IDFC Mutual Fund

SCHEME Category NAV () NAV Date 1Y (%) AUM ( Cr)
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented14.0614-May-217.57157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented11.4814-May-217.57157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund(F-IDCW)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented11.4814-May-217.57157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented35.8114-May-217.56157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund(H-IDCW)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented13.4414-May-217.63157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund(P-IDCW)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented12.3114-May-217.56157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented12.7014-May-217.56157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented13.4114-May-217.15157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented11.4714-May-217.20157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(F-IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented11.4814-May-217.16157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(G)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented34.5714-May-217.15157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(H-IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented11.8414-May-217.15157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(P-IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented12.0914-May-217.15157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented12.5314-May-217.15157.96
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented11.4814-May-217.58157.96
IDFC Arbitrage Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund11.8014-May-213.896825.29
IDFC Arbitrage Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund26.9114-May-213.896825.29
IDFC Arbitrage Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Arbitrage Fund13.4914-May-213.886825.29
IDFC Arbitrage Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund10.5614-May-213.156825.29
IDFC Arbitrage Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund25.5914-May-213.146825.29
IDFC Arbitrage Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Hybrid - Arbitrage Fund12.8714-May-213.156825.29
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Aggr(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented28.6014-May-2142.0412.94
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Aggr(IDCW)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented20.7314-May-2141.6412.94
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Aggr-Reg(G)FoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented27.2814-May-2140.8512.94
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Aggr-Reg(IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented18.5214-May-2140.8512.94
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Cons(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented25.5314-May-2113.858.66
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Cons(IDCW)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented16.2914-May-2113.848.66
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Cons-Reg(G)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented24.4114-May-2113.108.66
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Cons-Reg(IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented15.5614-May-2113.108.66
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Mod-(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented27.4614-May-2124.9816.53
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Mod-(IDCW)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented18.0514-May-2124.9016.53
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Mod-Reg(G)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented26.3314-May-2124.1316.53
IDFC Asset Alloc FoF-Mod-Reg(IDCW)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented17.5414-May-2124.1316.53
IDFC Balanced Advantage Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Balanced Advantage17.9114-May-2130.251837.30
IDFC Balanced Advantage Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Balanced Advantage13.4814-May-2130.221837.30
IDFC Balanced Advantage Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Balanced Advantage16.3914-May-2128.451837.30
IDFC Balanced Advantage Fund-Reg(IDCW)Hybrid - Balanced Advantage12.4114-May-2128.401837.30
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund11.9714-May-218.0718412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.4814-May-217.7918412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund(F-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.4514-May-217.7918412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund19.7114-May-217.7918412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.3714-May-217.7918412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.4514-May-217.7918412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.7814-May-217.7918412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund11.0414-May-217.4718412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.8814-May-217.4318412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(F-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.6114-May-217.4318412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund19.3914-May-217.4318412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.4714-May-217.4318412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.6914-May-217.4318412.01
IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.6914-May-217.4318412.01
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium to Long Duration Fund15.7914-May-215.09689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium to Long Duration Fund56.9814-May-215.11689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan(H-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium to Long Duration Fund12.6214-May-215.12689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan(P-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium to Long Duration Fund13.8614-May-215.09689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium to Long Duration Fund12.4214-May-215.09689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Medium to Long Duration Fund11.5514-May-214.44689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan-Reg(G)Debt - Medium to Long Duration Fund53.5214-May-214.44689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan-Reg(H-IDCW)Debt - Medium to Long Duration Fund11.7514-May-214.44689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan-Reg(P-IDCW)Debt - Medium to Long Duration Fund11.4914-May-214.44689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Income Plan-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Medium to Long Duration Fund11.8614-May-214.44689.78
