How should married couples file their income tax returns

Marriage may seem to exude a blissful promise of holy union, yet it comes with a barrage of responsibilities- first of which is tax filing. A taxpayer’s filing status for the financial year is based

Union Budget 2017: 4 things that can impact your savings and increase tax liability

Although the Budget 2017 was pro-poor and some tax sops were also announced keeping in mind the middle class, but still a few amendments will have a negative impact on people after the changes become

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Are you aware that banks are insured under DICGC: Here are 5 things to know

The aim of the DICGC Act, 1961 is to provide for the establishment of a corporation for the purpose of insurance of deposits and guaranteeing of credit facilities and various other matters which are i

Union Budget 2017: 5 things that can help you save money

Some of the budget proposals can surely impact the savings of a common man, like while planning to buy or sell one's property or any financial asset, paying rent to landlord above Rs 50000. Moreover,

Budget 2017, budget, arun jaitley, finance bill, savings, employees, income tax department, income tax act

Aviva Life Insurance launches India’s first heart insurance for couples

Aviva Life Insurance, one of India’s prominent life insurance companies, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, has launched India’s first-ever heart insurance plan for couples – ‘Aviva Heart C

Valentine’s Day 2017 Special: Are you financially compatible with your partner?

Money management is a skill we must learn. We must learn how to save and invest better, not just individually but also in tandem with our significant other. Money managed well can lead to the realizat

When should you surrender your life insurance policy? Find out

Surrendering your life insurance policies makes little financial sense. However, sometimes you may be forced to surrender your existing policy/policies, particularly in case of some financial emergenc

Insurance terms made easy for first time buyers!

The world of insurance is clouded with jargon that is complicated and incomprehensible. Almost like learning a new language!

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Want to save tax? 10 lesser-known tax deductions you must be aware of

Section 80C deductions are the flavour of the season, but do not ignore other tax reliefs you are entitled to. Read on to identify the deductions that slip through the gaps due to lack of awareness.

With interest rates on bank deposits falling, here’s where you can invest for higher returns

While bank fixed deposit rates are trending down, interest rates of small savings scheme continue to remain high. Small savings rates are reset by the government every quarter depending on the bond yi

Mutual funds: Are returns figures verified by Sebi? Find out here

Investments in Equity-linked savings scheme (or ELSS) can be made in lumpsum or SIP mode depending on the investor’s choice.

Paying tax on sale of property: Howe change of base year will impact capital gains calculations

Without doubt, buying a property is the most popular investment bet Indians make. But paying tax on profit from sale of property can shave off a large part of the appreciation in its value.

CBDT issues third round of certificates of appreciation to tax payers

In continuation of the initiative of the Government to acknowledge the contribution of tax payers by paying taxes towards nation building and promptness in filing of Income Tax Returns, CBDT has issue

MoneyTap launches a paperless-lending technology: Here are 4 things to know

There are no additional charges for ZeroPaperTM. Eligible customers can download the app from play store to apply and avail their line of credit without even submitting a single piece of paper or even

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Govt cautions states of vacuum if Real Estate Act timelines not met by April 30

In the context of only four States and six Union Territories so far notifying the final Real Estate Rules and complaints of violation of some of the provisions of the Act by some States, Minister of H

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Employees’ Enrolment Campaign: One-time opportunity for defaulting employers

The Employees’ Enrolment Campaign, 2017 has been introduced to encourage employers, who have defaulted in making provident fund contributions (which also includes pensions), to voluntarily enroll th

Some unlisted companies are luring retail investors, says SEBI

Regulatory body SEBI, in a bid to protect the interests of investors who invest in securities, has issued some guidelines. It says that some unlisted companies are luring retail investors by issuing s

A term plan does more than just cover life: Find out how

Term insurance is considered to be the essence of life insurance as it covers the risk of premature death. Its premiums are low, and this helps you get the right coverage without worrying about how it

5 signs to spot you are about to step into a Ponzi or pyramid scam

Soon after the unearthing of the Rs 3700-crore Noida Ponzi scam, which is claimed to have duped around six lakh people, another multi-hundred crore Ponzi scam is said to have surfaced in Noida. Althou

5 financial products to look at for retirement planning

Eighteen till I die? Sure, live your life like that. But, how will you do it without the money flowing in even at 80? Yes, you can ‘save’, but how will you invest? The good news is that you can.

Government warns employees of action for misusing LTC

Central government employees found misusing Leave Travel Concession (LTC) will face disciplinary action, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has warned.

Where to keep your emergency fund? Here are five things to know

While doing financial planning it is always advised to keep a certain amount of money in an emergency fund which can help you in times of crisis. There is a general saying - 'precaution is better than

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Life insurers’ new business premium up 28% in January

The new business premium of life insurance companies grew by 27.8 per cent to Rs 13,138.10 crore in January, compared with the year-ago month.

NPCI launches BHIM App for iOS: Here are 6 things to know

BHIM is a mobile application specially designed for doing financial transactions which include the transfer of payments, sending money to people who don’t have the app and other facilities via direc

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How effective is National Pension System for an employee? Here’s all you need to know

The existing provision of section 10(12A) says that the payment from National Pension System (NPS) trust done to an employee on closing his/her account will get an exemption up to 40% of total amount

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PFRDA allows Karvy Computershare to start operations as 2nd Central Recordkeeping Agency

Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) has decided to allow Karvy Computershare Private Limited to start its operations, as second Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA), for servicing of a

Here’s why you need to review your insurance needs at different life stages

There is no real need for life insurance when you have just started off your career, unless you have financial dependents. The more compelling need for getting oneself insured at an early stage is for

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