Invesco Mutual Fund

SCHEME Category NAV () NAV Date 1Y (%) AUM ( Cr)
Invesco India Arbitrage Fund(AB)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund25.5225-Sep-205.70229.58
Invesco India Arbitrage Fund(B)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund16.2425-Sep-205.00229.58
Invesco India Arbitrage Fund(D)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund13.1425-Sep-204.72229.58
Invesco India Arbitrage Fund(D)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund14.0025-Sep-205.44229.58
Invesco India Arbitrage Fund(G)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund24.3725-Sep-205.00229.58
Invesco India Arbitrage Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund25.5225-Sep-205.71229.58
Invesco India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(DD)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund990.8725-Sep-207.7432.36
Invesco India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund1164.9325-Sep-209.4032.36
Invesco India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund1758.0825-Sep-208.8632.36
Invesco India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund1848.5325-Sep-209.3732.36
Invesco India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(MD)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund1022.2925-Sep-207.6732.36
Invesco India Banking & PSU Debt Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund1002.1625-Sep-208.1132.36
Invesco India Contra Fund(D)Equity - Contra Fund23.7325-Sep-203.673929.44
Invesco India Contra Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Contra Fund28.8625-Sep-204.833929.44
Invesco India Contra Fund(G)Equity - Contra Fund48.1625-Sep-203.683929.44
Invesco India Contra Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Contra Fund53.2725-Sep-204.843929.44
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(AD)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund1989.5225-Sep-208.32481.62
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(AD)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund1296.2925-Sep-207.70481.62
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(D)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund2542.2525-Sep-2010.42481.62
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund2550.9425-Sep-2010.82481.62
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(G)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund2423.7825-Sep-2010.36481.62
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund2550.1625-Sep-2010.79481.62
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(MD)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund1508.6725-Sep-207.34481.62
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund1262.1225-Sep-209.36481.62
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(QD)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund1146.3125-Sep-209.21481.62
Invesco India Corporate Bond Fund(QD)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund1147.6225-Sep-209.60481.62
Invesco India Credit Risk Fund(D)Debt - Credit Risk Fund1420.1125-Sep-208.14263.71
Invesco India Credit Risk Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund1506.7125-Sep-209.56263.71
Invesco India Credit Risk Fund(G)Debt - Credit Risk Fund1420.5625-Sep-208.14263.71
Invesco India Credit Risk Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund1495.4525-Sep-209.45263.71
Invesco India Credit Risk Fund(MD)Debt - Credit Risk Fund1043.3025-Sep-208.14263.71
Invesco India Credit Risk Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund1064.1725-Sep-209.45263.71
Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund(D)Hybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation16.0325-Sep-200.42994.60
Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanHybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation17.4225-Sep-201.51994.60
Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund(G)Hybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation29.4925-Sep-200.79994.60
Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation32.7825-Sep-202.09994.60
Invesco India Equity & Bond Fund(D)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund10.9725-Sep-201.55445.64
Invesco India Equity & Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund10.9925-Sep-201.62445.64
Invesco India Equity & Bond Fund-Reg(D)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund10.6325-Sep-200.17445.64
Invesco India Equity & Bond Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund10.6325-Sep-200.17445.64
Invesco India Equity Savings Fund(D)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings11.1125-Sep-206.93299.10
Invesco India Equity Savings Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings11.1425-Sep-207.08299.10
Invesco India Equity Savings Fund-Reg(D)Hybrid - Equity Savings10.8325-Sep-205.20299.10
Invesco India Equity Savings Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Equity Savings10.8325-Sep-205.20299.10
Invesco India Feeder - Invesco Global Equity Income Fund(D)FoFs (Overseas)12.4425-Sep-20-2.356.59
Invesco India Feeder - Invesco Global Equity Income Fund(D)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)13.2725-Sep-20-1.816.59
Invesco India Feeder - Invesco Global Equity Income Fund(G)FoFs (Overseas)12.4625-Sep-20-2.356.59
Invesco India Feeder - Invesco Global Equity Income Fund(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)13.3825-Sep-20-1.716.59
