ICICI Pru Money Market Fund(IDCW)-Direct Plan

143.42 0.04 (0.03%) NAV as on 20-Sep-21

Portfolio Summary

Name of Holding Instrument Hold (%)
08.20% GOI - 15-Feb-2022Government Securities11.79
08.79% GOI 08-Nov-2021Government Securities10.85
Tri-Party Repo (TREPS)Cash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets8.72
Panatone Finvest Ltd. -277D (11-Feb-22)Commercial Paper4.62
Cadila Healthcare Ltd. -359D (22-Oct-21)Commercial Paper4.1
Axis Bank Ltd. (17-Sep-21)Certificate of Deposit3.91
Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd. -342D (25-Oct-21)Commercial Paper3.9
National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development -171D (31-Jan-22)Commercial Paper3.86
National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development -174D (15-Sep-21)Commercial Paper3.13
Can Fin Homes Ltd. -244D (06-Dec-21)Commercial Paper3.11
Tata Motors Ltd. -311D (28-Feb-22)Commercial Paper3.08
Reliance Industries Ltd. -91D (26-Oct-21)Commercial Paper2.92
Tata Teleservices Ltd. -363D (01-Dec-21)Commercial Paper2.52
182 Days Treasury Bill - 30-Dec-2021Treasury Bills2.33
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. -274D (18-Feb-22)Commercial Paper2.31
Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd. -363D (01-Dec-21)Commercial Paper2.13
182 Days Treasury Bill - 09-Dec-2021Treasury Bills1.94
364 Days Treasury Bill - 30-Mar-2022Treasury Bills1.92
Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd. -364D (05-May-22)Commercial Paper1.7
National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development -164D (27-Sep-21)Commercial Paper1.56
182 Days Treasury Bill - 16-Dec-2021Treasury Bills1.55
LIC Housing Finance Ltd. -196D (07-Feb-22)Commercial Paper1.54
Barclays Investments & Loans (I)Ltd. -177D (09-Sep-21)Commercial Paper1.41
Tata Teleservices Ltd. -364D (11-Mar-22)Commercial Paper1.15
Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Ltd. -364D (11-Mar-22)Commercial Paper1.15
Can Fin Homes Ltd. -294D (20-Jun-22)Commercial Paper1.14
Kotak Mahindra Investments Ltd. -182D (28-Sep-21)Commercial Paper0.98
Standard Chartered Investments & Loans (India) Ltd. -179D (18-Feb-22)Commercial Paper0.81
Sharekhan BNP Paribas Financial Services Ltd. -283D (17-Sep-21)Commercial Paper0.78
Axis Finance Ltd. -178D (24-Sep-21)Commercial Paper0.78
Sharekhan Ltd -163D (24-Dec-21)Commercial Paper0.77
Sharekhan Ltd -182D (17-Jan-22)Commercial Paper0.77
Kotak Mahindra Investments Ltd. -202D (14-Feb-22)Commercial Paper0.77
Tata Capital Housing Finance Ltd. -301D (21-Jun-22)Commercial Paper0.76
Muthoot Finance Ltd. -182D (23-Sep-21)Commercial Paper0.66
182 Days Treasury Bill - 07-Oct-2021Treasury Bills0.63
Axis Bank Ltd. (31-Jan-22)Certificate of Deposit0.58
Barclays Investments & Loans (I)Ltd. -183D (16-Feb-22)Commercial Paper0.58
Sharekhan Ltd -215D (28-Mar-22)Commercial Paper0.57
Barclays Investments & Loans (I)Ltd. -175D (25-Oct-21)Commercial Paper0.39
SBM Bank (India) Ltd. (30-Nov-21)Certificate of Deposit0.39
Export Import Bank of India -181D (21-Dec-21)Commercial Paper0.39
Infina Finance Private Ltd. -180D (21-Dec-21)Commercial Paper0.39
Infina Finance Private Ltd. -183D (28-Dec-21)Commercial Paper0.39
Axis Bank Ltd. (28-Jan-22)Certificate of Deposit0.39
Cholamandalam Investment Finance Co. Ltd. -266D (28-Jan-22)Commercial Paper0.39
Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Co. Ltd. -361D (14-Mar-22)Commercial Paper0.38
04.75% Haryana SDL - 06-May-2022Government Securities0.28
Infina Finance Private Ltd. -128D (03-Sep-21)Commercial Paper0.24
Tata Motors Finance Ltd. -364D (09-Sep-21)Commercial Paper0.2
Sharekhan Ltd -180D (16-Nov-21)Commercial Paper0.19
91 Days Treasury Bill - 21-Oct-2021Treasury Bills0.15
91 Days Treasury Bill - 19-Nov-2021Treasury Bills0.12
09.03% Puducherry SDL - 21-Mar-2022Government Securities0.08
08.76% Maharashtra SDL 22-Feb-2022Government Securities0.08
08.99% Madhya Pradesh SDL - 7-Mar-2022Government Securities0.04
08.97% Andhra Pradesh SDL - 07-Mar-2022Government Securities0.04
08.55% Rajasthan SDL - 18-Oct-2021Government Securities0.04
Net Current AssetCash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets-2.32

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* Indicates a new holding since last portfolio.


Allocations As on 31-Aug-2021

Fund Size :12758.83 (Cr.)

Percent of Share(%)


As on 31-Aug-2021 % Net Assets
Commercial Paper56.51
Government Securities23.19
Treasury Bills8.64
Cash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets6.39
Certificate of Deposit5.27


As on 31-Aug-2021 % Net Assets


As on 31-Aug-2021
Average Maturity106.64 Days
Modified Duration102.21 Days
Yield to Maturity3.6%
Portfolio Turnover RatioN.A.

Return Calculator

MARKET STATS As on 21/09/2021 As on 21/09/2021

17402.80 (0.03) 58463.45 (-0.05)


Company Price Change Gain (%)
Hindustan Composites349.7044.1014.43
TCI Developers433.0539.359.99


Company Price Change Loss (%)
Libas Consumer Prod50.90-9.05-15.10
Gayatri Highways0.55-0.05-8.33

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