L&T Mutual Fund

SCHEME Category NAV () NAV Date 1Y (%) AUM ( Cr)
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund14.1924-Jun-196.97668.31
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund(MD)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.3924-Jun-196.26668.31
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund(QDP)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.9224-Jun-196.30668.31
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund13.7724-Jun-196.35668.31
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(MD)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.2224-Jun-195.79668.31
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(MDP)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.2224-Jun-195.79668.31
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(QD)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.7524-Jun-195.67668.31
L&T Arbitrage Opp Fund-Reg(QDP)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.7524-Jun-195.67668.31
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.6224-Jun-192.95581.59
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund17.1724-Jun-198.20581.59
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.9924-Jun-196.54581.59
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.4624-Jun-195.83581.59
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund-Reg(DD)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.6224-Jun-195.78581.59
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund16.6824-Jun-197.75581.59
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund-Reg(MD)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.7124-Jun-196.15581.59
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund-Reg(WD)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.4624-Jun-195.61581.59
L&T Business Cycle Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Thematic Fund - Other14.2424-Jun-190.21791.62
L&T Business Cycle Fund(DP)-Direct PlanEquity - Thematic Fund - Other14.2424-Jun-190.21791.62
L&T Business Cycle Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Thematic Fund - Other16.2024-Jun-191.00791.62
L&T Business Cycle Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Thematic Fund - Other13.7424-Jun-19-0.59791.62
L&T Business Cycle Fund-Reg(DP)Equity - Thematic Fund - Other13.7424-Jun-19-0.59791.62
L&T Business Cycle Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Thematic Fund - Other15.6824-Jun-190.21791.62
L&T Cash Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1023.3024-Jun-194.50429.43
L&T Cash Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1500.7624-Jun-196.30429.43
L&T Cash Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1066.5124-Jun-194.64429.43
L&T Cash Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1001.4224-Jun-194.47429.43
L&T Cash Fund-Reg(DD)Debt - Overnight Fund1023.3024-Jun-193.93429.43
L&T Cash Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Overnight Fund1438.9224-Jun-195.51429.43
L&T Cash Fund-Reg(MD)Debt - Overnight Fund1021.0124-Jun-193.79429.43
L&T Cash Fund-Reg(WD)Debt - Overnight Fund1000.0324-Jun-193.91429.43
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund37.1424-Jun-198.9241.56
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund(MD)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund11.6024-Jun-197.3541.56
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund(QD)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund11.8924-Jun-196.8641.56
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund35.4924-Jun-198.1541.56
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(MD)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund10.9024-Jun-196.4941.56
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund-Reg(QD)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund11.4024-Jun-196.0341.56
L&T Credit Risk Fund(AD)Debt - Credit Risk Fund11.0524-Jun-192.223038.05
L&T Credit Risk Fund(ADP)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund11.3324-Jun-192.883038.05
L&T Credit Risk Fund(B)Debt - Credit Risk Fund20.4424-Jun-193.913038.05
L&T Credit Risk Fund(D)Debt - Credit Risk Fund10.4924-Jun-192.013038.05
L&T Credit Risk Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund10.8324-Jun-192.683038.05
L&T Credit Risk Fund(G)Debt - Credit Risk Fund20.7824-Jun-193.923038.05
L&T Credit Risk Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund21.4324-Jun-194.563038.05
L&T Dynamic Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanHybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation18.6024-Jun-194.40546.90
L&T Dynamic Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation26.0624-Jun-195.40546.90
L&T Dynamic Equity Fund-Reg(D)Hybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation17.1224-Jun-193.14546.90
L&T Dynamic Equity Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation24.3724-Jun-194.21546.90
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund18.9324-Jun-19-11.476177.32
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund24.2424-Jun-19-10.576177.32
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Small cap Fund18.1424-Jun-19-12.406177.32
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Small cap Fund23.2624-Jun-19-11.546177.32
