HSBC Mutual Fund

SCHEME Category NAV () NAV Date 1Y (%) AUM ( Cr)
HSBC Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) DYF(D)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)14.6523-Aug-191.666.33
HSBC Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) DYF(DP)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)14.6523-Aug-191.666.33
HSBC Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) DYF(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)14.6623-Aug-191.696.33
HSBC Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) DYF-Reg(D)FoFs (Overseas)14.1023-Aug-191.016.33
HSBC Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) DYF-Reg(DP)FoFs (Overseas)14.1023-Aug-191.016.33
HSBC Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) DYF-Reg(G)FoFs (Overseas)14.1023-Aug-191.016.33
HSBC Brazil Fund(D)FoFs (Overseas)8.5223-Aug-1930.0226.05
HSBC Brazil Fund(D)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)8.9323-Aug-1930.9626.05
HSBC Brazil Fund(G)FoFs (Overseas)8.5223-Aug-1930.0226.05
HSBC Brazil Fund(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)8.9323-Aug-1930.9826.05
HSBC Cash Fund(DD)Debt - Liquid Fund1001.0025-Aug-195.275870.75
HSBC Cash Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1000.9425-Aug-195.325870.75
HSBC Cash Fund(G)Debt - Liquid Fund1907.9325-Aug-197.375870.75
HSBC Cash Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1914.5925-Aug-197.445870.75
HSBC Cash Fund(MD)Debt - Liquid Fund1006.0425-Aug-195.255870.75
HSBC Cash Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1043.4025-Aug-195.295870.75
HSBC Cash Fund(WD)Debt - Liquid Fund1111.3625-Aug-195.265870.75
HSBC Cash Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1120.4425-Aug-195.565870.75
HSBC Cash Fund-Unclaimed Dividend - Above 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1000.0025-Aug-19NA5870.75
HSBC Cash Fund-Unclaimed Dividend - Below 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1248.7025-Aug-197.005870.75
HSBC Cash Fund-Unclaimed Redemption - Above 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1000.0025-Aug-19NA5870.75
HSBC Cash Fund-Unclaimed Redemption - Below 3YDebt - Liquid Fund1248.7025-Aug-197.005870.75
HSBC Cash-Inst(DD)Debt - Liquid Fund1412.2625-Aug-197.165870.75
HSBC Cash-Reg(DD)Debt - Liquid Fund1019.3025-Aug-194.625870.75
HSBC Cash-Reg(G)Debt - Liquid Fund2824.0625-Aug-196.475870.75
HSBC Cash-Reg(WD)Debt - Liquid Fund1002.2425-Aug-194.625870.75
HSBC Debt Fund(D)Debt - Medium to Long Duration Fund11.4423-Aug-1912.3840.61
HSBC Debt Fund(G)Debt - Medium to Long Duration Fund31.5923-Aug-1914.0840.61
HSBC Debt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Medium to Long Duration Fund33.2623-Aug-1914.9640.61
HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund(D)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund10.5023-Aug-19NA655.81
HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund10.5023-Aug-19NA655.81
HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund-Reg(D)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund10.3823-Aug-19NA655.81
HSBC Equity Hybrid Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund10.3823-Aug-19NA655.81
HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(FD)Debt - Dynamic Bond10.6423-Aug-199.77124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(G)Debt - Dynamic Bond25.7923-Aug-1913.22124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond27.1323-Aug-1914.08124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(HD)Debt - Dynamic Bond12.2223-Aug-1912.15124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(HD)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond11.6123-Aug-1911.66124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(MD)Debt - Dynamic Bond10.7023-Aug-199.98124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond10.4723-Aug-1911.25124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(QD)Debt - Dynamic Bond12.9623-Aug-1913.22124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt Fund(QD)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond11.9623-Aug-1911.87124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt-Reg(G)Debt - Dynamic Bond24.9123-Aug-1912.94124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt-Reg(HD)Debt - Dynamic Bond17.6223-Aug-1912.94124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt-Reg(MD)Debt - Dynamic Bond15.7523-Aug-1912.94124.28
HSBC Flexi Debt-Reg(QD)Debt - Dynamic Bond15.2023-Aug-1912.94124.28
HSBC FTS-128(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.8123-Aug-198.9074.94
HSBC FTS-128-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans11.7223-Aug-198.5274.94
HSBC FTS-128-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans11.7223-Aug-198.5274.94
HSBC FTS-129(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.6523-Aug-198.8157.00
HSBC FTS-129-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans11.5923-Aug-198.5357.00
HSBC FTS-129-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans11.5923-Aug-198.5357.00
HSBC FTS-130-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans11.3023-Aug-199.5725.38
HSBC FTS-130-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans11.3023-Aug-199.5725.38
HSBC FTS-131(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.1623-Aug-199.7243.99
HSBC FTS-131-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans11.1223-Aug-199.4443.99
