Income Tax queries answered: Pay tax on income from shares held abroad

The maximum loss that one can claim under the head of House Property is limited to Rs 2 lakh only.

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Budget 2019: Fintech players expect tax relaxation to push financial inclusion, propel Digital India

To make India a cashless or less-cash society, everyone has to be empowered to accept payment other than cash and need mechanism to live without cash a habit.

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Retirement is an age or a number? Find out

The new breed of population is slowly adopting a new approach towards retirement, where taking a permanent break from work is much earlier than what it used to be before.

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Senior Citizen Health Insurance: Here’s all you need to know

With the rise in lifestyle-related issues, it becomes extremely challenging for the human body to maintain optimal health as it ages. This is where health insurance for senior citizens becomes crucial

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How to keep your child’s financial future on track?

By planning properly in advance, you can easily provide for your children's educational expenses. Even though you will find several investment options dedicated to children, you should study and evalu

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Budget 2019: Will the FM lower the maximum marginal income tax rate of 35.88% in her maiden budget?

The Union Budget 2019 India is expected to bring about a revision in the effective marginal tax rates for the Indian taxpayers.

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Does it make sense for you to buy medicines online? Find out

The convenience of getting groceries, cabs, food, etc., at our doorstep, has become rather commonplace. The newest members of this convenience club are online pharmacies.

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New motor insurance rules: 3 options to get car and bike cover now

While the third-party insurance cover continues to be a mandatory cover, from September 1, 2019, car and bike policyholders will have 3 options to get their vehicles insured.

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Rajasthan will implement Centre’s health insurance scheme Ayushman Bharat jointly with the state’s

Ayushman Bharat provides for cashless medical treatment worth up to Rs 5 lakh to the beneficiary families per year.

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Bank Vs NBFC: Where should you get a home loan from?

Every person seeking a home loan must confront the all-important question: Should the loan be taken from a bank or an NBFC?

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Want to invest? Look at value averaging investment plans

Investors can turn volatility into their favor by investing higher amounts when the market is falling and lower when the market is rising.

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Mutual Fund Investment: Liquid fund yields set to come off

Liquid funds have long been a popular avenue for investors, especially institutional, with a very short-term horizon.

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From mutual funds to bonds, your income tax queries answered here

The amalgamation of schemes is not regarded as transfer as per Section 47(xix) of the I-T Act

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Where millennials invest to meet their life goals

Among others, becoming an entrepreneur by adopting a parallel career, travelling abroad to new and exotic locations as well as engaging in philanthropy as an urge to give back to the society are the n

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Retirement-related life goals becoming a priority among millennials in India: Survey

Retirement-related life goals are becoming a priority, especially amongst Indian millennials. For instance, 2 in 5 Indians have retirement-related life goals; more so in metros, where every 1 in 2 peo

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Budget 2019: Real estate bets big on FM Nirmala Sitharaman’s maiden budget

Union Budget 2019: Like many other segments, the real estate sector has some recommendations for the upcoming budget. Here're some of its key expectations.

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7 lessons on wealth inherited from my father which can make you rich

A specific amount or a percentage of income should be earmarked for savings and investments. It is only after these amounts were set aside that spending should be considered.

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Taxpayer Alert! Income Tax Dept issues Rs 64,700 cr refund in current fiscal

"The government has accorded high priority to issue refunds for all taxpayers including small taxpayers. Less than 0.5 per cent of income tax returns (ITRs) are selected for scrutiny, the majority of

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Booking railway ticket early for vacation? How travel insurance may benefit you while traveling and when not!

Insurance company will provide Rs 10 lakh cover during the scheduled journey for a premium of just Rs 0.49 per passenger, but it may benefit even if your scheduled journey is cancelled.

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Budget 2019: Direct Taxes Code – The legislation in the making that will impact your taxes

Union Budget 2019: One of the key expectations of taxpayers from the budget is an announcement or update on replacing the current Income Tax Act with a new direct tax law.

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NFO: ESG Equity Fund from Quantum Mutual Fund is open: Should you invest?

The selection of stocks within the 'ESG Equity Fund's portfolio will be restricted to only those stocks which meet the criteria of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) of the fund house.

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Applied for a home loan? 4 reasons why your housing loan application may get rejected

From a low credit score to your debt situation, there are a number of things that may work against your interests while you apply for a home loan.

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Stock Market Investment: How to gain in a bear market

It’s the bear market which makes you wealthy in the long term as you get to buy stocks at low prices.

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Budget 2019: What FM Nirmala Sitharaman can do to remove the current flaws in Standard Deduction?

The salaried class taxpayers have a lot of expectations from the Union Budget 2019. Here is what they can expect from Modi 2.0 regarding standard deduction.

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ITR Filing: 5 benefits of filing income tax returns you may not be aware of

Filing ITR on time is beneficial in many ways while keeping you tax-compliant. Here's all you need to know.

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Planning to take a quick loan? Know what are your options!

One should pick either of the options only after fully understanding one's purpose of borrowing along with one's repayment capability.

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Budget 2019: Why tax benefits on home loan need to be increased by FM Nirmala Sitharaman

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present her maiden Union Budget 2019 on July 5, 2019. It remains to be seen whether home loan tax benefits will be hiked in the Budget.

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