Baroda Mutual Fund

SCHEME Category NAV () NAV Date 1Y (%) AUM ( Cr)
Baroda Banking & Fin Serv Fund(G)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Banks & Financial Services27.7229-Jul-2146.1353.98
Baroda Banking & Fin Serv Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Banks & Financial Services29.6329-Jul-2147.4153.98
Baroda Banking & Fin Serv Fund(IDCW)Equity - Sectoral Fund - Banks & Financial Services17.3229-Jul-2146.2053.98
Baroda Banking & Fin Serv Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Sectoral Fund - Banks & Financial Services18.9129-Jul-2147.4753.98
Baroda Banking & PSU Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.2429-Jul-21NA299.82
Baroda Banking & PSU Bond Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.2429-Jul-21NA299.82
Baroda Banking & PSU Bond Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Banking and PSU Fund10.1429-Jul-21NA299.82
Baroda Banking & PSU Bond Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.2129-Jul-21NA299.82
Baroda Banking & PSU Bond Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.2129-Jul-21NA299.82
Baroda Banking & PSU Bond Fund-Reg(Q-IDCW)Debt - Banking and PSU Fund10.1129-Jul-21NA299.82
Baroda Conservative Hybrid Fund(G)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund29.9029-Jul-218.2736.67
Baroda Conservative Hybrid Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund32.1529-Jul-219.2236.67
Baroda Conservative Hybrid Fund(M-IDCW)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund14.9229-Jul-218.2736.67
Baroda Conservative Hybrid Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund15.9629-Jul-219.2236.67
Baroda Conservative Hybrid Fund(Q-IDCW)Hybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund14.4629-Jul-218.2736.67
Baroda Conservative Hybrid Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Conservative Hybrid Fund14.6629-Jul-219.2136.67
Baroda Credit Risk Fund-A(G)Debt - Credit Risk Fund15.7929-Jul-2113.64199.57
Baroda Credit Risk Fund-A(M-IDCW)Debt - Credit Risk Fund10.6429-Jul-2113.64199.57
Baroda Credit Risk Fund-A(Q-IDCW)Debt - Credit Risk Fund11.0029-Jul-2113.64199.57
Baroda Credit Risk Fund-B(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund16.8629-Jul-2114.43199.57
Baroda Credit Risk Fund-B(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund11.5929-Jul-2114.43199.57
Baroda Credit Risk Fund-B(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Credit Risk Fund11.5929-Jul-2114.43199.57
Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund(G)Debt - Dynamic Bond18.5629-Jul-215.6121.07
Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond19.6329-Jul-215.9621.07
Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund(IDCW)Debt - Dynamic Bond13.4329-Jul-215.6121.07
Baroda Dynamic Bond Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Dynamic Bond14.4029-Jul-215.9721.07
Baroda Dynamic Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation15.9129-Jul-2129.031248.07
Baroda Dynamic Equity Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation14.7429-Jul-2129.071248.07
Baroda Dynamic Equity Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation15.3129-Jul-2127.481248.07
Baroda Dynamic Equity Fund-Reg(IDCW)Hybrid - Dynamic Asset Allocation14.1429-Jul-2127.471248.07
Baroda ELSS 96(B)Equity - ELSS64.8129-Jul-2154.31199.48
Baroda ELSS 96(B)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS70.7329-Jul-2155.42199.48
Baroda ELSS 96(G)Equity - ELSS64.8129-Jul-2154.31199.48
Baroda ELSS 96(G)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS70.7329-Jul-2155.42199.48
Baroda ELSS 96(IDCW)Equity - ELSS36.7629-Jul-2154.30199.48
Baroda ELSS 96(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - ELSS46.1729-Jul-2155.44199.48
Baroda Equity Savings Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings12.2229-Jul-219.69438.42
Baroda Equity Savings Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Equity Savings12.2229-Jul-219.69438.42
Baroda Equity Savings Fund-Reg(G)Hybrid - Equity Savings11.9629-Jul-218.53438.42
Baroda Equity Savings Fund-Reg(IDCW)Hybrid - Equity Savings11.9629-Jul-218.53438.42
Baroda FMP-P(G)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.3129-Jul-215.5739.37
Baroda FMP-P(IDCW)-Direct PlanFixed Maturity Plans12.3129-Jul-215.5739.37
Baroda FMP-P-Reg(G)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2229-Jul-215.2539.37
Baroda FMP-P-Reg(IDCW)Fixed Maturity Plans12.2229-Jul-215.2539.37
Baroda Gilt Fund(G)Debt - Gilt Fund33.5829-Jul-212.0428.54
Baroda Gilt Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund36.1429-Jul-212.8328.54
Baroda Gilt Fund(IDCW)Debt - Gilt Fund22.5829-Jul-212.0428.54
Baroda Gilt Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Gilt Fund30.0529-Jul-212.8328.54
Baroda Hybrid Equity Fund(G)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund75.9729-Jul-2141.50404.06
Baroda Hybrid Equity Fund(G)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund83.0729-Jul-2142.44404.06
Baroda Hybrid Equity Fund(IDCW)Hybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund18.3129-Jul-2141.52404.06
Baroda Hybrid Equity Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanHybrid - Aggressive Hybrid Fund21.4929-Jul-2142.40404.06
Baroda Large & Mid Cap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund14.8529-Jul-21NA639.23
Baroda Large & Mid Cap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Large & Mid Cap Fund14.8529-Jul-21NA639.23
Baroda Large & Mid Cap Fund-Reg(G)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund14.6029-Jul-21NA639.23
Baroda Large & Mid Cap Fund-Reg(IDCW)Equity - Large & Mid Cap Fund14.6029-Jul-21NA639.23
Baroda Large Cap Fund(G)Equity - Large Cap Fund20.4429-Jul-2141.9443.86
Baroda Large Cap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund21.7229-Jul-2143.0843.86
