Mutual fund redemptions up to Rs 2 lakh crore can support NBFCs, says report

The report by economists at private sector HDFC Bank said estimates suggest Rs 2 lakh crore have moved from MFs back to banks as investors pulled out of liquid and fixed income funds that had supporte

When will FDs double the bonus amount invested this Diwali? Check out from SBI fixed deposits to Post Office deposits

Investing a part of your Diwali Bonus is nothing but postponing the happiness to a period when there will be nothing much to cheer about.

Taxpayers beware! You can now be prosecuted if you fail to file your income tax return on time

The Delhi High Court has recently approved initiating prosecution proceedings against an individual taxpayer for not filing ITR and failing to respond to the tax notices sent to him.

5 investment options for senior citizens this Diwali: Know about return, safety, liquidity and tax aspects

As sources of earned income dry up after the retirement age, senior citizens have to depend upon the return generated from the investments to sustain.

Stock market correction before elections: A golden opportunity to buy Indian equities

A significant correction in the stock market, leading to elections, has always resulted in awesome profits for investors in a short to medium term afterwards.

When should you review your life insurance cover? Find out

Did you know, just like your motor, health and home insurance policies, your life insurance policy also needs to be reviewed from time to time? Find out when to do it.

Decisions based on short-term movement of stocks cause pain: Jiju Vidyadharan, Crisil Research

Investors in equity-oriented mutual funds should not get flustered by volatility in the asset class over the short term, and remain invested over the long term (7-10 years) to derive optimum returns,

Know the five factors that make up your credit score

A credit score is the three-digit number, from 300 – 900 where 300 is considered as the lowest score and 900 is considered as highest. Transunion CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and CRIF Highmark are the c

General insurers’ H1 gross direct premium rises 12.8 per cent

General insurance companies posted a 12.8% year-on-year growth in their gross direct premium underwritten at Rs 81,824.66 crore for the first six months of the current financial year, against Rs 72,54

5 smart tips to save money while renewing auto insurance

Most people give a lot of thought while purchasing a vehicle, but not so much while purchasing vehicle insurance. Here's how money can be saved while renewing auto insurance.

EPF Passbook: Should you have one? Salaried should know these facts about the PF document

To check if PF amounts are deposited by your current and previous emplyers on time, you have to download your EPF passbook using your UAN.

Taking a home loan this festive season? 10 things you must keep in mind

As the dynamics of the Indian consumer class undergoes a transformation, there are some interesting changes in the housing segment as well.

Can you afford a pet? Find out the actual cost of pet parenting

One needs to be aware of the current expenses and the expenses that one will have to accommodate once one has a pet.

Kerala floats dividend pension plan for diaspora returnees, person working overseas can deposit a specific amount

The Kerala government has floated a dividend pension scheme for its diaspora returnees, which is also counted to fetch the much-needed resources for the state’s infrastructure development.

Five monthly income strategies for you: From FDs to Post Office MIS to annuity to MF SWP and dividend

The annuity or pension plans offered by insurance companies provide the option of getting monthly pension for lifetime.

Manappuram Finance NCD issue opens for subscription, get up to 10.4% return; should you invest?

Manappuram Finance Ltd has come out with a Rs 1,000-crore NCD issue, and the tranche 1 of the issue opens for subscription on 24th October.

Highest FD rates can vary across durations: Here’s how to decide best fixed deposit tenure at this time

Lower withdrawal pressure allows the concerned bank or organisation to maintain low liquid funds and invest major part of the deposits in profitable ventures, resulting in higher gains.

Provident Fund Withdrawal: From taxability of PF withdrawal to ITR disclosures, here’s all you need to know

It is important for employees to be mindful of the tax implications associated with the PF withdrawal since this could significantly deplete their life-time savings.

Are GST norms posing hurdle in listing of RVNL, other PSUs?

As per the conditions, an entity in which the government stake is above 90% is liable to pay 12% GST for work contracts executed on behalf of the Central government, state government or any local auth

Private equity investments volumes rise but values dip in Q3 of 2018

The quarter recorded $1 billion investment, and 13 investments valued at above $100 million each, contributing 68% of total PE deal values.

How to measure your financial health? Check these six metrics

Your financial health is extremely important as it determines how well you will be able to achieve your goals and ambitions, and in turn improve your quality of life.

How to earn higher long-term returns with Equity Linked Savings Scheme

At a time when assets under management of mutual funds declined 12.5% to Rs 22 lakh crore at September-end due to massive outflows from liquid funds and income schemes, equity and equity-linked saving

Your Queries: Can apply to settlement commission after paying additional tax and interest

The application to settlement commission for settlement under Section 245C can be made at any stage of the case if the proceedings for assessment is for previous six assessment years and additional am

With seats in govt colleges becoming scarce, how to fund higher education of your child?

At present, while annual average fee of all courses offered by a government university is close to Rs 20,000, that of a private university is around Rs 2,00,000.

Mahindra Finance FD: Invest online for higher rates; Here’s how to do it

Fixed deposits are a safe and secure way to earn guaranteed returns even in these uncertain times, and are offered by banks, NBFCs as well as corporates.

Co-Pay in Health Insurance: What is it and who should go for it?

Understanding the concept of co-pay will help you know how much you have to pay and when you have to contribute to the medical bills.

EPF Vs GPF Vs PPF: Interest rates, features and comparison with NPS as pension product

GPF and PPF are pure accumulation products, while NPS and EPF also have distribution phase apart from the accumulation phase.

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