competition from abroad and winning

Editorial: Will PEs flock to India Inc?

Certainly indebted firms will be on the block, but if growth is impaired, FDI may not be so interested

Letters to the editor

LPG reform irrational Apropos of the editorial “Modi’s LPG ‘reforms’”(FE, December 30), the union government’s move to restrict the flow of subsidy on LPG to consumers having taxable house

Column: A misdirected tax missile

This will discourage MNCs from locating their headquarters or regional functions in India

Column: More pain for emerging markets

India’s ‘policy space’, however, is expanded by commodity deflation, in contrast to most other EMEs

Column: Unleashing our growth potential

The slogan for policy-makers this year should be Debate, Decide, Do and Deliver

Smart planning for smart cities

A smart city is not a destination, but a journey of several smart steps which will help change the way we live

Top initiatives of last year that will shape India 2016

From discom revamp and the Sagarmala ports project to Smart Cities and Amaravati, the government push for infrastructure augurs an upswing for the sector

If PM Narendra Modi plays it right, 2016 could be the year PE funds flock to India

Given India Inc’s extreme indebtedness, the central bank’s diktat that banks need to quickly clean up their balance sheets and the fact that investment levels cannot rise until this is fixed, the

narendra modi

Will India make it – 2016? Indian innovation ready for prime time

In India, what we have, thanks to Aadhaar and the India Stack, are open platforms that can be mass-innovated upon

Will india make it – 2016? From jugaad to innovation

The start-ups, the unicorns … the result of a transforming India as well as what will transform India

Will india make it – 2016? Big strides in software products

We need products, not services, to be global leaders, and the good news is Druva, Freshdesk, Capillary, Rategain, Savari and Julia are all either global leaders or the primary challengers in their res

Will india make it – 2016? Amazon scores, Paytm morphs…

The sales momentum was breathtaking, Amazon looked like it was forging ahead of rivals to become the market leader and it became clear pure-play wallets are an unworkable proposition.

Will india make it – 2016? Don’t go broke for growth

Preserving macro stability in emerging markets may entail living with lower growth in 2016

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