Invesco India Feeder - Invesco Pan European Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)9.9925-Sep-20-6.8724.72
Invesco India Feeder - Invesco Pan European Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)10.0125-Sep-20-6.7924.72
Invesco India Feeder - Invesco Pan European Equity Fund-Reg(D)FoFs (Overseas)9.3725-Sep-20-7.3224.72
Invesco India Feeder - Invesco Pan European Equity Fund-Reg(G)FoFs (Overseas)9.3725-Sep-20-7.3324.72
Invesco India Financial Services Fund(D)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Banks & Financial Services24.4425-Sep-20-17.10151.24
Invesco India Financial Services Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Banks & Financial Services27.6825-Sep-20-16.30151.24
Invesco India Financial Services Fund(G)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Banks & Financial Services47.9325-Sep-20-17.08151.24
Invesco India Financial Services Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Banks & Financial Services53.6725-Sep-20-16.27151.24
Invesco India FMP-30-A(1223D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.3625-Sep-208.30123.16
Invesco India FMP-30-A(1223D)(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.4125-Sep-208.46123.16
Invesco India FMP-30-A(1223D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.3625-Sep-208.30123.16
Invesco India FMP-30-A(1223D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.4125-Sep-208.47123.16
Invesco India FMP-30-C(1181D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.3825-Sep-208.71133.13
Invesco India FMP-30-C(1181D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.3825-Sep-208.70133.13
Invesco India FMP-30-C(1181D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.4325-Sep-208.86133.13
Invesco India FMP-30-D(1169D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.3425-Sep-208.66228.69
Invesco India FMP-30-D(1169D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.3425-Sep-208.66228.69
Invesco India FMP-30-D(1169D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.3825-Sep-208.77228.69
Invesco India FMP-31-A(1150D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2825-Sep-208.70220.43
Invesco India FMP-31-A(1150D)(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.3125-Sep-208.79220.43
Invesco India FMP-31-A(1150D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2825-Sep-208.70220.43
Invesco India FMP-31-A(1150D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.3125-Sep-208.81220.43
Invesco India FMP-31-B(1143D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2025-Sep-208.53204.33
Invesco India FMP-31-B(1143D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2025-Sep-208.53204.33
Invesco India FMP-31-B(1143D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.2825-Sep-208.80204.33
Invesco India FMP-31-D(1468D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.6125-Sep-2010.8569.05
Invesco India FMP-31-D(1468D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.6125-Sep-2010.8569.05
Invesco India FMP-31-D(1468D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.6825-Sep-2011.1269.05
Invesco India FMP-32-A(1105D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2425-Sep-208.95176.90
Invesco India FMP-32-A(1105D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.3125-Sep-209.22176.90
Invesco India FMP-32-B(1100D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2125-Sep-208.85134.68
Invesco India FMP-32-B(1100D)(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.2825-Sep-209.12134.68
Invesco India FMP-32-B(1100D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2125-Sep-208.85134.68
Invesco India FMP-32-B(1100D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.2825-Sep-209.12134.68
Invesco India FMP-32-C(1099D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2025-Sep-209.8855.27
Invesco India FMP-32-C(1099D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2025-Sep-209.8855.27
Invesco India FMP-32-C(1099D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.2625-Sep-2010.1555.27
Invesco India FMP-32-D(1099D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.1625-Sep-209.4843.17
Invesco India FMP-32-D(1099D)(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.2225-Sep-209.7643.17
Invesco India FMP-32-D(1099D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.1625-Sep-209.4843.17
Invesco India FMP-32-D(1099D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.2225-Sep-209.7643.17
Invesco India FMP-32-E(1099D)(D)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2025-Sep-209.51108.84
Invesco India FMP-32-E(1099D)(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.2525-Sep-209.76108.84
Invesco India FMP-32-E(1099D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2025-Sep-209.51108.84
Invesco India FMP-32-E(1099D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.2625-Sep-209.79108.84
Invesco India FMP-33-B(1311D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.3425-Sep-2010.7223.62
Invesco India FMP-33-B(1311D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.4025-Sep-2010.9923.62
Invesco India FMP-33-D(1273D)(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.1025-Sep-2010.62106.06
Invesco India FMP-33-D(1273D)(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.1525-Sep-2010.90106.06
Invesco India Gilt Fund(AD)Debt - Gilt Fund1116.3425-Sep-204.8819.79
Invesco India Gilt Fund(AD)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund1235.6325-Sep-208.3419.79
Invesco India Gilt Fund(G)Debt - Gilt Fund2213.3825-Sep-207.2719.79
