Reliance Jio offers to transform telco paradigm in India; here’s how

A sign of just how disruptive the RJio entry into the telecom market is going to be can be seen from the share prices of the industry—while Bharti Airtel fell 6.4% and Idea 10.5%, even Reliance shar

An opportunity for Egypt and IMF

With rapid urbanisation, the demand of potable water in Delhi is increasing at an alarming rate. Available potable water is not sufficient to meet the growing demands of Delhi.

Rainwater harvesting: Here’s how Delhi can cure its woes

Chennai and Bangalore have demonstrated the efficacy of a large city adopting rainwater harvesting. Delhi could try giving financial incentives for increasing its adoption

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Letters to the editor

Apropos of the recent column “Choking the city” by Isher Judge Ahluwalia, the fact that only 25% of the garbage collected is processed and treated, with the rest ending up in the disposal sites sh

Entering the data era: With free voice, RJio changes telco paradigm

A sign of just how disruptive the RJio entry into the telecom market is going to be can be seen from the share prices of the industry – while Bharti Airtel fell 6.4% and Idea 10.8%, even Reliance sh

Water crisis set to became nightmare for North India; here’s why

For India, a looming freshwater crisis—the World Bank already puts the country’s per capita renewable freshwater resources at less than a fifth of the world, far behind the other four in the list

Household savings: Indian homes bid goodbye to gold, opt for equity

Though CSO data on overall FY16 savings are not out, RBI data on household financial savings are encouraging. Compared to FY12, gross financial savings of households are up from 10.4% of gross nationa

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Bharti Airtel takes on Reliance Jio offer; here’s how

With RJio getting 4 million subscribers in the “test” phase itself, it is not surprising market leader Bharti Airtel has chosen to respond in the manner it has, by slashing...

Global growth: Still Made-in-China

Despite all the hand-wringing over the vaunted China slowdown, the Chinese economy remains the single-largest contributor to world GDP growth.

How unlicenced slaughter houses pose grave problem in India

“All urban slaughter-houses as well as the butchers and flayers working there should be licensed, and entry to slaughter-houses strictly regulated.

Surrogacy Bill against live-in partners, divorcees, single sex couples; here’s how

The Surrogacy Regulation Bill, 2016, cleared by the Cabinet last week, proposes a radical change from imposing a blanket ban on commercial surrogacy to allowing only couples who have been married for

Here’s how retail sector can make hay while GST shines

Of the sectors which could benefit from the introduction of GST, one of them surely is retail.

How Brexit will impact India’s exports; all you want to know in 4 points

Beset by a protracted economic recovery, rising cost of massive European Union (EU) bureaucracy, and migrant crisis, British citizens opted for an exit from the EU (now famous as Brexit).

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Constructive work by govt is what drove up construction stocks

Given how the fear of the CVC and the CAG forces government officials to litigate any case – from tax disputes to simple contractual ones – right till the Supreme Court, the Cabinet has done well

Smriti Irani masterstroke: Keep private deemed universities out of CAG ambit

While there is a need to curb unscrupulous practices in privately run deemed universities, CAG audit on all of them would be a disincentive for the serious players. Former HRD minister Smriti Irani di

Santosh Tiwari

‘PM Narendra Modi must reject Ramdas Athawale’s 25% general caste quota proposal’

Union minister of state for social justice Ramdas Athawale should have suggested innovative ways to provide better education to the economically weaker that is more critical for getting jobs than addi

Santosh Tiwari

Monsoon in Delhi, John Kerry woes, and a problem unattended for years

Surely, being stuck in a rain-induced traffic jam for an hour wouldn’t have been quite the welcome US secretary of state John Kerry would have expected when he arrived in Delhi on Monday evening to

Ahead of Apple iPhone7 launch, US tech giant hit by $14.5 bn ‘iTax’; US-EU tax war fear rise

While Apple aficionados are waiting with bated breath for the iPhone 7 launch on September 7, CEO Tim Cook will be more worried about the European Commission’s (EC) $14.5 billion tax order.

Social business gets a Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilekani, Vijay Kelkar boost

While ‘the poor as a business opportunity’ was something that got firmly embedded in our consciousness only when FMCG firms started selling large volumes of shampoo in sachets, it wasn’t until M

Charges against Trai reflects immature thinking; here’s why

Recent media reports indicate that the cellular-mobile services providers association, Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), has accused Trai of bias in favour of some particular operator.

Managing risk: Here’s how to handle foreign exchange exposure

Managing risk is widely acknowledged as one of the key aspects of running any business.

Here’s why flaws in National IPR Policy must be fixed

The much-awaited National IPR Policy was announced in May this year. It has been applauded for recognising that “IPR promotes advancement in science and technology, arts and culture” and visualisi

Are we being choked by our own garbage? Check out the frightening prospects

Few people realise how close we are to being choked by our own garbage! The generation of garbage in our cities has been growing and the projections in the years ahead are frightening.

Before iPhone7, the iTax: Irish tax case could even trigger US-EU tax war

While Apple aficionados are waiting with bated breath for the iPhone 7 launch on September 7, its CEO Tim Cook is waiting for the European Commission’s (EC) multi-billion dollar tax order later toda

Nandan Nilekani, Ratan Tata and Vijay Kelkar venture will be a force multiplier for lending to the poor

While the poor as a business opportunity was something that got firmly embedded in our consciousness only when FMCG firms started selling large volumes of shampoo in sachet packs, it wasn’t until Mu

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ISRO’s Dual Mode Ramjet engine success boosts India’s space transportation reputation

DMRJ success bolsters its reputation as a provider of efficient, low-cost space transportation

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