L&T Emerging Opp Fund-I-(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund9.5024-Jun-19-4.91388.15
L&T Emerging Opp Fund-I-Reg(D)Equity - Small cap Fund9.3824-Jun-19-5.76388.15
L&T Emerging Opp Fund-II-(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund9.8124-Jun-19NA218.69
L&T Emerging Opp Fund-II-Reg(D)Equity - Small cap Fund9.7124-Jun-19NA218.69
L&T Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund34.2224-Jun-19-0.322764.63
L&T Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund85.7824-Jun-190.512764.63
L&T Equity Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Multi Cap Fund30.0424-Jun-19-1.182764.63
L&T Equity Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Multi Cap Fund82.0224-Jun-19-0.252764.63
L&T Equity Savings Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings18.4224-Jun-192.56175.38
L&T Equity Savings Fund(MD)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings12.2224-Jun-192.09175.38
L&T Equity Savings Fund(QD)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings12.3824-Jun-191.90175.38
L&T Equity Savings Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Equity Savings17.5324-Jun-191.67175.38
L&T Equity Savings Fund-Reg(MD)Hybrid - Equity Savings11.5024-Jun-190.97175.38
L&T Equity Savings Fund-Reg(QD)Hybrid - Equity Savings11.5424-Jun-190.98175.38
L&T Flexi Bond Fund(AD)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond11.1124-Jun-199.2055.00
L&T Flexi Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond21.3624-Jun-1911.1155.00
L&T Flexi Bond Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond12.8724-Jun-199.8255.00
L&T Flexi Bond Fund-Reg(AD)Debt - Dynamic Bond10.9024-Jun-198.3255.00
L&T Flexi Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Dynamic Bond20.4824-Jun-1910.2455.00
L&T Flexi Bond Fund-Reg(MD)Debt - Dynamic Bond11.1124-Jun-198.2155.00
L&T FMP-XIV-A-1233D(D)Fixed Maturity Plans11.9224-Jun-197.92638.78
L&T FMP-XIV-A-1233D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans11.9224-Jun-197.92638.78
L&T FMP-XIV-A-1233D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.9724-Jun-198.10638.78
L&T FMP-XIV-C-1150D(D)Fixed Maturity Plans11.7924-Jun-198.94193.83
L&T FMP-XIV-C-1150D(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.8524-Jun-199.19193.83
L&T FMP-XIV-C-1150D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans11.7924-Jun-198.94193.83
L&T FMP-XIV-C-1150D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.8524-Jun-199.19193.83
L&T FMP-XVI-A-1223D(D)Fixed Maturity Plans11.1224-Jun-199.2770.46
L&T FMP-XVI-A-1223D(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.1524-Jun-199.4570.46
L&T FMP-XVI-A-1223D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans11.1224-Jun-199.2770.46
L&T FMP-XVI-A-1223D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.1524-Jun-199.4570.46
L&T FMP-XVII-B-1452D(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.9524-Jun-19NA243.05
L&T FMP-XVII-B-1452D(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.9924-Jun-19NA243.05
L&T FMP-XVII-B-1452D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.9524-Jun-19NA243.05
L&T FMP-XVII-B-1452D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.9924-Jun-19NA243.05
L&T FMP-XVII-C-1114D(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.8324-Jun-19NA234.34
L&T FMP-XVII-C-1114D(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.8624-Jun-19NA234.34
L&T FMP-XVII-C-1114D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.8324-Jun-19NA234.34
L&T FMP-XVII-C-1114D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.8624-Jun-19NA234.34
L&T FMP-XVIII-A-1104D(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.7824-Jun-19NA60.11
L&T FMP-XVIII-A-1104D(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.8024-Jun-19NA60.11
L&T FMP-XVIII-A-1104D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.7824-Jun-19NA60.11
L&T FMP-XVIII-A-1104D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.8024-Jun-19NA60.11
L&T FMP-XVIII-B-1229D(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.6324-Jun-19NA202.91
L&T FMP-XVIII-B-1229D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.6324-Jun-19NA202.91
L&T FMP-XVIII-B-1229D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.6524-Jun-19NA202.91
L&T FMP-XVIII-C-1178D(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.3124-Jun-19NA33.84
L&T FMP-XVIII-C-1178D(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.3224-Jun-19NA33.84
L&T FMP-XVIII-C-1178D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.3124-Jun-19NA33.84
L&T FMP-XVIII-C-1178D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.3224-Jun-19NA33.84
L&T FMP-XVIII-D-1155D(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.4024-Jun-19NA45.00
L&T FMP-XVIII-D-1155D(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.4024-Jun-19NA45.00
L&T FMP-XVIII-D-1155D(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.4024-Jun-19NA45.00
L&T FMP-XVIII-D-1155D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.4024-Jun-19NA45.00
L&T Focused Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Focused Fund10.8824-Jun-19NA616.11
L&T Focused Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Focused Fund10.8824-Jun-19NA616.11