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan(BM-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund12.2814-May-216.614660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund10.4214-May-216.664660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan(F-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund10.2614-May-216.654660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund39.1214-May-216.624660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund10.4914-May-216.624660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan(P-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund10.2114-May-216.624660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium Duration Fund11.1414-May-216.614660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan-Reg(BM-IDCW)Debt - Medium Duration Fund11.9014-May-215.904660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Medium Duration Fund10.2714-May-215.904660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan-Reg(F-IDCW)Debt - Medium Duration Fund10.2514-May-215.904660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan-Reg(G)Debt - Medium Duration Fund36.9614-May-215.904660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Medium Duration Fund10.2514-May-215.904660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan-Reg(P-IDCW)Debt - Medium Duration Fund11.6414-May-215.904660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Medium Term Plan-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Medium Duration Fund10.9614-May-215.904660.76
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund10.7614-May-217.4513791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan(F-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund10.3714-May-217.4513791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund47.2814-May-217.4513791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund10.3914-May-217.4513791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan(P-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund17.0714-May-217.4513791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund10.5414-May-217.4513791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.5614-May-216.9113791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan-Reg(F-IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.4114-May-216.9113791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan-Reg(G)Debt - Short Duration Fund45.0414-May-216.9113791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.3814-May-216.9113791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan-Reg(P-IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund16.7114-May-216.9113791.66
IDFC Bond Fund - Short Term Plan-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.6214-May-216.9113791.66
IDFC Cash Fund - Unclaimed Dividend Less than 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1.3316-May-213.259488.13
IDFC Cash Fund - Unclaimed Dividend More than 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1.0016-May-21NA9488.13
IDFC Cash Fund - Unclaimed Redemption Less than 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1.3316-May-213.259488.13
IDFC Cash Fund - Unclaimed Redemption More than 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1.0016-May-21NA9488.13
IDFC Cash Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1001.6716-May-213.279488.13
IDFC Cash Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund2495.8316-May-213.259488.13
IDFC Cash Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1005.5216-May-213.259488.13
IDFC Cash Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1008.4616-May-213.269488.13
IDFC Cash Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1007.1416-May-213.259488.13
IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund1001.0816-May-213.219488.13
IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Liquid Fund2483.1116-May-213.209488.13
IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund1072.0516-May-213.209488.13
IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund1001.7116-May-213.209488.13
IDFC Cash Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund1001.2616-May-213.209488.13
IDFC Core Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund63.8914-May-2170.602234.88
IDFC Core Equity Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund21.2314-May-2170.522234.88
IDFC Core Equity Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund57.5814-May-2168.562234.88
IDFC Core Equity Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund16.9914-May-2168.552234.88
IDFC Corp Bond Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund10.2514-May-218.7622564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund15.4514-May-218.7622564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund(H-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund11.4814-May-219.0122564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund10.2514-May-218.7422564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund10.3714-May-218.7622564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Corporate Bond Fund10.5114-May-218.6822564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund10.2514-May-218.4222564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund15.2014-May-218.4222564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund-Reg(H-IDCW)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund10.9014-May-218.4222564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund10.2514-May-218.4222564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund10.6214-May-218.4222564.68
IDFC Corp Bond Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Corporate Bond Fund10.5514-May-218.4222564.68
IDFC Credit Risk Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund10.2714-May-218.62821.18
IDFC Credit Risk Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund13.7014-May-218.62821.18
IDFC Credit Risk Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund10.2014-May-218.64821.18
IDFC Credit Risk Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund10.6014-May-218.68821.18
IDFC Credit Risk Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Credit Risk Fund10.2114-May-217.56821.18
IDFC Credit Risk Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Credit Risk Fund13.1414-May-217.56821.18
IDFC Credit Risk Fund-Reg(H-IDCW)Debt - Credit Risk Fund10.3014-May-217.56821.18
IDFC Credit Risk Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Credit Risk Fund10.2014-May-217.56821.18
