Axis Strategic Bond Fund(H-IDCW)-Direct Plan

11.94 0.00 (0.04%) NAV as on 16-Sep-21

Portfolio Summary

Name of Holding Instrument Hold (%)
07.17% GOI - 28-Jan-2028Government Securities6.87
GOI FRB 22-Sep-2033Government Securities5.98
05.63% GOI 12-Apr-2026Government Securities4.02
Godrej Properties Ltd. 7.50% (31-Jul-23)Corporate Debt3.2
Net Current AssetCash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets2.18
DLF Ltd. 8.25% (25-Mar-24)Corporate Debt2.17
Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Ltd. -202D (10-Mar-22)Commercial Paper2.09
GR Infraprojects Ltd. SR-J 07.27% (05-Dec-25)Corporate Debt1.88
Telesonic Networks Ltd. 5.35% (28-Apr-23)Corporate Debt1.87
Bharti Hexacom Ltd. 06.00% (19-Jan-24)Corporate Debt1.87
Indostar Capital Finance Pvt Ltd. SR XLIII (04-Jul-22)Floating Rate Instruments1.85
06.17% GOI - 12-Jul-2031Government Securities1.84
06.64% GOI 16-Jun-2035Government Securities1.84
06.76% GOI - 22-Feb-2061Government Securities1.78
Power Finance Corpn. Ltd. SR-187 B 08.85% (25-May-29)Corporate Debt1.72
08.53% Gujarat SDL - 20-Nov-2028Government Securities1.72
JM Financial Credit Solutions Ltd. TRANCHE AS-XIV RR (23-Jul-24)Floating Rate Instruments1.64
LIC Housing Finance Ltd. TRANCHE-349 OPT 1 7.4% (06-Sep-24)Corporate Debt1.63
Pune Solapur Expressways Pvt Ltd. SR-D 08.41% (31-Mar-29)Corporate Debt1.61
Shining Metal Trust - I SR-A (15-Feb-22)PTC & Securitized Debt1.58
Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd. 7.25% (25-Sep-23)Corporate Debt1.58
JK Lakshmi Cement 07.36% (23-Jul-24)Corporate Debt1.57
Flometallic India Pvt Ltd. - SR-D 07.15% (20-Jun-25)Corporate Debt1.56
Embassy Office Parks REIT Sr III 06.40% (15-Feb-24)Corporate Debt1.56
National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development SR-PD6 6.85% (21-Mar-31)Corporate Debt1.56
Vivriti Capital Pvt Ltd. 11.25% (05-Jul-22)Corporate Debt1.56
Food Corporation of India SR-X 07.09% (13-Aug-31)Corporate Debt1.55
IndInfravit Trust SR-C RR (09-Mar-38)Corporate Debt1.55
Nirma Ltd.SR-IV TR-1 9.50% (06-Jul-77)Corporate Debt1.55
GOI - 30-Aug-2034Government Securities1.55
Muthoot Finance Ltd. SR-19A OPT I BR (26-Aug-24)Floating Rate Instruments1.55
Punjab National Bank -SR-XXII 7.25% (14-Oct-30)Corporate Debt1.55
State Bank of India SR-II 06.24% (21-Sep-30)Corporate Debt1.55
Tata Power Company Ltd. -Reset Rate (21-Aug-72)Corporate Debt1.47
Bank of Baroda SR-VI 08.5%Corporate Debt1.43
Malwa Solar Power Generation Pvt Ltd. 06.49% (01-Jul-24)Corporate Debt1.31
Oriental Nagpur Betul Highway Pvt Ltd. SR-A STRPP-15 8.28% (30-Mar-24)Corporate Debt1.29
Godrej Industries Ltd. 06.92% (14-May-25)Corporate Debt1.26
Summit Digitel Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. 6.59% (16-Jun-26)Corporate Debt1.24
Indian Bank SR-II 8.44%Corporate Debt1.23
GR Infraprojects Ltd. 7.15% (31-May-24)Corporate Debt1.12
First Business Receivables Trust Series 20PTC & Securitized Debt1.11
TMF Holdings Ltd. SR-B (11-Nov-22)Corporate Debt1.1
Veritas Finance Pvt Ltd. SR-11 10.58% (25-Jan-24)Corporate Debt1.06
IndInfravit Trust SR-A (09-Mar-38)Corporate Debt1.02
Embassy Office Parks REIT. SR-I (03-Jun-22)Corporate Debt1
Kogta Financial (India) Ltd. 11.07% (18-Aug-23)Corporate Debt1
07.16% GOI - 20-May-2023Government Securities0.98
Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd. 8.20% (01-Sep-23)Corporate Debt0.96
Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd. 8.40% (06-Jun-22)Corporate Debt0.96
Rattanindia Solar 2 Pvt Ltd. 06.49% (01-Jul-24)Corporate Debt0.93
National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development SR 21E 4.60% (29-Jul-24)Corporate Debt0.93
EPL Ltd. SR C 6.50% (14-Jun-23)Corporate Debt0.93
Clearing Corporation Of India Ltd.Cash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets0.84
Oriental Nagpur Betul Highway Pvt Ltd. SR-A STRPP-16 8.28% (30-Sep-24)Corporate Debt0.65
EPL Ltd. SR A 6.50% (14-Jun-22)Corporate Debt0.62
Punjab National Bank -SR-XI 7.25% (29-Jul-30)Corporate Debt0.62
Narmada Wind Energy Pvt Ltd. SR-2 9.95% (31-Mar-23)Corporate Debt0.39
PL Securitization Trust VII Series APTC & Securitized Debt0.34
National Highways Authority of India - SR IV 08.37% (21-Jan-29)Corporate Debt0.34
NHPC Ltd. SR-Y STRPP-B 7.50% (07-Oct-26)Corporate Debt0.33
06.84% GOI - 19-Dec-2022Government Securities0.32
Indostar Capital Finance Pvt Ltd. SR XXV (02-May-23)Floating Rate Instruments0.31
National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development SR-PD5 6.97% (17-Mar-31)Corporate Debt0.31
First Business Receivables Trust Series 19PTC & Securitized Debt0.31
EPL Ltd. SR B 6.50% (14-Dec-22)Corporate Debt0.31
Indian Bank SR-IV 8.44%Corporate Debt0.31
06.53% Karnataka SDL - 02-Dec-2030Government Securities0.3
07.26% GOI - 14-Jan-2029Government Securities0.29
Rural Electrification Corpn Ltd SR-128 08.57% (21-Dec-24)Corporate Debt0.27
07.57% GOI - 17-Jun-2033Government Securities0.2
India Grid Trust -SR-C 09.10% (03-Jun-22)Corporate Debt0.19
Power Finance Corpn. Ltd. SR-118 B-II 09.39% (27-Aug-24)Corporate Debt0.17
Hindalco Industries Ltd. 9.6% (2-Aug-22)Corporate Debt0.13
Tata Power Renewable Energy Ltd. 08.45% (25-May-22)Corporate Debt0.12
07.88% GOI - 19-Mar-2030Government Securities0.1
National Highways Authority of India - SR-V 08.49% (05-Feb-29)Corporate Debt0.08
Power Finance Corpn. Ltd. SR-187(A) 08.20% (27-May-22)Corporate Debt0.06
Bhopal Dhule Transmission Company Ltd. -STRPPS-7 7.85% (31-Dec-21)Corporate Debt0.06
Canara Bank SR-IV 9.95%Corporate Debt0.06
08.83% GOI 25-Nov-2023Government Securities0.03
05.79% GOI 11-May-2030Government Securities0.03
08.60% GOI - 02-Jun-2028Government Securities0.03
08.15% GOI - 24-Nov-2026Government Securities0.01
07.59% GOI 20-Mar-2029Government Securities0
Other AssetsOthers-0.04

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Allocations As on 31-Aug-2021

Fund Size :1614.03 (Cr.)

Percent of Share(%)


As on 31-Aug-2021 % Net Assets
Corporate Debt58.33
Government Securities27.90
Floating Rate Instruments5.35
PTC & Securitized Debt3.34
Cash & Cash Equivalents and Net Assets3.02
Commercial Paper2.09


As on 31-Aug-2021 % Net Assets


As on 31-Aug-2021
Average Maturity4.88 Years
Modified Duration2.72 Years
Yield to Maturity6.32%
Portfolio Turnover RatioN.A.

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MARKET STATS As on 16/09/2021 As on 16/09/2021

17629.50 (0.63) 59141.16 (0.71)


Company Price Change Gain (%)
Vodafone Idea11.252.3025.70
Easy Trip Planners648.45106.1019.56


Company Price Change Loss (%)
APL Apollo Tubes956.15-902.95-48.57
TPL Plastech192.15-146.35-43.23

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