How to understand your credit card statement and avoid penalties

Thoroughly understanding your credit card statement is not difficult, but how you react to the listed information is very important.

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Bajaj Finance hikes FD rates; get up to 9.1% return – Check the details

Bajaj Finance Ltd, the lending and investment arm of Bajaj Finserv, has increased the rate of interest of its fixed deposits, with effect from October 17, 2018.

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How to open PPF account online in SBI; Here’s all you need to know

If you are a tech-savvy person and have a Net-banking account, you may avail the tax benefits conveniently by opening a PPF account and making investments online.

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General Provident Fund (GPF) interest rate hiked: From eligibility to withdrawal rules – 5 things to know

The Modi government announced the Diwali bonanza for the government employees on Tuesday, by increasing the rate of interest for General Provident Fund (GPF) and other related schemes by 0.4 percentag

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ePayLater co-founder Akshat Saxena EXCLUSIVE: ‘We expect to reinvent the way credit business operates in India’

About three years ago, Aurko Bhattacharya, Uday Somayujala and Akshat Saxena had launched 'ePayLater' - a new age solution which allows customers to "buy now pay later" on various merchant portals.

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ICICI Bank offers 100% finance on pre-approved car loans

ICICI Bank has launched a pre-approved car loan facility for its customers, which will help them finance up to 100 per cent of the on-road price of the car.

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Good news! IT officer can’t take away your tax refund and adjust against outstanding demand without notice

The Bombay High Court has in a recent case set aside the adjustment of tax refund against the tax demand, and instructed the tax authorities to streamline their internal process.

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Money markets’ scare cause Rs 1.2 lakh fall in September liquid fund AUM

Liquid and money market funds witnessed a fall of assets under management (AUMs) worth Rs 1.25 lakh crore in September over the previous month, showed data from Value Research.

Why creditors cannot lay claim on proceeds from term policy under MWPA

Take a term policy on your life such that in case of any unfortunate occurrence, your daughter does not have to struggle financially.

Auto Insurance: Disruptive technology brings changes in the sector

To reduce claim settlement time, automotive insurance customers now are empowered to self-settle the claims by documenting the damage and filing for claims through smart devices

Government hikes interest rates on General Provident Fund to 8% for Oct-Dec quarter

The government has increased the rate of interest for General Provident Fund (GPF) and other related schemes by 0.4 percentage points to 8 per cent for the October-December quarter.

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‘Modicare scheme PMJAY to create 10 lakh jobs in health and insurance sector’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious healthcare scheme will create 10 lakh jobs in the health and insurance sector, an official said Tuesday.

Post Office Deposits Vs Bank FDs: Don’t just see latest interest rates, this is what you get and don’t get in each

Although, the rates on Post Office deposits are higher than FDs, which vary from bank to bank and tenure to tenure, you should look at all the aspects of the different schemes before investing.

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Credit Card Cash Advance: What you need to know before withdrawing cash on your credit card

Cash advance feature is one of the many features available on a credit card which provides instant liquid cash to the cardholders. However, withdrawing money on your credit card isn't the most ideal t

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Gold ornaments Vs gold funds Vs SGB Vs GMS: How to accumulate gold for your son/daughter’s marriage?

The thought of soaring gold prices and accumulating enough gold for their son's and/or daughter's marriage always remains in the mind of parents.

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Investing in stock market? 5 things not to do when the share market is volatile

An investor looking to control portfolio losses in volatile situations must adhere to the thumb-rules and not indulge in risky bets.

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PFRDA seeks easing of FDI norms for pension funds, expects boost for fledgling segment

Currently, eight pension funds manage Rs 2.55 lakh crore NPS corpus, which is projected to grow to Rs 3 lakh crore by end-FY19.

Equity investments: Why investing in quality large-cap stocks a better choice than low-cost ETF

If you are simply interested in earning equity returns without taking too much risk, investing in a quality basket of large-cap stocks or a low-cost ETF tracking large-cap indices is always a better c

Selling jointly owned flat? Both have to pay tax

Income from joint ownership property is taxed in the hands of both the owners in the ratio of their share in the property.

Lessons from NBFC crisis: Securitisation market essential for sustainable funding

NBFCs will see some relief on the perception of inadequate liquidity over 3QFY19 and the securitisation push would be conducive for matching assets with liabilities.

No locker rent, no tension of purity or theft, 2.5% annual return: Invest in Sovereign Gold Bond now

As an investor receives the ongoing market price at the time of redemption or premature redemption, the quantity of gold for which investment was made remains protected.

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Restoration Benefit in Health Insurance: How does it work and how to make the most of it?

Quite common amongst the family floater plans, restoration benefit covers all the members insured in a health insurance policy.

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How to ensure Rs 10,000 monthly pension, Rs 17 lakh corpus by contributing less than Rs 500 per month

Contributions to the pension scheme will depend upon the age and the monthly pension opted and may be contributed on monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis.

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SBI launches YONO Shopping Festival, offers exclusive deals & discounts up to 40%

SBI has launched YONO Shopping Festival, whereby apart from getting exclusive deals, SBI customers can get up to 40% discount on the purchases made by them.

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A homemaker’s 4-point guide to save money and contribute to family’s finances

Most us tend to believe that we can only plan our finances if we earn money. The truth is that you can also plan your finances when you are a homemaker.

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Bad news! Big redemption in Liquid MFs could hit loan growth. Here is how this will impact NBFCs

With NBFCs & HFCs finding it difficult to raise funds, total lending won’t rise by more than 10% as compared to 13% in 2017-18

Tax talk: Buying property worth more than Rs 50 lakh? Deduct TDS

From June 1, 2013, purchasers of immovable property (other than rural agricultural land) are required to deduct tax at source as per provisions of section 194IA of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

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