Column: Implications of doing away with tax exemptions

Most tax incentive provisions in the I-T Act are intended to catalyse investments in sectors focal to achieving socio-economic growth targets. Eliminating all extant tax incentives could prove counter

GST powering along, leaving power behind

Leaving coal, power and natural gas out of the GST Bill increases the cost of power and burdens the economy

Shorting telecom: Wanting 4 times the 2015 auction value will kill telcos

With the telecom industry in the kind of trouble it is in right now, any government looking to help revive its fortunes would have addressed the high cost of spectrum...

Editorial: Moving beyond bad banks

Powerful signal if a few bad promoters eased out

Editorial: Alphabet vs Apple

The battle to be the world’s most valuable company

Puzzling Padmas

The Padma roster, in recent years, has been drawing attention more for featuring questionable choices

Column: Bad bank vs SUUTI

Government not even ready to sell SUUTI shares, where’s the question of replacing bad promoters?

Infratweets: Powering a new tariff policy

New Tariff Policy introduces clauses to pressurise Regulators to discharge their tariff-setting role more professionally and rigorously.


Towards a taxpayer-friendly income-tax regime

The report indicates a refreshingly strong focus on reducing the undue hardships faced by taxpayers without impacting the tax base or revenue collection

Editorial: Poor quarter ahead

Early birds don’t suggest any quick turnaround

Home Run

Compensation to home-buyers for delayed delivery of houses must cover at least their interest burden

Columns: From banning tenancy to reviving it

Existing legislation, meant to protect poor cultivators, has turned against them

The making of China’s ‘paramount’ leader

While President Xi Jinping has set out to fashion the China Dream of a moderately prosperous society by 2020, “disappearances” contradicting rule of law, bureaucratic inertia and paralysis affecti

GST should be a trade-facilitation law, not one that inhibits trade

A good GST is still possible by implementing common rates across all goods and services in all states

Will FM Arun Jaitley finally scrap retrospective tax in the Budget?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hinted at the closure of this contentious chapter, but without resolution of high-profile cases Vodafone and Cairn, this can’t happen.

Editorial: Living in interesting times

Global volatility to get worse, forget 7%-plus growth

yuan to us dollar

Editorial: FDI, the sole bright spot

At $43bn in 9 months, on course to be the best year


Unwarranted delivery

Caesarian births in India are way above the levels WHO holds necessary

Column: China’s stock-market red herring

Land and labour law flexibility, and a host of other reforms, will determine the country’s fate, not its stock market

china stock market

Column: New FSSAI rules bring welcome change

Approval yoke on proprietary foods goes, but ensuring safety is now food industry’s burden

Drawing lessons from the China trouble

India has to improve income distribution to ensure that consumption keeps increasing, or else we would encounter the same challenges China is facing

Adjusting to new economic realities

Innovation will determine the way ahead for businesses as they deal with competition and evolving business models

‘My birth is my fatal accident’

Reservation’ for the socially and educationally backward classes in schools and colleges brought Rohith Chakravarthi Vemula to the University of Hyderabad...

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Inside track

The demand for the construction of a Ram Janmabhoomi temple at Ayodhya has been around for long. Now, a new movement has emerged to build a Sita Janmasthan temple at Sitamarhi in Bihar. Prabhat Jha, t

Done in by mediocrity: India’s limited-overs team in crisis

India’s limited-overs team is in crisis. The BCCI must take note and act in earnest

Editorial: Road to resolution

Give banks pari passu rights, based on NHAI valuation

Editorial: Sow freedom, reap harvest

Freeing markets the key to getting farms on track

Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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