IDFC Credit Risk Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Credit Risk Fund10.4314-May-217.56821.18
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond11.5114-May-215.883301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond29.2414-May-215.923301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund(H-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond10.8114-May-215.873301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond12.5514-May-215.883301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund(P-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond10.2514-May-215.873301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond13.1414-May-215.873301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Dynamic Bond11.0414-May-215.023301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Dynamic Bond27.2614-May-215.023301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(H-IDCW)Debt - Dynamic Bond10.6214-May-215.023301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Dynamic Bond10.4214-May-215.023301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(P-IDCW)Debt - Dynamic Bond10.8314-May-215.023301.83
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Dynamic Bond11.2314-May-215.013301.83
IDFC Emerging Businesses Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund17.5614-May-2194.89998.96
IDFC Emerging Businesses Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund17.5614-May-2194.89998.96
IDFC Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Small cap Fund17.1514-May-2190.98998.96
IDFC Emerging Businesses Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Small cap Fund17.1514-May-2190.98998.96
IDFC Equity Opportunity-6(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund15.1414-May-2160.04217.17
IDFC Equity Opportunity-6(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund15.1414-May-2160.04217.17
IDFC Equity Opportunity-6-Reg(G)Equity - Multi Cap Fund14.7014-May-2158.58217.17
IDFC Equity Opportunity-6-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Multi Cap Fund14.7014-May-2158.58217.17
IDFC Equity Savings Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings12.3914-May-2120.7153.13
IDFC Equity Savings Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings24.6214-May-2120.9253.13
IDFC Equity Savings Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings14.3714-May-2120.6753.13
IDFC Equity Savings Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings11.5814-May-2120.7653.13
IDFC Equity Savings Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Hybrid - Equity Savings11.7014-May-2119.6353.13
IDFC Equity Savings Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Equity Savings23.1214-May-2119.6753.13
IDFC Equity Savings Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Hybrid - Equity Savings13.5314-May-2119.6353.13
IDFC Equity Savings Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Hybrid - Equity Savings11.4914-May-2119.6853.13
IDFC Flexi Cap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Flexi Cap Fund119.2714-May-2152.775231.94
IDFC Flexi Cap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Flexi Cap Fund38.4014-May-2152.815231.94
IDFC Flexi Cap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Flexi Cap Fund112.3914-May-2151.715231.94
IDFC Flexi Cap Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Flexi Cap Fund36.3014-May-2151.765231.94
IDFC Floating Rate Fund(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Floater Fund10.1014-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Floater Fund10.0214-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Floater Fund10.1114-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Floater Fund10.0614-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Floater Fund10.1014-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Floater Fund10.0314-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Floater Fund10.0914-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Floater Fund10.0214-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Floater Fund10.0914-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Floater Fund10.0414-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund-Reg(P-IDCW)Debt - Floater Fund10.0914-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Floater Fund10.0914-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Floating Rate Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Floater Fund10.0314-May-21NA621.17
IDFC Focused Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Focused Fund50.6314-May-2150.371377.23
IDFC Focused Equity Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Focused Fund23.4714-May-2150.351377.23
IDFC Focused Equity Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Focused Fund45.4214-May-2148.331377.23
IDFC Focused Equity Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Focused Fund14.0414-May-2148.261377.23
IDFC FTP-149-1424D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.5814-May-217.81581.23
IDFC FTP-149-1424D(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.6714-May-217.82581.23
IDFC FTP-149-1424D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.4914-May-217.58581.23
IDFC FTP-149-1424D-Reg(H-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.6314-May-217.59581.23
IDFC FTP-149-1424D-Reg(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.5214-May-217.59581.23
IDFC FTP-149-1424D-Reg(Q-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.6714-May-217.59581.23
IDFC FTP-152-1452D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.7214-May-218.1963.58
IDFC FTP-152-1452D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.6314-May-217.9763.58
IDFC FTP-152-1452D-Reg(H-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.7014-May-217.9863.58
IDFC FTP-154-1098D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.6214-May-215.93108.68
IDFC FTP-154-1098D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.5314-May-215.72108.68
IDFC FTP-154-1098D-Reg(H-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.2714-May-215.72108.68
IDFC FTP-156-1103D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.6014-May-216.1476.26
IDFC FTP-156-1103D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.5214-May-215.9276.26
IDFC FTP-156-1103D-Reg(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.1214-May-215.9376.26
IDFC FTP-156-1103D-Reg(Q-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.3214-May-215.9376.26
IDFC FTP-159-1098D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.3714-May-216.2933.68
IDFC FTP-159-1098D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.3214-May-216.1633.68
