L&T Mutual Fund

SCHEME Category NAV () NAV Date 1Y (%) AUM ( Cr)
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund16.1525-Jan-224.514506.30
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.4425-Jan-224.534506.30
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund(Q-IDCW Payout)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund11.1925-Jan-224.514506.30
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund15.4325-Jan-223.814506.30
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(M-IDCW Payout)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.1725-Jan-223.814506.30
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.1725-Jan-223.814506.30
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW Payout)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.9925-Jan-223.814506.30
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.9925-Jan-223.814506.30
L&T Balanced Advantage Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Balanced Advantage33.9525-Jan-228.662124.58
L&T Balanced Advantage Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Balanced Advantage20.1625-Jan-228.612124.58
L&T Balanced Advantage Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Balanced Advantage30.7025-Jan-227.182124.58
L&T Balanced Advantage Fund-Reg(IDCW)Hybrid - Balanced Advantage17.9225-Jan-227.182124.58
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund11.1925-Jan-224.243434.86
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund20.8525-Jan-224.113434.86
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund11.7025-Jan-224.113434.86
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.8325-Jan-224.113434.86
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund11.1225-Jan-223.713434.86
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund20.0625-Jan-223.713434.86
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund11.2425-Jan-223.713434.86
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.8225-Jan-223.713434.86
L&T Business Cycle Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Thematic Fund - Other24.0725-Jan-2233.04568.54
L&T Business Cycle Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Thematic Fund - Other18.5425-Jan-2233.03568.54
L&T Business Cycle Fund(IDCW-Payout)-Direct PlanEquity - Thematic Fund - Other18.5425-Jan-2233.03568.54
L&T Business Cycle Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Thematic Fund - Other22.7125-Jan-2231.61568.54
L&T Business Cycle Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Thematic Fund - Other17.7425-Jan-2231.60568.54
L&T Business Cycle Fund-Reg(IDCW-Payout)Equity - Thematic Fund - Other17.7425-Jan-2231.60568.54
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund46.1325-Jan-229.7438.73
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund12.3825-Jan-229.7438.73
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund11.9225-Jan-229.7438.73
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund43.4425-Jan-229.0738.73
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund11.5425-Jan-229.0738.73
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund11.2625-Jan-229.0738.73
L&T Credit Risk Fund(A-IDCW Payout)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund12.2725-Jan-226.72181.13
L&T Credit Risk Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund24.7425-Jan-226.72181.13
L&T Credit Risk Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund10.8925-Jan-226.72181.13
L&T Credit Risk Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Credit Risk Fund11.7125-Jan-225.88181.13
L&T Credit Risk Fund-Reg(B)Debt - Credit Risk Fund23.0825-Jan-225.87181.13
L&T Credit Risk Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Credit Risk Fund23.4625-Jan-225.88181.13
L&T Credit Risk Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Credit Risk Fund10.2625-Jan-225.88181.13
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund48.9925-Jan-2272.458189.63
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund34.3625-Jan-2272.588189.63
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Small cap Fund45.7125-Jan-2270.628189.63
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Small cap Fund31.6025-Jan-2270.758189.63
L&T Equity Savings Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings24.6925-Jan-2215.96203.49
L&T Equity Savings Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings14.6725-Jan-2215.96203.49
L&T Equity Savings Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings15.0625-Jan-2215.96203.49
L&T Equity Savings Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Equity Savings22.9525-Jan-2214.95203.49
L&T Equity Savings Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Hybrid - Equity Savings13.2825-Jan-2214.96203.49
L&T Equity Savings Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Hybrid - Equity Savings14.0825-Jan-2214.95203.49
L&T Flexi Bond Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond11.6425-Jan-222.0061.24
L&T Flexi Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond25.3125-Jan-222.0261.24
L&T Flexi Bond Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond12.9225-Jan-222.0261.24
L&T Flexi Bond Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Dynamic Bond11.1925-Jan-221.2761.24
L&T Flexi Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Dynamic Bond23.8425-Jan-221.2961.24
L&T Flexi Bond Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Dynamic Bond10.9025-Jan-221.2961.24
L&T Flexicap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Flexi Cap Fund125.2025-Jan-2223.132936.09
L&T Flexicap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Flexi Cap Fund42.6725-Jan-2223.132936.09
L&T Flexicap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Flexi Cap Fund117.5825-Jan-2222.242936.09
L&T Flexicap Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Flexi Cap Fund36.7425-Jan-2222.242936.09
L&T FMP-XVII-B-1452D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans13.2025-Jan-224.27293.97
L&T FMP-XVII-B-1452D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans13.3425-Jan-224.54293.97
L&T FMP-XVII-B-1452D(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans13.2025-Jan-224.27293.97
L&T FMP-XVII-B-1452D(IDCW)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans13.3425-Jan-224.54293.97
L&T FMP-XVIII-B-1229D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.7925-Jan-224.10245.41
L&T FMP-XVIII-B-1229D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.8925-Jan-224.37245.41