HSBC FTS-131-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans11.1223-Aug-199.4443.99
HSBC FTS-132(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.0923-Aug-198.35133.93
HSBC FTS-132(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.0923-Aug-198.35133.93
HSBC FTS-132-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans11.0523-Aug-198.13133.93
HSBC FTS-132-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans11.0523-Aug-198.13133.93
HSBC FTS-133(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.0523-Aug-198.46104.57
HSBC FTS-133(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans11.0523-Aug-198.46104.57
HSBC FTS-133-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans11.0223-Aug-198.24104.57
HSBC FTS-133-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans11.0223-Aug-198.24104.57
HSBC FTS-134(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.2523-Aug-190.53168.54
HSBC FTS-134(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.2523-Aug-190.53168.54
HSBC FTS-134-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.2023-Aug-190.19168.54
HSBC FTS-134-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.2023-Aug-190.19168.54
HSBC FTS-135(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.1623-Aug-190.62178.18
HSBC FTS-135(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.1623-Aug-190.62178.18
HSBC FTS-135-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.1323-Aug-190.32178.18
HSBC FTS-135-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.1323-Aug-190.32178.18
HSBC FTS-136(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.0423-Aug-190.1950.06
HSBC FTS-136(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.0423-Aug-190.1950.06
HSBC FTS-136-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.0123-Aug-19-0.1150.06
HSBC FTS-136-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.0123-Aug-19-0.1150.06
HSBC FTS-137(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.7123-Aug-19NA61.23
HSBC FTS-137(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.7123-Aug-19NA61.23
HSBC FTS-137-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.6923-Aug-19NA61.23
HSBC FTS-137-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.6923-Aug-19NA61.23
HSBC FTS-139(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.6023-Aug-19NA44.21
HSBC FTS-139(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.6023-Aug-19NA44.21
HSBC FTS-139-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.5923-Aug-19NA44.21
HSBC FTS-139-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.5923-Aug-19NA44.21
HSBC FTS-140(D)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.4323-Aug-19NA39.11
HSBC FTS-140(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans10.4323-Aug-19NA39.11
HSBC FTS-140-Reg(D)Fixed Maturity Plans10.4223-Aug-19NA39.11
HSBC FTS-140-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans10.4223-Aug-19NA39.11
HSBC Global Consumer Opportunities Fund (HGCOF)-(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)13.4723-Aug-19-0.883.50
HSBC Global Consumer Opportunities Fund (HGCOF)-Reg(G)FoFs (Overseas)13.0523-Aug-19-1.563.50
HSBC Global Emerging Markets Fund(D)FoFs (Overseas)12.7623-Aug-19-4.538.73
HSBC Global Emerging Markets Fund(D)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)13.4023-Aug-19-3.878.73
HSBC Global Emerging Markets Fund(G)FoFs (Overseas)13.3423-Aug-19-4.538.73
HSBC Global Emerging Markets Fund(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Overseas)13.9923-Aug-19-3.868.73
HSBC Infra Equity Fund(D)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 11.8823-Aug-19-28.85109.05
HSBC Infra Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 12.4723-Aug-19-28.25109.05
HSBC Infra Equity Fund(G)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 13.9623-Aug-19-28.85109.05
HSBC Infra Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Infrastructure 14.6723-Aug-19-28.22109.05
HSBC Large & Mid Cap Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund9.2823-Aug-19NA642.06
HSBC Large & Mid Cap Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund9.2823-Aug-19NA642.06
HSBC Large & Mid Cap Equity Fund-Reg(D)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund9.2223-Aug-19NA642.06
HSBC Large & Mid Cap Equity Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund9.2223-Aug-19NA642.06
HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund(D)Equity - Large Cap Fund27.6623-Aug-19-7.25705.30
HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund29.3223-Aug-19-6.56705.30
HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund(G)Equity - Large Cap Fund201.9123-Aug-19-6.50705.30
HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund212.1523-Aug-19-5.75705.30
HSBC Low Duration Fund(DD)Debt - Low Duration Fund9.2723-Aug-19-3.88284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund9.3223-Aug-19-3.20284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund(G)Debt - Low Duration Fund15.2523-Aug-19-2.34284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund16.0123-Aug-19-1.56284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund(MD)Debt - Low Duration Fund9.3623-Aug-19-3.98284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund(MD)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund9.5723-Aug-19-3.39284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund(MDP)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund9.5723-Aug-19-3.39284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund(WD)Debt - Low Duration Fund9.2823-Aug-19-3.82284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund9.3323-Aug-19-3.29284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund-Reg(DD)Debt - Low Duration Fund9.2223-Aug-19-4.11284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Low Duration Fund22.0123-Aug-19-2.63284.63