IDFC FTP-159-1098D-Reg(H-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.3214-May-216.2233.68
IDFC FTP-159-1098D-Reg(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.1314-May-216.1633.68
IDFC FTP-160-1105D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.5814-May-216.5253.27
IDFC FTP-160-1105D(IDCW)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.1714-May-216.5353.27
IDFC FTP-160-1105D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.5014-May-216.3153.27
IDFC FTP-160-1105D-Reg(Q-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.4614-May-216.3353.27
IDFC FTP-161-1098D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.5614-May-216.8955.83
IDFC FTP-161-1098D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.4914-May-216.7155.83
IDFC FTP-161-1098D-Reg(H-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.3414-May-216.7355.83
IDFC FTP-163-1223D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.5714-May-218.0827.54
IDFC FTP-163-1223D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.5114-May-217.8627.54
IDFC FTP-163-1223D-Reg(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.3714-May-217.8827.54
IDFC FTP-166-1207D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.5014-May-218.5553.54
IDFC FTP-166-1207D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.4514-May-218.3853.54
IDFC FTP-166-1207D-Reg(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.3114-May-218.3953.54
IDFC FTP-167-1202D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.4614-May-218.47115.79
IDFC FTP-167-1202D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.4014-May-218.26115.79
IDFC FTP-167-1202D-Reg(H-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.4614-May-218.26115.79
IDFC FTP-167-1202D-Reg(Q-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.5014-May-218.24115.79
IDFC FTP-176-1170D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.3314-May-218.47182.63
IDFC FTP-176-1170D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2514-May-218.16182.63
IDFC FTP-177-1160D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.2414-May-218.6485.07
IDFC FTP-177-1160D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.1614-May-218.3285.07
IDFC FTP-178-1154D-(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.1814-May-218.7172.61
IDFC FTP-178-1154D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.1214-May-218.4972.61
IDFC FTP-178-1154D-Reg(Q-IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.5614-May-218.4972.61
IDFC FTP-179-3652D(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.7914-May-216.21264.19
IDFC FTP-179-3652D(H-IDCW)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.2714-May-216.21264.19
IDFC FTP-179-3652D-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.7214-May-215.95264.19
IDFC FTP-179-3652D-Reg(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans10.9314-May-215.94264.19
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration36.1914-May-214.90303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration10.4214-May-214.89303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan(P-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration10.7814-May-214.90303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration11.6014-May-214.89303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration17.8114-May-214.90303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan-Reg(G)Debt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration35.8614-May-214.76303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration10.3714-May-214.76303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan-Reg(P-IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration12.8414-May-214.76303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration11.3114-May-214.76303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Constant Maturity Plan-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration10.1214-May-214.77303.33
IDFC G-Sec-Invest(A-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund12.0114-May-215.911621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund29.3514-May-215.911621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest(H-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund11.9414-May-21NA1621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund11.3114-May-215.911621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest(P-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund13.8914-May-215.911621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund11.2114-May-215.911621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest-Reg(A-IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund10.9714-May-215.251621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest-Reg(G)Debt - Gilt Fund27.8514-May-215.251621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest-Reg(H-IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund11.0314-May-215.251621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund10.5014-May-215.251621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest-Reg(P-IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund13.0814-May-215.251621.39
IDFC G-Sec-Invest-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund11.5114-May-215.251621.39
IDFC Gilt 2027 Index Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund10.1614-May-21NA206.91
IDFC Gilt 2027 Index Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund10.1614-May-21NA206.91
IDFC Gilt 2027 Index Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Gilt Fund10.1614-May-21NA206.91
IDFC Gilt 2027 Index Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund10.1614-May-21NA206.91
IDFC Gilt 2028 Index Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund10.1614-May-21NA80.63
IDFC Gilt 2028 Index Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund10.1614-May-21NA80.63
IDFC Gilt 2028 Index Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Gilt Fund10.1614-May-21NA80.63
IDFC Gilt 2028 Index Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund10.1614-May-21NA80.63
IDFC Hybrid Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund15.4814-May-2153.27508.18
IDFC Hybrid Equity Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund14.0414-May-2153.28508.18
IDFC Hybrid Equity Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund14.4614-May-2151.26508.18
IDFC Hybrid Equity Fund-Reg(IDCW)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund13.1014-May-2151.27508.18
IDFC Infrastructure Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 20.8714-May-2188.36565.38
IDFC Infrastructure Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 20.4614-May-2188.22565.38