L&T Focused Equity Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Focused Fund10.8124-Jun-19NA616.11
L&T Focused Equity Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Focused Fund10.8124-Jun-19NA616.11
L&T Gilt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund50.5424-Jun-1912.13130.19
L&T Gilt Fund(QD)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund13.3024-Jun-1910.14130.19
L&T Gilt Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Gilt Fund47.4024-Jun-1910.72130.19
L&T Gilt Fund-Reg(QD)Debt - Gilt Fund12.3724-Jun-198.68130.19
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund(ADP)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund12.7824-Jun-191.359381.57
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund21.4124-Jun-191.599381.57
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund28.1224-Jun-191.979381.57
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund-Reg(ADP)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund12.1824-Jun-190.359381.57
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund-Reg(D)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund19.3024-Jun-190.589381.57
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund26.3524-Jun-190.959381.57
L&T India Large Cap Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund18.5924-Jun-197.93493.11
L&T India Large Cap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund29.2224-Jun-198.82493.11
L&T India Large Cap Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Large Cap Fund17.2424-Jun-197.04493.11
L&T India Large Cap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Large Cap Fund27.8924-Jun-197.93493.11
L&T India Value Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Value Fund28.4224-Jun-191.308404.03
L&T India Value Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Value Fund37.6424-Jun-191.298404.03
L&T India Value Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Value Fund25.1124-Jun-190.338404.03
L&T India Value Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Value Fund35.7524-Jun-190.338404.03
L&T Infrastructure Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 16.5424-Jun-19-2.651934.44
L&T Infrastructure Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 16.5424-Jun-19-2.651934.44
L&T Infrastructure Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 15.7224-Jun-19-3.561934.44
L&T Infrastructure Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 15.7224-Jun-19-3.561934.44
L&T Large and Midcap Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund27.7024-Jun-19-3.951415.46
L&T Large and Midcap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund48.5824-Jun-19-3.011415.46
L&T Large and Midcap Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund24.9224-Jun-19-4.991415.46
L&T Large and Midcap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund46.3124-Jun-19-3.821415.46
L&T Liquid Fund(DD)Debt - Liquid Fund1011.7824-Jun-195.3115516.24
L&T Liquid Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1012.9524-Jun-195.3615516.24
L&T Liquid Fund(G)Debt - Liquid Fund2595.1424-Jun-197.4515516.24
L&T Liquid Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund2604.5824-Jun-197.5115516.24
L&T Liquid Fund(WD)Debt - Liquid Fund1001.7024-Jun-195.2915516.24
L&T Liquid Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1000.4424-Jun-195.3215516.24
L&T Low Duration Fund(AD)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund10.8524-Jun-194.071109.15
L&T Low Duration Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund10.9724-Jun-193.971109.15
L&T Low Duration Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund20.3024-Jun-195.851109.15
L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(AD)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.7324-Jun-193.561109.15
L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(ADP)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.7324-Jun-193.561109.15
L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(D)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.5724-Jun-193.401109.15
L&T Low Duration Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Low Duration Fund19.8724-Jun-195.351109.15
L&T Midcap Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Mid Cap Fund43.7824-Jun-19-6.554879.90
L&T Midcap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Mid Cap Fund135.9524-Jun-19-5.714879.90
L&T Midcap Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Mid Cap Fund40.9724-Jun-19-7.594879.90
L&T Midcap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Mid Cap Fund128.7324-Jun-19-6.704879.90
L&T Money Market Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund10.6524-Jun-193.24835.17
L&T Money Market Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund18.7024-Jun-195.30835.17
L&T Money Market Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund11.6424-Jun-193.55835.17
L&T Money Market Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund12.9424-Jun-193.31835.17
L&T Money Market Fund-Reg(DD)Debt - Money Market Fund10.6524-Jun-192.88835.17
L&T Money Market Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Money Market Fund18.2624-Jun-194.80835.17
L&T Money Market Fund-Reg(MD)Debt - Money Market Fund11.2724-Jun-192.99835.17