Baroda Large Cap Fund(IDCW)Equity - Large Cap Fund15.0429-Jul-2142.0243.86
Baroda Large Cap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Large Cap Fund16.2029-Jul-2143.0543.86
Baroda Liquid Fund(DD-IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund1001.2029-Jul-213.244629.47
Baroda Liquid Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1002.0829-Jul-213.344629.47
Baroda Liquid Fund(G)Debt - Liquid Fund2376.1929-Jul-213.254629.47
Baroda Liquid Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund2395.8329-Jul-213.354629.47
Baroda Liquid Fund(W-IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund1000.3029-Jul-213.244629.47
Baroda Liquid Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Liquid Fund1218.7429-Jul-213.354629.47
Baroda Liquid-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund1006.0629-Jul-213.234629.47
Baroda Liquid-Reg(G)Debt - Liquid Fund3496.5629-Jul-213.254629.47
Baroda Liquid-Reg(IDCW)Debt - Liquid Fund2995.7529-Jul-213.254629.47
Baroda Mid-cap Fund(G)Equity - Mid Cap Fund15.4129-Jul-2175.1165.05
Baroda Mid-cap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Mid Cap Fund16.5329-Jul-2176.4165.05
Baroda Mid-cap Fund(IDCW)Equity - Mid Cap Fund15.4129-Jul-2175.1165.05
Baroda Mid-cap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Mid Cap Fund16.5329-Jul-2176.4165.05
Baroda Money Market Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Money Market Fund1101.4429-Jul-213.1210.54
Baroda Money Market Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund1005.9029-Jul-212.6510.54
Baroda Money Market Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Money Market Fund1094.3829-Jul-212.7910.54
Baroda Money Market Fund-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund1000.3629-Jul-212.8210.54
Baroda Money Market Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Money Market Fund1000.4929-Jul-212.8110.54
Baroda Multi Cap Fund(G)Equity - Multi Cap Fund153.4629-Jul-2162.081043.72
Baroda Multi Cap Fund(G)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund165.4129-Jul-2163.401043.72
Baroda Multi Cap Fund(IDCW)Equity - Multi Cap Fund39.4629-Jul-2162.081043.72
Baroda Multi Cap Fund(IDCW)-Direct PlanEquity - Multi Cap Fund40.4629-Jul-2163.291043.72
Baroda Overnight Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1000.0029-Jul-212.91365.19
Baroda Overnight Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1092.2629-Jul-213.14365.19
Baroda Overnight Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Overnight Fund1000.3129-Jul-213.14365.19
Baroda Overnight Fund-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Overnight Fund1000.0029-Jul-213.07365.19
Baroda Overnight Fund-Reg(G)Debt - Overnight Fund1090.9229-Jul-213.08365.19
Baroda Overnight Fund-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Overnight Fund1000.2829-Jul-212.98365.19
Baroda ST Bond Fund(G)Debt - Short Duration Fund23.2329-Jul-214.67349.46
Baroda ST Bond Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund24.5529-Jul-215.46349.46
Baroda ST Bond Fund(M-IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.1329-Jul-214.67349.46
Baroda ST Bond Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund10.1329-Jul-215.46349.46
Baroda ST Bond Fund(Q-IDCW)Debt - Short Duration Fund10.7729-Jul-214.67349.46
Baroda ST Bond Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Short Duration Fund11.0729-Jul-215.46349.46
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(DD-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund744.5929-Jul-217.8332.13
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund733.0729-Jul-218.0632.13
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(G)Debt - Low Duration Fund1571.2729-Jul-217.8332.13
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund1612.4329-Jul-218.0632.13
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(M-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund723.1929-Jul-217.8332.13
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(M-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund727.4529-Jul-218.0632.13
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(Q-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund746.3429-Jul-217.8432.13
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(Q-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund759.0729-Jul-218.0632.13
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(W-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund722.4629-Jul-217.8332.13
Baroda Treasury Adv Fund(W-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Low Duration Fund726.6629-Jul-218.0632.13
Baroda Treasury Adv-Reg(DD-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund727.1229-Jul-217.8332.13
Baroda Treasury Adv-Reg(G)Debt - Low Duration Fund1532.2429-Jul-217.8332.13
Baroda Treasury Adv-Reg(M-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund723.0829-Jul-217.8232.13
Baroda Treasury Adv-Reg(W-IDCW)Debt - Low Duration Fund721.5029-Jul-217.7632.13
Baroda Ultra Short Duration Fund(DD-IDCW)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1006.2629-Jul-213.75145.42
Baroda Ultra Short Duration Fund(DD-IDCW)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1007.0629-Jul-213.92145.42
Baroda Ultra Short Duration Fund(G)Debt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1210.9529-Jul-213.77145.42
Baroda Ultra Short Duration Fund(G)-Direct PlanDebt - Ultra Short Duration Fund1218.2329-Jul-213.98145.42

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Company Price Change Gain (%)
Vidhi Specialty Food335.0555.2019.72
Privi Speciality Che1588.55260.3519.60


Company Price Change Loss (%)
Swan Energy146.80-28.60-16.31
Motilal Oswal Fin943.10-115.90-10.94

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