SBI Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(G)

53.13 -0.15 (-0.28%) NAV as on 27-Jan-22

Portfolio Summary

Name of Holding Instrument Hold (%)
Tri-Party Repo (TREPS)Cash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets18.29
06.79% GOI - 15-May-2027Government Securities3.86
L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd. SR-A 6.37% (30-Apr-25)Corporate Debt3.28
Power Finance Corpn. Ltd. SR-192 B 07.42% (19-Nov-24)Corporate Debt2.84
L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd. -90D (30-Mar-22)Commercial Paper2.78
09.18% Andhra Pradesh SDL - 28-May-2024Government Securities2.03
08.28% Gujarat SDL - 13-Feb-2029Government Securities2.03
07.37% Maharashtra SDL - 14-Sep-2026Government Securities1.96
06.58% Gujarat SDL - 31-Mar-2027Government Securities1.89
Embassy Office Parks REIT. SR-V 6.25% (18-Oct-24)Corporate Debt1.87
06.47% GOI - 07-Nov-2024Government Securities1.86
08.08% Tamil Nadu SDL - 26-Dec-2028Government Securities1.61
Bajaj Housing Finance Ltd. - 8.0660% (07-Jun-22)Corporate Debt1.43
07.86% Karnataka SDL - 15-Mar-2027Government Securities1.4
Tata Projects Ltd. -309D (28-Jun-22)Commercial Paper1.37
State Bank of India SR-II 06.24% (21-Sep-30)Corporate Debt1.3
Page Industries Ltd.Domestic Equities1.21
Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Ltd. SR CC2021U (26-May-23)Corporate Debt1.2
Muthoot Finance Ltd. SR-11A OPT I 8.30% (08-Aug-22)Corporate Debt1.1
Power Finance Corpn. Ltd. SR-187 B 08.85% (25-May-29)Corporate Debt1.04
07.62% Tamil Nadu SDL - 29-Mar-2027Government Securities0.99
07.17% GOI - 28-Jan-2028Government Securities0.98
Sikka Ports & Terminals Ltd. 8.45% (12-Jun-23)Corporate Debt0.98
ICICI Bank Ltd.Domestic Equities0.97
L&T Technology Services Ltd.Domestic Equities0.94
Union Bank of India -SR-XXXIII 08.70%Corporate Debt0.94
06.29% Rajasthan SDL - 29-Dec-2026Government Securities0.94
TVS Motor Company Ltd.Domestic Equities0.94
KEC International Ltd. -172D (07-Jan-22)Commercial Paper0.94
Bank of Baroda SR XVII 7.95%Corporate Debt0.94
Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co. Ltd. -SR-611 05.58% (20-Sep-23)Corporate Debt0.93
04.26% GOI - 17-May-2023Government Securities0.93
Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd. -SR-F 4.8201% (28-Feb-23)Corporate Debt0.93
Tata Capital Housing Finance Ltd. -SR-E 5.70% (13-Sep-24)Corporate Debt0.93
Bajaj Housing Finance Ltd. - 5% (15-Sep-23)Corporate Debt0.93
Summit Digitel Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. 6.59% (16-Jun-26)Corporate Debt0.92
Sikka Ports & Terminals Ltd. -242D (20-Jun-22)Commercial Paper0.92
Tata Motors Ltd.Domestic Equities0.9
JK Cement Ltd.Domestic Equities0.89
IndInfravit Trust SR-A (09-Mar-38)Corporate Debt0.85
FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd.Domestic Equities0.79
Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd. -SR-CGPLJL01 08.55% (20-Jul-23)Corporate Debt0.78
Sheela Foam Ltd.Domestic Equities0.76
IndInfravit Trust SR-C RR (09-Mar-38)Corporate Debt0.74
Indian Bank SR-V 6.18% (13-Jan-31)Corporate Debt0.73
TMF Holdings Ltd. SR-B (11-Nov-22)Corporate Debt0.73
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.Domestic Equities0.7
Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Ltd.Domestic Equities0.7