L&T FMP-XVIII-B-1229D(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans12.7825-Jan-224.10245.41
L&T FMP-XVIII-C-1178D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.6225-Jan-225.0441.52
L&T FMP-XVIII-C-1178D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.7125-Jan-225.3041.52
L&T FMP-XVIII-C-1178D(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans12.6225-Jan-224.9741.52
L&T FMP-XVIII-C-1178D(IDCW)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.7125-Jan-225.3041.52
L&T FMP-XVIII-D-1155D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.5425-Jan-224.2254.46
L&T FMP-XVIII-D-1155D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.5925-Jan-224.3754.46
L&T FMP-XVIII-D-1155D(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans12.5425-Jan-224.2254.46
L&T FMP-XVIII-D-1155D(IDCW)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.5925-Jan-224.3654.46
L&T Focused Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Focused Fund16.5825-Jan-2222.461013.74
L&T Focused Equity Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Focused Fund16.0725-Jan-2222.461013.74
L&T Focused Equity Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Focused Fund15.9825-Jan-2220.971013.74
L&T Focused Equity Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Focused Fund15.4725-Jan-2220.971013.74
L&T Gilt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund59.9325-Jan-221.49255.40
L&T Gilt Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund12.6525-Jan-221.48255.40
L&T Gilt Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Gilt Fund54.4825-Jan-220.27255.40
L&T Gilt Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund11.3725-Jan-220.27255.40
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund(A-IDCW Payout)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund17.4025-Jan-2218.925338.30
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund40.2025-Jan-2219.015338.30
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund28.1725-Jan-2218.405338.30
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund-Reg(A-IDCW Payout)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund16.1525-Jan-2217.735338.30
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund36.6825-Jan-2217.825338.30
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund-Reg(IDCW)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund24.7225-Jan-2217.235338.30
L&T India Large Cap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund42.9725-Jan-2222.25729.73
L&T India Large Cap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund22.4025-Jan-2222.21729.73
L&T India Large Cap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Large Cap Fund40.0725-Jan-2221.10729.73
L&T India Large Cap Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Large Cap Fund20.3025-Jan-2221.06729.73
L&T India Value Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Value Fund62.2025-Jan-2237.007934.64
L&T India Value Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Value Fund44.6925-Jan-2236.987934.64
L&T India Value Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Value Fund57.6225-Jan-2235.697934.64
L&T India Value Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Value Fund38.4925-Jan-2235.687934.64
L&T Infrastructure Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 26.1125-Jan-2251.451382.58
L&T Infrastructure Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 26.1125-Jan-2251.451382.58
L&T Infrastructure Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 24.0925-Jan-2249.811382.58
L&T Infrastructure Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 24.0925-Jan-2249.811382.58
L&T Large and Midcap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund74.1425-Jan-2223.761537.86
L&T Large and Midcap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund34.7825-Jan-2223.651537.86
L&T Large and Midcap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund69.1125-Jan-2222.641537.86
L&T Large and Midcap Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund30.3125-Jan-2222.751537.86
L&T Liquid Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1014.3526-Jan-223.345304.43
L&T Liquid Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund2896.3626-Jan-223.345304.43
L&T Liquid Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1001.1226-Jan-223.345304.43
L&T Liquid Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund1011.7826-Jan-223.285304.43
L&T Liquid Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Liquid Fund2881.9726-Jan-223.295304.43
L&T Liquid Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund1002.8926-Jan-223.295304.43
L&T Low Duration Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund11.1425-Jan-224.35896.75
L&T Low Duration Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund23.6825-Jan-224.35896.75
L&T Low Duration Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund11.1125-Jan-224.35896.75
L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(A-IDCW Payout)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.8325-Jan-223.68896.75
L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.8325-Jan-223.68896.75
L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Low Duration Fund22.8225-Jan-223.68896.75
L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.4825-Jan-223.69896.75
L&T Midcap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Mid Cap Fund217.7325-Jan-2226.906782.00
L&T Midcap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Mid Cap Fund57.2425-Jan-2226.916782.00
L&T Midcap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Mid Cap Fund200.0325-Jan-2225.466782.00
L&T Midcap Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Mid Cap Fund52.4325-Jan-2225.456782.00
L&T Money Market Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund10.8625-Jan-223.471007.47
L&T Money Market Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund22.0725-Jan-223.471007.47
L&T Money Market Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund12.1125-Jan-223.471007.47
L&T Money Market Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund13.1625-Jan-223.471007.47
L&T Money Market Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund10.8625-Jan-222.981007.47
L&T Money Market Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Money Market Fund21.2825-Jan-222.981007.47
L&T Money Market Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund11.5225-Jan-222.981007.47
