RuPay Card: Flag bearer of the Digital India Initiative; everything you need to know about it.

India’s home-grown card network RuPay is a step towards digital Indian economy packed with an intention of reducing the for-ex outflow from India. 50 crore RuPay cards have been issued in less than four years of its launch. 

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched three Indian mobile payment apps in Singapore at a business event aimed at internationalisation of the country's digital payment platform. (Reuters)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that his pet Digital India Initiative aims at eliminating middlemen and checking the circulation of black money.

PM Modi has beseeched the countrymen to use the domestic RuPay debit/credit card to ensure that transaction and processing fee is not earned by foreign companies. Since, the extra payment goes from the exchequer in foreign reserves; using RuPay cards can be the least we can do to serve the nation because, the money saved can be used for undertaking development and infrastructure work.

RuPay, is bringing the revolutionary change in digital payments. The card is not just being used in India but abroad as well, he said, emphasizing that he used RuPay to buy some goods during his recent visit to Singapore.

So, What is RuPay?

To facilitate financial inclusion in the country, the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) launched RuPay, a new card payment scheme. NPCI is a pioneer organization in the field of retail payments in India. RuPay card is an Indian Version of credit/debit card, which is very similar to international cards such as Visa/Master cards. RuPay is India’s own domestic card with its own payment gateway. As per the RBI’s directions all state owned banks can issue RuPay debit/credit cards.

How does it work?

Similar to any other debit cards that we hold now, RuPay debit cards can be used at 1.45 lakhs ATMS, 26.14 lakhs POS terminals across the country and various e-commerce websites across India. The card is presently accepted at 39 acquiring banks enabled for RuPay Card acceptance. Portmanteau of the words rupee and payment, RuPay card offers a highly secure network that protects against anti—phishing.

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How is it different from Visa, American Express, and Master Card?

Processing fees:  Transactions carried through a RuPay card are approximately 23% less than those done by visa, Master Cards and American express cards because, transactions in latter cards happen overseas.

International Usage: RuPay is a domestic card hence, the RuPay debit card can be used with in the country only.  However, RuPay Platinum debit/credit cards are international cards.

Processing time: Transactions processed through RuPay cards are comparatively faster since it is applicable only for domestic transactions.

Security of data: Data with customer purchases stays within the boundaries of the country so, transactions through RuPay cards are more secure.

How to get a RuPay card and how to use it?

All public, private, regional rural banks and co-operative banks are issuing RuPay debit cards. It can be assessed by anyone who has either a saving or current account with these banks. Also, customers can open a saving account under PMJDY scheme (Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana) to avail a RuPay card. Moreover, RuPay kisan cards are offered exclusively for agriculturists and farmers empowering them to perform ATM and POS transactions.

For opening an account you need to collect the application form from the bank that supports it. It can be applied through the bank’s internet banking facility. Specify to the bank that you need to avail the RuPay card facility by filling in the form all the required details.

The registration requires a proof of address, proof of identification and 2 passport size photographs.

The RuPay card will be sent to your address with-in 10-20 days.

To increase acceptance around the world RuPay has agreements with payment networks like Discover, Diners-club, Japan Credit Bureau, NETS( Singapore), union card to name a few.




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