Your Money – Mortgage Loan: Default risk and pre-payment speed

The most uncertain part of a mortgage loan is the rate of pre-payment

The most uncertain part of a mortgage loan is the rate of prepayment.

Mutual funds: Swing pricing to restore trust in debt funds

Swing pricing will help reduce the first-mover advantage during high redemptions in debt schemes and materially reduce risk of run on the fund, says Sebi

As a result, existing investors are saddled with low quality paper difficult to sell as the secondary bond market in the country is not as liquid as the equity market and can absorb only a limited amount of paper on any given day.

National Parents’ Day: Provide financial security to your parents by gifting them health insurance

In these times, it is vital to get a comprehensive senior citizen health insurance plan for your parents with a higher Sum Insured to face any medical eventuality.

Why you should thoroughly read sub-limit clause before buying a health insurance policy

Sub-limit in a health insurance policy refers to the cap put by health insurers for various medical treatments covered within the policy.

health insurance

Income Tax Return filing: 10 important things individual taxpayers must know before filing ITR

Here are a few important things which individual taxpayers should know before filing their income tax return for AY 2021-22.

What are the risks of investing in Debt Funds? Find out

Investors could also opt for debt funds as they offer flexibility to switch between funds, liquidity and decent returns. However, be aware of the associated risks before investing in debt funds.

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How to get regular monthly returns with capital appreciation in the long term?

While equities as an asset class usually beats debt, fixed income and other asset classes by a wide margin over the long term, equities can be very volatile in the short-term.

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New to credit? Things to keep in mind while taking a personal loan from Fintech lenders

It is a good idea to maintain a balance between your secured and unsecured loans and pay your dues on time for a healthy credit score.

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How will RBI’s CBDC impact bank deposits, payments and private cryptocurrencies? 5 points

RBI CBDC Plan: Introduction of CBDC would possibly lead to a more robust, efficient, trusted, regulated and legal tender-based payments option.

rbi cbdc plan

Young Investor Query: I have recently started earning, should I start saving for retirement?

Saving for retirement in your 20s can be several times less expensive than starting to save with a gap of a few years.

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Looking to make your startup the next unicorn? Here’s how to get seed funding in place

Investors are now open to newer ideas and are willing to give an opportunity to entrepreneurs that have the capability of being catalysts of change.

Pent-up demand for residential real estate manifesting itself

The numbers for the month of June are encouraging in terms of enquiries generated and inching up of the property prices at several locations across the country.

NPS exit and withdrawal: Now, instant bank account verification to ensure timely credit!

National Pension System Exit and Withdrawal Rules: The PFRDA has introduced instant bank account verification through the penny drop method to ensure timely credit of the amount to the bank account

national pension system

Your Money – InvITs: A long-term investment avenue

The product feature to provide regular income could come in handy for investors planning their retirement portfolio

InVITs, mutual funds

Inflation impact on bond yields biggest risk to equity valuations: Rahul Singh, chief investment officer, equities, Tata Asset Management

Rahul Singh, chief investment officer, equities, Tata Asset Management, says certain pockets of small caps are looking overheated and arbitrage funds are a tax efficient way to earn fixed income yield

Tata Capital, mutual fund

Is the lender asking you to buy an insurance plan before sanctioning a home loan? Here’s what to do

It is essential to get an insurance cover so that the liability of repaying the home loan does not fall upon the family members in the case of death of the borrower.

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Consumer demand during Phase II of the lockdown improved by 200%: Report

E-commerce transactions were up by 200 per cent during this period, and the categories driving growth included online electronics, smartphones, Edtech, fashion, home decor among others.

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4 key points to take note of while buying a health insurance policy

In view of the exorbitant hospital and medical bills that are being accrued be it due to COVID treatment or any other medical reason, people have started not only opting for health insurance but also

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Pandemic has recalibrated homebuyers preferences in line with new normal: Ashok Kapur

In an exclusive interview, Ashok Kapur of Krisumi Corporation shares his views on the impact of COVID-19 on the residential realty and homebuyers' preferences.

Trading Bitcoin, Dogecoin, ETH or Matic? Check Income Tax, ITR Filing rules to apply on your income

Income tax payment and ITR filing rules for earnings from cryptocurrency trading and investment 2021: Even though cryptocurrency is not yet legalised by the Reserve bank of India (RBI), it is not advi

income tax on crypto earnings

Current real estate sentiment scores dip but future sentiment scores remain optimistic: Survey

The future sentiments of real estate sector stakeholders remained optimistic in Q2 2021 despite the second wave of COVID-19 that struck during this period.

Covid-19 experience shaping new leadership traits

The current pandemic has altered all our lives in varied measure. As the Covid-19 crisis throws up new challenges, a new normal emerges and new leadership traits are formed.

Rs 1 cr Term Plan Premiums Compared: Check out current offers from 20 insurers

Your life insurance policy should ideally cover your remaining long-term debts and other critical financial goals of your family members.

Health drives non-life insurers back to black in Q1, premia growth up 13.8%: Report

According to Care Ratings, the overall numbers are indicative of the industry returning to the pre-pandemic levels, though the industry flagship motor segment continues to trail and health continues t

Health insurance

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund launches ICICI Prudential FMCG ETF NFO – Check details

The fund will allow the investors to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of companies in the FMCG sector with a minimum investment of as low as Rs 1000.

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Need money? Here are the best ways to get a loan in case of emergency

Even though an emergency fund of at least 3 months' expenses is a must to deal with a crisis, it might not be possible for everyone to hold up such savings. Under such circumstances, a quick loan come

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10 new money making habits of millennials in 2021: From day trading to influencing your money decisions!

While the pre-covid period for millennials was less about saving and investment and more about spending, in the post-covid world they appear to be more interested in making and saving money fast

money making habits of millennials
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