L&T Money Market Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund13.0825-Jan-222.981007.47
L&T Nifty 50 Index Fund(G)-Direct PlanIndex Funds - Nifty19.5625-Jan-2222.4783.91
L&T Nifty 50 Index Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanIndex Funds - Nifty19.5625-Jan-2222.4783.91
L&T Nifty 50 Index Fund-Reg(G)Index Funds - Nifty19.4125-Jan-2221.9383.91
L&T Nifty 50 Index Fund-Reg(IDCW)Index Funds - Nifty19.4125-Jan-2221.9383.91
L&T Nifty Next 50 Index Fund(G)-Direct PlanIndex Funds - Nifty Next 5017.8125-Jan-2224.2942.18
L&T Nifty Next 50 Index Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanIndex Funds - Nifty Next 5017.8125-Jan-2224.2842.18
L&T Nifty Next 50 Index Fund-Reg(G)Index Funds - Nifty Next 5017.6725-Jan-2223.7242.18
L&T Nifty Next 50 Index Fund-Reg(IDCW)Index Funds - Nifty Next 5017.6725-Jan-2223.7242.18
L&T Overnight Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1023.3026-Jan-223.231456.98
L&T Overnight Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1648.8026-Jan-223.241456.98
L&T Overnight Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1064.5726-Jan-222.991456.98
L&T Overnight Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1001.6326-Jan-223.191456.98
L&T Overnight Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Overnight Fund1023.3026-Jan-223.151456.98
L&T Overnight Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Overnight Fund1568.9426-Jan-223.141456.98
L&T Overnight Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Overnight Fund1008.5726-Jan-222.881456.98
L&T Overnight Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Overnight Fund1000.2326-Jan-223.141456.98
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(A-IDCW Payout)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund12.5925-Jan-225.531308.64
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund12.5925-Jan-225.531308.64
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund17.4725-Jan-225.521308.64
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund11.6625-Jan-225.521308.64
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(IDCW-Payout)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund11.6625-Jan-225.521308.64
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Medium Duration Fund11.8325-Jan-224.571308.64
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Medium Duration Fund16.4225-Jan-224.571308.64
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Medium Duration Fund10.9725-Jan-224.571308.64
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund-Reg(IDCW-Payout)Debt - Medium Duration Fund10.9725-Jan-224.571308.64
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(A-IDCW Payout)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund13.2225-Jan-223.993975.33
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund13.2225-Jan-223.993975.33
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund22.4425-Jan-224.003975.33
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund11.8925-Jan-224.003975.33
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund11.5725-Jan-224.003975.33
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund12.7725-Jan-223.493975.33
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(B)Debt - Short Duration Fund21.5125-Jan-223.503975.33
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Short Duration Fund21.5125-Jan-223.503975.33
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund11.2825-Jan-223.493975.33
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.8625-Jan-223.493975.33
L&T Tax Advt Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS83.1925-Jan-2224.713574.93
L&T Tax Advt Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS33.6725-Jan-2224.643574.93
L&T Tax Advt Fund-Reg(G)Equity - ELSS78.4525-Jan-2223.803574.93
L&T Tax Advt Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - ELSS25.3825-Jan-2223.723574.93
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund12.4225-Jan-223.839622.88
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund62.2225-Jan-223.859622.88
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund(H-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund20.3725-Jan-223.849622.88
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund11.7825-Jan-223.849622.88
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund12.3125-Jan-223.479622.88
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(B)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund22.4525-Jan-223.499622.88
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund59.1025-Jan-223.499622.88
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(H-IDCW)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund17.3625-Jan-223.489622.88
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund11.4525-Jan-223.489622.88
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(DD-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.3225-Jan-223.471892.35
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.5125-Jan-223.631892.35
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(G)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund35.1825-Jan-223.471892.35
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund36.1225-Jan-223.631892.35
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(M-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund12.7425-Jan-223.471892.35
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund13.0625-Jan-223.631892.35
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(W-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund11.1525-Jan-223.461892.35
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund11.3325-Jan-223.631892.35
L&T Ultra ST Fund(B)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund19.1925-Jan-223.471892.35
L&T Ultra ST Fund(B)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund19.7325-Jan-223.631892.35
L&T Ultra ST-Reg(G)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund33.8625-Jan-223.471892.35
L&T Ultra ST-Reg(H-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund26.6025-Jan-223.471892.35

Return Calculator

MARKET STATS As on 25/01/2022 As on 25/01/2022

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Company Price Change Gain (%)
Salona Cotspin327.0054.5020.00
Sharda Cropchem525.3587.5520.00


Company Price Change Loss (%)
Lux Industries2813.70-703.40-20.00

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