Column: What is the future for the young ?

Populist policies on higher education betray the youth and their potential.

Union Budget 2016-17: Top 5 issues that can improve economic environment

The govt must find a way to get back on the path to fiscal consolidation while increasing public investment.


Budget 2016-17 should step up capital expenditure, implement tax reforms

The upcoming Budget should step up capital expenditure and implement tax reforms.

Looking forward to a big bang Budget

The global economy is in trouble, but India is attracting positive comment. The finance minister must make the most of the moment.

Barbie girl

The doll’s new body-types could help young girls cultivate a healthy perception of their bodies.

Editorial: The coming PDS reforms

Most ration shops in AP do Aadhaar-authentication.

lpg gas

Editorial: Pricing that data

By one estimate, it was reckoned the spoils to be shared by telcos could be close to $40 billion in another ten years from around $4 billion in FY15, a near ten-fold growth.

data tariffs, data tariffs ban, whatsapp data tariffs, facebook data tariffs

Column: From Plate to Plough; Bolstering financial inclusion

Scrap the interest subvention scheme for the farm sector—lest it explodes as a scam—and adopt crop insurance.

For Indian Railways, the customer must always come first

With the rail network no longer being the preferred mode of transport for the cost-conscious private sector, all stops must be pulled to get them on board.

INDIAN railways

M&As and competition law: Small-target exemption must stay

An increase in the thresholds would update it in line with the changes in the economy.

Institutional reform of I-T dept: Taxman must avoid raising arbitrary demands

Real reform will set in only when officers, at all levels, stop regarding taxpayers as potential tax evaders and see them as citizens with equal rights.

China and India: In same choppy waters, says P Chidambaram

India became independent in 1947; the Communist Party of China (CPC) proclaimed the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Inside track

Partners, not wives

The ire of the Coorgi golfer

For a taste of post-colonial golf, head to the quaint layouts in Madikeri

Editorial: MAP-ping tax reform

Good start to resolving transfer-pricing row with the US

Editorial: GM is the right niti

India can’t afford to not use GM technology

Column: Sri Lanka’s rebirth

It will need balanced affirmative-action programmes that address the various dimensions of economic disparity

Column: Undermining a good regulatory system

Trai is being subverted by a tactic of pressurising adopted by some telecom stakeholders

Data Drive: Biggest spectrum auction ever

In what could be the biggest ever auction of telecom spectrum—expected in the middle of the year—telecom regulator Trai has announced the base price in seven bands.

MAP-ping tax reform: Good start to resolving transfer pricing row with US

Though the use of the retrospective tax on Vodafone and Cairn tend to grab the headlines, a large part of the ‘tax terror’ in India has really been the contribution of the high-pitched transfer pr

Editorial: Budget for change

PM pushing ministers augurs well for Make-in-India

Editorial: The dragon’s coming

Chinese investment has started to flow in big time

Artificial Win

Machine learning beats the human brain in a boardgame far more complex than chess

Column: What’s Trai playing at?

No real rationale for spectrum pricing, and changing spectrum block sizes also arbitrary

Column: Starting up India

The two key inputs for Startup India are going to be financial and human capital

Food caFe: My network is my networth, says Bala V Balachandran

The founder & dean of Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, tells Sushila Ravindranath how the school, in a short span of a decade, has evolved into one of the best in the country

What role can user-centred research play?

The ability to offer more, along with high functional value, by manufacturing efficiently at the right price is one of the keys to succeed in emerging markets

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