Availing a loan from a digital lender? Consider these factors first

Before one chooses to apply for a gold loan digitally, it is important to conduct thorough research on the platforms available and verifying the credibility of the same.

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Edelweiss Tokio Life launches Total Protect Plus – Check features

Through the Live Long benefit of the plan, which is a survival benefit, the plan offers the policyholder protection, along with an income benefit that begins during the policyholder's non-working year

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5 common mistakes that prevent investors from making the most of SIPs

Here are 5 common mistakes that can adversely impact the wealth creation objectives of SIP investors.

Your Queries – Loans: Top-up home loan: Use the money on that property only to get tax benefit

A top-up home loan is eligible for tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 24 if it has been utilised for acquisition/ construction of residential property or renovation of the said property.

You can split the EMI and take income tax exemption under Section 80C and Section 24, individually.

Your Money: Invest for long term in mutual funds to gain higher returns, reduce exit load

There are also what are known as no-load funds which do not use a sales force or a distributor to sell their products.

Smart Investments: Know how style investing works to your benefit

Style investing generally produces a lifecycle of investment styles. So, investors should not look at the frequency, average gain or size in isolation but rather consider frequency and size of gains t

5 insurtech trends that are impacting employee health benefits

As more and more people are in search of integrated digital experiences it has become imperative for insurance service providers to embrace the digital disruption.

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Equity Mutual Fund: Here’s the 1% formula to get Rs 1 lakh/month salary pension and retire by 45

Equity Mutual Fund investment (1% formula to financial freedom): Deepak Mullick says currently there is a huge opportunity for lay investors in the Indian equity markets. And his book explains how to

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Aviva India launches Aviva Fortune Plus – Check details

The plan also offers the feature of returning at least 100 per cent of the charges paid by a customer during the policy term, at maturity.

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Retirement Planning: Are pension plans a good option for post-retirement planning?

Pension plans are a combination of Insurance Plans with Annuity. Experts say the ideal way of investing in it is to start investing in the late 20s wherein the premium is relatively low comparing it w

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ICICI Lombard launches insurance service on Telegram messenger – Here is all you need to know

The insurer has also added a host of services to its existing repertoire of facilities on the WhatsApp platform. With the new services, customers will be able to get instant query resolution related t


Top reasons why luxury housing will always remain in demand in future

Here are reasons why the demand for luxury housing did not get impacted due to the lockdown and why the demand will witness a consistent rise in the future.

1.74 lakh housing units across top 7 cities totally stalled: Report

The overall value of the 1.74 lakh homes which are totally stuck across the 7 top cities currently exceeds Rs 1,40,613 crore.

5 ways to pay home loan EMIs – Know them before you approach a lender

Your aim should be to complete the loan as early as possible through prepayments but still scout for EMI paying options while selecting the lender.

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Your Money: Know why value investing has become popular again

The inherent margin of safety approach is what makes value investing relatively less subject to downside risks

In contrast, 2000-2009 was characterised by a high growth global GDP growth rate and better G-sec yields and that is when value investing thrived.

Mutual funds: Common platform for MF transactions soon

Initially, the Sebi proposed platform will do all types of non-financial transactions. Later, it may allow purchase, switch and sale of MF units

Experts say a consumer-facing website should be easy to navigate and ensure ease of investing.

‘Corona Kavach, Rakshak policies loss-making products’; insurers urge regulator for re-pricing

Based on data available till June this year, the official said comparing the peak of the pandemic of other countries and of India, the country's peak was higher than the other countries.

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COVID-19: How fintech helps businesses survive amid shift in consumer priorities

The financial services sector has refurnished other business sectors with the adoption of digital methods that helps organisations strategically achieve a position in the market.

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Why homebuyers want to invest in ready-to-move-in houses?

Many buyers are opting for ready-to-move-in homes over those that are still under construction. Here's why.

Borrowing from loan apps – Know how to identify genuine fintech lenders

With so many fintech companies ready to offer small loans, borrowers are likely to get confused and may fall into the trap of fraud lending apps offering instant credit online.

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Buy Now Pay Later: Here’s all you need to know about BNPL schemes

Like any other loan, it still falls upon the customer to promptly make repayments to maintain a healthy credit score since most BNPL providers report repayments to credit bureaus.

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All you need to know about passive and active fund management before buying index funds

Based on the global experiences, a nominal growth rate environment of sub 5 per cent is more suitable for passive investing.

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Why Dogecoin is so popular in India and not the desi Matic (Polygon)?

Dogecoin vs Matic: Which is better? Defying conventional wisdom, thousands of youngsters have preferred meme coins with shaky fundamentals like Dogecoin instead of more stable and fundamentally strong

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Shock proof your financial life with proper emergency fund – Here’s how

A decent emergency fund helps you see through any rough patches in your life with minimal impact on your financial well being and investment planning.

Income tax benefits, rebates that senior citizens enjoy

Under the Old Income Tax Regime, senior citizens, having income from salary, rent and interest income, enjoy additional tax benefits and rebates compared to younger taxpayers.

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Changing homebuyers’ preferences and emergence of new housing options amid the pandemic

The forced lockdowns and continued work for home and online schooling have led to the demand for bigger and spacious homes with a segregated workspace.

10 private banks offering the highest FD returns for tenures up to 5 years

If you’re planning to invest in an FD, here’s a list of 10 private banks that are currently offering the highest interest rates on normal FDs for tenures up to 5 years.

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