L&T Money Market Fund-Reg(WD)Debt - Money Market Fund12.8924-Jun-192.93835.17
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(AD)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund11.6024-Jun-195.172012.09
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(ADP)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund11.6024-Jun-195.172012.09
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund11.0724-Jun-195.282012.09
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(DP)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund11.0724-Jun-195.282012.09
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund14.2224-Jun-196.902012.09
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund-Reg(AD)Debt - Medium Duration Fund11.2124-Jun-194.222012.09
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund-Reg(D)Debt - Medium Duration Fund10.6924-Jun-194.582012.09
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund-Reg(DP)Debt - Medium Duration Fund10.6924-Jun-194.582012.09
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Medium Duration Fund13.6924-Jun-195.982012.09
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(AD)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund12.5724-Jun-198.344002.40
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(ADP)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund12.5724-Jun-198.344002.40
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund11.3924-Jun-197.604002.40
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund18.7224-Jun-199.314002.40
L&T Short Term Bond Fund(QD)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund11.4324-Jun-197.434002.40
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(AD)Debt - Short Duration Fund12.2524-Jun-196.874002.40
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(B)Debt - Short Duration Fund18.1824-Jun-198.764002.40
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(D)Debt - Short Duration Fund11.0124-Jun-197.014002.40
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Short Duration Fund18.1824-Jun-198.764002.40
L&T Short Term Bond Fund-Reg(QD)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.9124-Jun-196.814002.40
L&T Tax Advt Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS25.6424-Jun-19-2.863420.69
L&T Tax Advt Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS55.8324-Jun-19-1.893420.69
L&T Tax Advt Fund-Reg(D)Equity - ELSS21.1524-Jun-19-3.423420.69
L&T Tax Advt Fund-Reg(G)Equity - ELSS53.5324-Jun-19-2.453420.69
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund(AD)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund11.1724-Jun-19NA1119.77
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund50.3424-Jun-1912.031119.77
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund(HD)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund18.4824-Jun-1910.541119.77
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund(QD)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund11.5524-Jun-199.801119.77
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(AD)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund11.1724-Jun-1910.171119.77
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(B)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund18.3224-Jun-1911.711119.77
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund48.2324-Jun-1911.711119.77
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(HD)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund15.9524-Jun-1910.091119.77
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund-Reg(QD)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund11.2824-Jun-199.431119.77
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(DD)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.2624-Jun-195.733022.86
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.4524-Jun-195.933022.86
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(G)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund31.0424-Jun-197.933022.86
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund31.6824-Jun-198.283022.86
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(MD)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund12.9324-Jun-195.993022.86
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund13.1424-Jun-196.353022.86
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(WD)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund11.0824-Jun-195.953022.86
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund11.2524-Jun-196.213022.86
L&T Ultra ST Fund(B)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund16.9324-Jun-197.933022.86
L&T Ultra ST Fund(B)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund17.3024-Jun-198.433022.86
L&T Ultra ST-Reg(G)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund29.8724-Jun-197.933022.86
L&T Ultra ST-Reg(HD)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund23.4724-Jun-197.933022.86

Return Calculator

MARKET STATS As on 25/06/2019 As on 25/06/2019

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Company Price Change Gain (%)
Pradip Overseas4.453.65456.25


Company Price Change Loss (%)
Uttam Value Steels0.05-0.05-50.00
MPS Infotecnics0.05-0.05-50.00

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