Your Money: What profit before and after tax tells about a firm

PBT & PAT are the line items of interest for equity investors to assess the attractiveness of the stocks

Total revenue is the sum of operating revenue and other income and is Rs 3,000 crore for HL.

Should young professional buy digital gold to safeguard investments?

Market timing gold prices is very difficult. A regular plan to purchase is far better for investors than relying on price fluctuations to determine their investment strategy


How to secure your banking transactions from cyber frauds

The growing volume of online transactions and the absence of stringent cybersecurity systems give fraudsters the space to commit malicious acts.

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How to renew your lapsed life, health and motor insurance policies

If any of your insurance policies has lapsed due to unavoidable circumstances, there are ways how you can review or renew your lapsed insurance policy.

Motilal Oswal’s 10 stock picks for April 2021

The Nifty is expected to end FY21 with healthy 13% earnings growth, the highest since FY11, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

FD vs debt fund vs G-sec: Which one is better for retail investors?

It's essential for every individual to save and invest to meet future financial requirements and for spending after retirement.

4 key thumb rules to consider while buying a house on home loan

Here are a few thumb rules to help you while buying a house on a home loan but these may vary depending on an individual's circumstances and need.

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Falling Gold Prices: What should investors do to stay afloat?

Gold prices have started plummeting, and many gold investors and end-users would now be in a dilemma about how to strategize their future course of action.

Why you need to buy a health insurance policy

Even if you have group health insurance from your employer, it is good to buy a health plan that covers specific risks faced by you and your family

In case of health insurance, there is no one-size-fits-all policy. Health risks and cover vary from person to person depending on age, location, gender, work conditions and family history of illness.

From savings to wealth creation – How to manage money

Financial independence, along with consistent savings and limited spending, is the road to wealth creation

Interestingly, both the concepts are interlinked; the financial independence of the present day earns us wealth for the future.

PFRDA mulling option of parking 40% annuity at retirement with pension fund managers

As of now, subscribers having a corpus of over Rs 2 lakh at the time of retirement or attaining the age of 60 years need to buy an annuity, offered by insurance companies, on a mandatory basis. They c


Debt Mutual Funds vs FDs: How tax benefits give debt funds an edge to beat inflation

The debt category of MFs provide a wider choice for parking short-term money and may be used as an alternative investment option for bank FDs.

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Charges collected on digital transactions in zero-balance accounts have been refunded: SBI clarifies

The BSBD Account also referred to as the zero-balance account, is a kind of a savings account that offers certain banking facilities, free of charge, to the account holders.

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Changing nominee in NPS account? Here are the new nomination rules you should be aware of

A fresh nomination will have to be made by the subscriber on his/her marriage. Any nomination made before such marriage will be deemed to be invalid.

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NPS, APY subscriber base rises by 23% to over 4.24 crore: PFRDA

The last year was an extremely challenging year because of COVID-19 restrictions, but still there has been growth of around 23 per cent in the subscriber numbers, PFRDA Chairman Supratim Bandyopadhyay

Private Equity inflows in real estate in India rise 19% in FY2021

The average ticket size of PE deals rose by 62% in the fiscal year – from $110 million in FY20 to $178 mn in FY21.

How neobanks are transforming cross-border payments

Cumbersome and expensive procedures of remittances are ending - Striving to revolutionise banking for millennials in India and globally, neo banks are offering global banking solutions aimed to make c

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Behind the Returns! Know the risks of investing in mutual funds

The equity market is volatile because of several risks that are associated with it like market risk, inflation risk, currency risk, specific sector and stock risk and so on.

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Banks and NBFCs offering the cheapest gold loans right now – Check interest rates & EMIs

Gold loans, often taken against household gold ornaments, could not just help in achieving our financial goals but also come to our rescue during financial emergencies.

Why is Liquid Fund no longer a preferred alternative to FDs?

From around 7 per cent annual return (CAGR) about a year ago, the returns on Liquid Fund schemes have fallen to below 4 per cent.

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SIP collections drop to Rs 96,000 cr in FY21 amid pandemic-led disruptions

Going forward, success of the vaccination drive, better than expected economic scenario and higher incomes can be the factors that will have an impact on systematic investment plan or SIP flows, Gopal

The mutual fund SIP contribution has increased steadily over the years. From Rs 43,921 crore collected in 2016-17, Rs 67,190 crore in 2017-18, Rs 92,693 crore in 2018-19, the SIP contribution hit the Rs 1 lakh crore mark in 2019-20.

​10 crucial mistakes to avoid while buying a term insurance plan

Many people buy a term insurance policy without estimating the actual requirement of life cover. Buying a term insurance plan for inadequate coverage may not serve the purpose for which it is purchase

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Realtors betting big on festive season as housing sales rise in top cities

The assumption that sales will increase further during this season can be attributed to the fact that following the pandemic, people have begun to realize the value of owning a house.

Housing unit sales rose by 20% in Jan-Mar 2021: Report

The first quarter of 2021 witnessed a resurgence in sales volume across metro cities, particularly in Pune and Mumbai, amid a stamp duty cut till March.

TDS on fixed deposit interest: Time to submit Form 15G / 15H to your banker – Here’s why

Eligible individuals can submit Form 15G or Form 15H to their banker for non-deduction of TDS on interest income earned in bank FD.

TDS, senior citizens, fixed deposit interest income, bank, Form 15G, Form 15H

Cash deposit interoperability, deployment of cash recyclers at WLAs to drive ATM penetration

White Label ATMs, that focus primarily on semi-urban and rural locations for ATM deployment, can drive ATM penetration while contributing to financial inclusion.

Should I opt for a child plan or invest in a large cap fund for my daughters higher education? – Your Queries

Go for pure-play equity & debt funds to build corpus for kid’s education

Income Tax Calculator, Budget 2019, How to Calculate Income Tax


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