IDFC Infrastructure Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 18.8014-May-2186.14565.38
IDFC Infrastructure Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 17.6714-May-2186.20565.38
IDFC Large Cap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund44.9514-May-2151.50714.08
IDFC Large Cap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund20.4314-May-2151.45714.08
IDFC Large Cap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Large Cap Fund41.1714-May-2149.82714.08
IDFC Large Cap Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Large Cap Fund16.3814-May-2149.73714.08
IDFC Low Duration Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund10.1114-May-215.638588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund30.8414-May-215.638588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund10.1014-May-215.638588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund10.1314-May-215.648588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund10.7814-May-215.638588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund10.1014-May-215.638588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.1014-May-215.418588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Low Duration Fund30.4114-May-215.418588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.1014-May-215.418588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.1214-May-215.418588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.8514-May-215.408588.05
IDFC Low Duration Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund10.1114-May-215.408588.05
IDFC Money Manager Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund10.1014-May-214.573417.60
IDFC Money Manager Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund33.8014-May-214.563417.60
IDFC Money Manager Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund10.2014-May-214.573417.60
IDFC Money Manager Fund(P-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund12.3814-May-214.603417.60
IDFC Money Manager Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund10.1014-May-214.573417.60
IDFC Money Manager Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund10.1014-May-213.773417.60
IDFC Money Manager Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Money Market Fund32.0214-May-213.783417.60
IDFC Money Manager Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund10.2614-May-213.783417.60
IDFC Money Manager Fund-Reg(P-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund10.5014-May-213.783417.60
IDFC Money Manager Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund10.1214-May-213.793417.60
IDFC Nifty ETFETFs - Index153.2014-May-2160.8318.22
IDFC Nifty Fund(G)-Direct PlanIndex Funds - Nifty31.1114-May-2161.50291.79
IDFC Nifty Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanIndex Funds - Nifty28.2714-May-2161.50291.79
IDFC Nifty Fund-Reg(G)Index Funds - Nifty30.7814-May-2160.89291.79
IDFC Nifty Fund-Reg(IDCW)Index Funds - Nifty27.9214-May-2160.89291.79
IDFC Overnight Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1000.0016-May-213.071376.57
IDFC Overnight Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1102.2116-May-213.051376.57
IDFC Overnight Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1005.2616-May-21NA1376.57
IDFC Overnight Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1001.4716-May-213.051376.57
IDFC Overnight Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1000.1816-May-213.091376.57
IDFC Overnight Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Overnight Fund1000.0016-May-212.941376.57
IDFC Overnight Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Overnight Fund1099.0816-May-212.931376.57
IDFC Overnight Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Overnight Fund1001.4316-May-212.931376.57
IDFC Overnight Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Overnight Fund1001.1016-May-212.931376.57
IDFC Regular Savings Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund26.5814-May-2114.02177.63
IDFC Regular Savings Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund14.7214-May-2113.65177.63
IDFC Regular Savings Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund15.3114-May-2113.93177.63
IDFC Regular Savings Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund24.7014-May-2112.96177.63
IDFC Regular Savings Fund-Reg(IDCW)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund13.4614-May-2112.69177.63
IDFC Regular Savings Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund13.3514-May-2112.96177.63
IDFC Sensex ETFETFs - Index507.8114-May-2156.900.72
IDFC Sterling Value Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Value Fund74.2614-May-21112.783334.47
IDFC Sterling Value Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Value Fund31.1114-May-21112.793334.47
IDFC Sterling Value Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Value Fund68.5214-May-21110.443334.47
IDFC Sterling Value Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Value Fund24.8314-May-21110.423334.47
IDFC Tax Advt(ELSS) Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS85.5914-May-2190.753068.81
IDFC Tax Advt(ELSS) Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS28.6314-May-2190.743068.81
IDFC Tax Advt(ELSS) Fund-Reg(G)Equity - ELSS78.1714-May-2188.733068.81
IDFC Tax Advt(ELSS) Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - ELSS22.8114-May-2188.673068.81
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.0414-May-214.365745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund12.0214-May-214.365745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.0514-May-214.455745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund(P-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.1714-May-214.455745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.1514-May-214.375745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.0714-May-214.355745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.0514-May-214.195745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund11.9714-May-214.195745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.0514-May-214.205745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(P-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.0714-May-214.215745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.1514-May-214.205745.39
IDFC Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund10.0814-May-214.205745.39

Return Calculator

MARKET STATS As on 17/05/2021 As on 17/05/2021

14923.15 (1.67) 49580.73 (1.74)


Company Price Change Gain (%)
Kothari Petrochem46.507.7520.00


Company Price Change Loss (%)
Blue Chip India0.30-0.05-14.29
Consolidated Constn.0.35-0.05-12.50

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