Union Budget: Bring down the corporate tax rate to 25 pct

Budget FY16 must also lower MAT from 18% to 12%. Lower taxes and investment allowance will lead to better tax compliance and generate larger internal resources for growth

An open letter to Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal

An open letter to Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal...

Editorial: New normal

A GDP growth of 7% seems to equal the old 5%

Green Action

India must work on a green policy framework before international pressure to do so mounts

Paanch saal Arvind Kejriwal ki AAP: Delhi ko gussa kyon aaya

Narendra Modi should not see the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) victory as relevant only for Delhi; Arvind Kejriwal should not see it as mattering beyond Delhi

Column: Firing up oil & gas exploration

The government should extend the 80 IB tax benefit to all producing oil and natural gas blocks

Union Budget: Key Numbers to Watch

Overestimation puts pressure on the taxman and forces spending squeeze

Allow liberal imports of oil-seeds

This will reduce the heavy burden from importing oil and facilitate the thriving of oil-cake exports

Infratweets: Move to an infra budget

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) will compete with private sector players for the new greenfield airport...

Editorial: The HSBC lists

Time to shine the torch on the banks as well

Editorial: New niti

New chapter begins in cooperative federalism

Google: No Broken Glass

Don’t write off Google’s flagship wearable yet. There are many who are still betting on its version 2.0

Column: Power sector in a fix

With the consumer already pinched by high tariffs, pressure on state govts to provide more subsidies will mount

Column: Correct the duty structure for manufacturing

Budget FY16 must tackle the inverted duty structure in industries like food packaging and telecom equipment

We don’t want to diversify in a hurry: Varun Berry, MD, Brittania Industries

Britannia appears to be back at the peak of its powers under managing director Varun Berry...

Bit by Bit: The smartphone effect

Could smartphones be resurrecting the very devices they killed off?

Editorial: That city state of mind

India’s biggest urban infra project gets going

Editorial: Don’t blame just PSBs

Govt and sluggish legal system equally responsible

Mettle of Steel

South Korean scientists have invented a new steel variant that is much lighter and just as strong

Column: QE worries to sustain FX buying

RBI will likely continue to err on the side of caution until markets price in Fed rate hikes 

Column: Can’t pay or won’t pay – The Greek gamble

Syriza must choose between the extreme but short-lived pain of Grexit and the near-eternal suffering of austerity

Towards an effective Indo-US social security agreement

While firming up the agreement, India must push for longer-than-typical periods of exemption from contributions for Indians working in the US

Can BRICS be Russia’s pillar of strength?

If it bails out the Russian currency, BRICS could challenge the Western dominance of the global financial infrastructure

Truth, damned truth and statistics

Truth hurts. The UPA governments wasted the opportunity that was provided in May 2004 by the outgoing NDA government...

The fast lane: A time of waste

Here's a thought. In most countries of the world, when a senior employee retires or moves on to another job...

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