Invesco India Gilt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund2360.4825-Sep-208.1719.79
Invesco India Gilt Fund(MD)Debt - Gilt Fund1246.6725-Sep-207.2719.79
Invesco India Gilt Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund1842.1125-Sep-208.1719.79
Invesco India Gilt Fund(QD)Debt - Gilt Fund1059.0625-Sep-206.3319.79
Invesco India Gilt Fund(QD)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund1015.4125-Sep-207.9619.79
Invesco India Gold ETFETFs - Gold4558.1525-Sep-2026.7130.50
Invesco India Gold Fund(D)FoFs (Domestic / Overseas ) - Gold15.2025-Sep-2031.2812.64
Invesco India Gold Fund(D)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic / Overseas ) - Gold15.5225-Sep-2031.8212.64
Invesco India Gold Fund(G)FoFs (Domestic / Overseas ) - Gold15.2025-Sep-2031.2612.64
Invesco India Gold Fund(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic / Overseas ) - Gold15.5425-Sep-2031.8112.64
Invesco India Growth Opp Fund(D)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund16.9825-Sep-20-0.291433.61
Invesco India Growth Opp Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund19.2125-Sep-200.791433.61
Invesco India Growth Opp Fund(G)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund34.2725-Sep-20-0.291433.61
Invesco India Growth Opp Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund38.2125-Sep-200.841433.61
Invesco India Infrastructure Fund(D)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 14.9625-Sep-20-0.0740.93
Invesco India Infrastructure Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 16.6825-Sep-200.3040.93
Invesco India Infrastructure Fund(G)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 16.6425-Sep-20-0.1240.93
Invesco India Infrastructure Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 18.7325-Sep-201.3540.93
Invesco India Largecap Fund(D)Equity - Large Cap Fund18.4325-Sep-200.93193.06
Invesco India Largecap Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund20.5925-Sep-202.13193.06
Invesco India Largecap Fund(G)Equity - Large Cap Fund28.5425-Sep-200.92193.06
Invesco India Largecap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund32.0025-Sep-202.14193.06
Invesco India Liquid Fund - Unclaimed Dividend - Above 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1000.0026-Sep-20NA8991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund - Unclaimed Dividend - Below 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1317.8426-Sep-204.748991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund - Unclaimed Redemption - Above 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1000.0026-Sep-20NA8991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund - Unclaimed Redemption - Below 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1317.7426-Sep-204.748991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund(B)Debt - Liquid Fund2767.1626-Sep-204.698991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund(DD)Debt - Liquid Fund1002.7626-Sep-203.888991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1000.9626-Sep-203.948991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund(G)Debt - Liquid Fund2766.1126-Sep-204.668991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund2780.6926-Sep-204.738991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund(MD)Debt - Liquid Fund1005.3626-Sep-203.788991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1035.5126-Sep-203.848991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund(WD)Debt - Liquid Fund1003.5426-Sep-203.888991.36
Invesco India Liquid Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1000.9626-Sep-203.998991.36
Invesco India Liquid-Reg(G)Debt - Liquid Fund2512.0126-Sep-204.118991.36
Invesco India Liquid-Reg(WD)Debt - Liquid Fund1002.0826-Sep-203.448991.36
Invesco India Midcap Fund(D)Equity - Mid Cap Fund22.0525-Sep-209.80415.06
Invesco India Midcap Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Mid Cap Fund26.1025-Sep-2011.42415.06
Invesco India Midcap Fund(G)Equity - Mid Cap Fund52.4125-Sep-2011.01415.06
Invesco India Midcap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Mid Cap Fund59.0125-Sep-2012.51415.06
Invesco India Money Market Fund(D)Debt - Money Market Fund2350.8025-Sep-206.432022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund2145.7325-Sep-206.762022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund(DD)Debt - Money Market Fund1000.2925-Sep-205.552022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund1005.2125-Sep-205.892022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund(G)Debt - Money Market Fund2347.7925-Sep-206.432022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund2395.3525-Sep-206.752022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund(MD)Debt - Money Market Fund1020.0625-Sep-205.452022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund1030.0825-Sep-205.732022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund-Reg(DD)Debt - Money Market Fund1003.6025-Sep-204.902022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Money Market Fund2148.6825-Sep-205.672022.27
Invesco India Money Market Fund-Reg(MD)Debt - Money Market Fund1141.2325-Sep-205.522022.27
Invesco India Multicap Fund(D)Equity - Multi Cap Fund42.3525-Sep-200.52842.21
Invesco India Multicap Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund47.2425-Sep-201.81842.21
Invesco India Multicap Fund(G)Equity - Multi Cap Fund46.7125-Sep-200.54842.21
Invesco India Multicap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund52.1825-Sep-201.81842.21