06.99% Telangana SDL - 10-Jun-2028Government Securities0.66
Max Healthcare Institute Ltd.Domestic Equities0.66
State Bank of India SR-II 07.72%Corporate Debt0.66
State Bank of India SR-III 07.55%Corporate Debt0.66
91 Days Treasury Bill - 06-Jan-2022Treasury Bills0.66
Ultratech Cement Ltd.Domestic Equities0.65
91 Days Treasury Bill - 17-Mar-2022Treasury Bills0.65
Thangamayil Jewellery Ltd.Domestic Equities0.64
Axis Bank Ltd.Domestic Equities0.64
Manappuram Finance Ltd.Domestic Equities0.62
Larsen & Toubro Ltd.Domestic Equities0.6
V-Guard Industries Ltd.Domestic Equities0.58
Manappuram Finance Ltd. SR-02 09.75% (07-Nov-22)Corporate Debt0.58
Blue Star Ltd.Domestic Equities0.57
Indostar Capital Finance Ltd. -SR-XLI BR (14-Jul-22)Corporate Debt0.56
JM Financial Credit Solutions Ltd. -365D (14-Jun-22)Commercial Paper0.55
Wabco India Ltd.Domestic Equities0.53
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd.Domestic Equities0.52
SBI Life Insurance Company Ltd.Domestic Equities0.52
07.75% Karnataka SDL - 01-Mar-2027Government Securities0.5
07.77% Andhra Pradesh SDL - 10-Jan-2028Government Securities0.49
Titan Company Ltd.Domestic Equities0.49
Jamnagar Utilities & Power Pvt Ltd. 8.95% (26-Apr-23)Corporate Debt0.49
Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd. SR-XIV 07.09% (21-Jun-24)Corporate Debt0.48
IndInfravit Trust SR-B (09-Mar-38)Corporate Debt0.47
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. SR AB2021 II (04-Jun-24)Corporate Debt0.47
Zomato Ltd.Domestic Equities0.47
Gokaldas Exports Ltd.Domestic Equities0.47
Bajaj Finance Ltd.Domestic Equities0.45
State Bank Of IndiaDomestic Equities0.41
GE T&D India Ltd.Domestic Equities0.4
Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Ltd.Domestic Equities0.4
PI Industries Ltd.Domestic Equities0.38
Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd.Domestic Equities0.36
The Ramco Cements Ltd.Domestic Equities0.36
Interglobe Aviation Ltd.Domestic Equities0.34
Bharti Airtel Ltd.Domestic Equities0.33
Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd.Domestic Equities0.31
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd.Domestic Equities0.27
Net Current AssetCash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets0.27
Automotive Axles Ltd.Domestic Equities0.26
Esab India Ltd.Domestic Equities0.26
Nazara Technologies Ltd.Domestic Equities0.23
91 Days Treasury Bill - 17-Feb-2022Treasury Bills0.19

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* Indicates a new holding since last portfolio.


Allocations As on 31-Dec-2021

Fund Size :5338.14 (Cr.)

Percent of Share(%)


As on 31-Dec-2021 % Net Assets
Corporate Debt29.77
Government Securities22.13
Domestic Equities21.51
Cash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets18.55
Commercial Paper6.55
Treasury Bills1.49


As on 31-Dec-2021 % Net Assets


As on 31-Dec-2021
Average Maturity2.74 Years
Modified Duration2.09 Years
Yield to Maturity5.38%
Portfolio Turnover RatioN.A.

Return Calculator

MARKET STATS As on 28/01/2022 As on 28/01/2022

17287.00 (1.03) 57867.89 (1.03)


Company Price Change Gain (%)
Vikas EcoTech6.653.65121.67
JSW Holdings4509.95583.5514.86


Company Price Change Loss (%)
H.G. Infra Engg.512.05-66.10-11.43
Mahindra Logistics594.35-65.50-9.93

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