Planning to buy a health insurance policy? 5 things to check before buying one

Depending on the individual or family’s needs, one must decide on the type of policy to buy. Find out the key factors to consider prior to purchasing a health insurance policy

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7 common myths and misconceptions about home loans you should not fall for

Home loans are commonly availed by home buyers today. Still there are hosts of misconceptions about this popular loan variant.

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Precious metal: Investing in gold lowers portfolio risk

Gold prices will move up gradually and prove to be a useful portfolio diversification tool.

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Emerging markets seen bringing more pain to investors in 2019

If you lost money on emerging Asian bonds and currencies this year, be warned: the first half 2019 may see more of the same.

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Section 80C Deduction: Best investment options under Sec 80C to save tax in FY2018-19

Section 80C provides deduction benefit on investments against qualified instruments. Source of income is not relevant while applying for deduction under this section.

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Expect 2019 to be a year of consolidation for real estate: Pradeep Aggarwal

In an exclusive interview, Pradeep Aggarwal, Chairman and Co-Founder, Signature Global, speaks about the resurgence of affordable housing, its role in reviving the sector, and the prospects of real es

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Stuck in a debt trap? Here’s how you can find your way out this New Year

You land in a debt trap when your income falls short in paying for the EMIs and the interest keeps piling up on the outstanding amount.

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Have you done your tax savings for 2018-19 right? Find out

In most cases, individuals start looking for tax-saving products only when their employer sets a deadline for submission of the documents. In such a scenario, you are in for a financial disaster.

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NPS becomes tax saving instrument: How good is it compared to ELSS, ULIP, PPF and Sukanya Samriddhi?

The recent changes in norms have suddenly made the National Pension System (NPS) a holistic tax-saving instrument.

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Experience the luxury of driving a premium car without owning one; Know-how

The price of these luxury cars ranges in lakhs and crores- the Mustang GT Rs. 65Lakhs, the Maserati Ghibli Rs. 1.42Cr; but you can get it in a few thousand.

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Looking for tax-saving options for 2018-19? 5 common tax mistakes that can ruin your finances

Tax planning is a legitimate process to reduce one's tax liability by availing all the permissible allowances, deductions, exemptions and rebates.

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Credit Rating: How individual assessment is going beyond traditional credit scoring

The shift in the assessment from traditional credit scores to assessment of “digital footprints” has enabled access to institutional credit to the hundreds of millions of underserved.

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Don’t want your health insurance claim to be rejected? Know the disclosures you need to make

The insurance company understands the nature of risk and calculates the premium to cover that risk at the time of underwriting a policy

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EMV Chip Cards: You will not be able to enjoy autopay benefits unless you do this

With the deadline getting closer, without waiting for the instructions from the customers, banks have started the process of replacing the cards, especially debit cards.

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Should you consider a co-branded credit card for your travel this holiday season?

Co-branded credit cards, through tie-ups with certain merchandises, offer additional benefits in terms of reward points, cash-backs and discounts on specific purchases.

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SIP: Invest in equities to build long-term wealth

While one-year SIP returns are negative for multi-cap funds, investing over longer time frames will create wealth.

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5 financial tasks you must not forget to complete before December 31

With the end of the year 2018 on December 31, the deadlines for compliance of various activities, which you have to do, will also end.

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Beware! UPI app user loses Rs 6.8 lakh from his SBI account; Was it fraud? What legal experts said

Legal and financial experts say that such frauds are not possible without resorting to high-end phishing techniques and tricking the users.

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Indians see life insurance as the most handy instrument for planning their major life goals, reveals survey

Indians see life insurance as the most handy instrument for planning their major life goals while nearly a third do not have any idea about how much insurance they need, a survey has found.

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Good news! 7th Pay Commission salary hike announced for govt employees of this state

7th Pay Commission (CPC) salary hike: The state government announced a New Year bonanza on Tuesday: It would implement the 7th Pay Commission's recommendations for all government employees.

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Buying insurance for your electric car? Look at these things first

Things to look at before buying insurance for your Electric car

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Watch out! 5 banking transactions you didn’t know attracted GST

Various services offered by banks come at a cost, although the charges have been kept low in the larger interest of customers.

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Waiting for your EMV chip card? Your bank wants you to do this urgently

If your email ID is not with the bank or in case you are not using the mail given to the bank frequently, you may miss the communication and eventually be left out with an invalid or blocked card.

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How to delink Aadhaar from a bank account? Here’s all you need to know

Banks and financial institutes are already using alternatives to Aadhaar; if you want you can now easily unlink your Aadhaar from your account  

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Want to come out of credit card debt trap? This can help you

Credit cards can be an excellent money management tool when you use it for what you can afford. However, once you start using it beyond your means, you can get caught in a debt trap.

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Investing in your spouse’s FD account to save tax? Know the income tax rules first

Fixed deposits (FDs) are one of the most popular investment options in India, because of their guaranteed maturity value, ease of investing without any opening a demat account and easy access to banks

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Why it makes sense to buy a separate Cancer Cover; Find out

Cancer covers offer higher sum assured than regular health insurance policies, along with stage-based payouts

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