HSBC Low Duration Fund-Reg(WD)Debt - Low Duration Fund9.2423-Aug-19-4.07284.63
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Conservative(D)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented14.9023-Aug-195.19166.23
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Conservative(G)FoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented14.9023-Aug-195.19166.23
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Conservative(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Debt Oriented15.1223-Aug-195.63166.23
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Growth(D)FoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented16.9323-Aug-19-7.24100.11
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Growth(D)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented17.1823-Aug-19-6.97100.11
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Growth(G)FoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented16.9323-Aug-19-7.24100.11
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Growth(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented17.1823-Aug-19-6.97100.11
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Moderate(D)FoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented16.3423-Aug-19-4.88171.90
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Moderate(D)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented9.9623-Aug-19-4.52171.90
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Moderate(G)FoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented16.3423-Aug-19-4.88171.90
HSBC Managed Solutions India-Moderate(G)-Direct PlanFoFs (Domestic) - Equity Oriented16.5823-Aug-19-4.53171.90
HSBC Multi Cap Equity Fund(D)Equity - Multi Cap Fund20.6023-Aug-19-17.85505.81
HSBC Multi Cap Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund23.1723-Aug-19-17.16505.81
HSBC Multi Cap Equity Fund(G)Equity - Multi Cap Fund76.5223-Aug-19-17.09505.81
HSBC Multi Cap Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund80.4723-Aug-19-16.37505.81
HSBC Overnight Fund(DD)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1000.0025-Aug-19NA120.43
HSBC Overnight Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1014.6225-Aug-19NA120.43
HSBC Overnight Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Overnight Fund1014.2225-Aug-19NA120.43
HSBC Regular Savings Fund(G)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund37.1823-Aug-195.07112.98
HSBC Regular Savings Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund38.6323-Aug-195.94112.98
HSBC Regular Savings Fund(MD)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund12.0823-Aug-192.73112.98
HSBC Regular Savings Fund(MD)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund15.2723-Aug-193.31112.98
HSBC Regular Savings Fund(QD)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund13.5023-Aug-195.07112.98
HSBC Regular Savings Fund(QD)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund13.2523-Aug-193.41112.98
HSBC Short Duration Fund(D)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.5323-Aug-19-2.09785.60
HSBC Short Duration Fund(D)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund11.8023-Aug-19-0.83785.60
HSBC Short Duration Fund(G)Debt - Short Duration Fund28.7123-Aug-19-0.59785.60
HSBC Short Duration Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund30.4723-Aug-190.36785.60
HSBC Short Duration Fund(QD)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.0223-Aug-19-0.59785.60
HSBC Short Duration Fund(WD)Debt - Short Duration Fund9.5623-Aug-19-2.18785.60
HSBC Short Duration Fund(WD)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund9.6123-Aug-19-1.45785.60
HSBC Small Cap Equity Fund(D)Equity - Small cap Fund15.1923-Aug-19-24.35779.28
HSBC Small Cap Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund19.0623-Aug-19-23.51779.28
HSBC Small Cap Equity Fund(G)Equity - Small cap Fund41.4623-Aug-19-23.71779.28
HSBC Small Cap Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Small cap Fund43.6623-Aug-19-22.98779.28
HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund(D)Equity - ELSS18.6123-Aug-19-12.11159.84
HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund(D)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS19.6323-Aug-19-11.45159.84
HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund(G)Equity - ELSS33.8323-Aug-19-11.24159.84
HSBC Tax Saver Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS35.5523-Aug-19-10.46159.84

Return Calculator

MARKET STATS As on 23/08/2019 As on 23/08/2019

10829.35 (0.82) 36701.16 (0.63)


Company Price Change Gain (%)
MPS Infotecnics0.100.05100.00
Prakash Steelage0.200.0533.33


Company Price Change Loss (%)
Neulands Global Inds0.15-0.05-25.00
Visagar Polytex0.20-0.05-20.00

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