Invesco India Nifty ETFETFs - Index1189.9625-Sep-20-2.742.11
Invesco India PSU Equity Fund(D)Equity - Thematic Fund - Other12.4725-Sep-20-3.5363.74
Invesco India PSU Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Thematic Fund - Other13.9225-Sep-20-2.7263.74
Invesco India PSU Equity Fund(G)Equity - Thematic Fund - Other17.1225-Sep-20-2.3963.74
Invesco India PSU Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Thematic Fund - Other19.0125-Sep-20-1.5563.74
Invesco India Short Term Fund(D)Debt - Short Duration Fund2064.1525-Sep-20NA795.08
Invesco India Short Term Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund2084.4325-Sep-2010.20795.08
Invesco India Short Term Fund(DD)Debt - Short Duration Fund1036.8125-Sep-208.07795.08
Invesco India Short Term Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund1020.7725-Sep-208.94795.08
Invesco India Short Term Fund(G)Debt - Short Duration Fund2767.4025-Sep-209.27795.08
Invesco India Short Term Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund2954.4725-Sep-2010.20795.08
Invesco India Short Term Fund(MD)Debt - Short Duration Fund1045.8425-Sep-207.98795.08
Invesco India Short Term Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund1944.0025-Sep-209.17795.08
Invesco India Short Term Fund(WD)Debt - Short Duration Fund1015.8925-Sep-208.03795.08
Invesco India Short Term Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund1017.6725-Sep-208.82795.08
Invesco India Smallcap Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund11.5125-Sep-2011.32306.92
Invesco India Smallcap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund11.4925-Sep-2011.01306.92
Invesco India Smallcap Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Small cap Fund11.1525-Sep-209.42306.92
Invesco India Smallcap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Small cap Fund11.1425-Sep-209.32306.92
Invesco India STF-B(G)Debt - Short Duration Fund2757.7625-Sep-209.28795.08
Invesco India STF-B(MD)Debt - Short Duration Fund1827.3425-Sep-208.85795.08
Invesco India STF-B(WD)Debt - Short Duration Fund1012.4125-Sep-208.04795.08
Invesco India Tax Plan(D)Equity - ELSS17.3425-Sep-202.03869.81
Invesco India Tax Plan(D)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS19.5825-Sep-203.16869.81
Invesco India Tax Plan(G)Equity - ELSS52.2125-Sep-203.12869.81
Invesco India Tax Plan(G)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS58.2525-Sep-204.24869.81
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(B)Debt - Low Duration Fund1614.3025-Sep-207.90525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(B)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund1657.2525-Sep-208.18525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(D)Debt - Low Duration Fund2971.4825-Sep-208.23525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund2984.3025-Sep-208.18525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(DD)Debt - Low Duration Fund1013.3725-Sep-206.79525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund1018.9725-Sep-207.08525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(G)Debt - Low Duration Fund2903.4925-Sep-207.85525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund2983.0225-Sep-208.18525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(MD)Debt - Low Duration Fund1058.1425-Sep-206.74525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund1073.1925-Sep-207.00525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(WD)Debt - Low Duration Fund1083.6025-Sep-206.71525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund1206.3725-Sep-207.08525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund-Reg(DD)Debt - Low Duration Fund1470.6025-Sep-207.24525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Low Duration Fund2662.2625-Sep-207.21525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund-Reg(MD)Debt - Low Duration Fund1116.4425-Sep-206.21525.72
Invesco India Treasury Advantage Fund-Reg(WD)Debt - Low Duration Fund1293.5625-Sep-206.31525.72
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(AD)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1080.6425-Sep-203.55687.04
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(AD)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1551.3325-Sep-206.45687.04
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(DD)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1106.0625-Sep-205.04687.04
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1107.2425-Sep-206.20687.04
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(G)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund2095.0525-Sep-205.81687.04
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund2178.7125-Sep-206.45687.04
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(MD)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1022.5525-Sep-204.81687.04
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1476.2725-Sep-206.45687.04
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(QD)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1132.3925-Sep-204.84687.04
Invesco India Ultra Short Term Fund(QD)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1026.1825-Sep-205.52687.04

Return Calculator

MARKET STATS As on 25/09/2020 As on 25/09/2020

11050.25 (2.26) 37388.66 (2.28)


Company Price Change Gain (%)
Thangamayil Jeweller421.2563.7517.83


Company Price Change Loss (%)
Shekhawati Poly-Yarn0.35-0.05-12.50
Diligent Media Corpn0.55-0.05-8.33

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